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It’s another busy Friday night for the VH’s.  We are off to my parents house tonight because my Aunt Carol is in town from California for my cousin Ananda’s (yes, Ananda, not Amanda) baby shower!  I think this will be my first week in months that we haven’t had a chance to get frozen custard or ice cream AT ALL this week.  I’m a little disappointed, as I know some of you are (ha, right…), but I promise to make it up to you all sometime.

After all, these came in the mail a few days ago…

100_4097 [Confession #3 this week:  these are not actually the ones they sent me.  I forgot to take a picture of them this morning before I left.  Mine are for FREE Andy’s, not BOGO.]

Woohoo for FREE Andy’s!  I really wish they would open one up in St. Louis.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Ted Drewes’ + Fritz’s, but Andy’s remains numero uno in my eyes.  I think they would do really well in St. Louis, but that’s just my opinion.  Maybe someday Matt and I will have enough money to open a franchise!  A girl can dream, right?

But, back to the FREE Andy’s… They had a little contest on their Facebook page last week – post a picture of your favorite Andy’s dessert and whoever got the most “likes” by the end of the week would get a free dessert!  I posted a picture of the White Diamond Concrete from our last visit that was absolutely amazing, and whatdaya know… my 4 likes won me those vouchers!  Score!


If there was an Andy’s in St. Louis, I would make the effort to go tonight to get some – and of course bring my wonderful family to taste the deliciousness that is Andy’s, but alas, I will have to wait until our next trip to Branson.  Only 4 more weeks of school left (not that I’m counting or anything), so hopefully that trip won’t be too far off!

[I would LOVE to do a giveaway with these, but I figured since most of my readers are from St. Louis, it would be kind of pointless.  There are Andy’s locations Springfield, MO, at the Lake, one in Texas, and a handful in the Chicagoland area, which is more than Ted Drewes’ + Fritz’s combined.  Would anyone really be interested in this, or would it just be a waste of time?]

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

  • that’s awesome that you won some andy’s! 🙂

    i hope you had a great time at the baby shower this weekend!
    sarah (sarah learns) recently madness

    • Kristen

      Thanks Sarah!

  • Troy Grider

    I live in springfield, and if you still had them to give away that would be amazing!