fountain on locust

Will it ever stop snowing here?  Don’t get me wrong, I would rather it be snowing + cold, than just plain ol’ cold, but really?  Another inch on top of the 8 we have already… not a fan.  I guess I should be happy that we have yet to shoveled our driveway yet.

Needless to say, the snow has been making it difficult to get out of the house (and driveway).  Matt has been holed up in the house since Thursday (due to 2 snow days last week) and I think has really been needing a reason to get out of the house.  And I’ve been needing an excuse to go get some ice cream that isn’t made from snow.

Sauce Magazine is probably one of the best blogs I subscribe to – everything St. Louis eats.  Thursday’s article on Three Reasons to Head to The Fountain on Locust had me convinced.  You know I can’t say no to ice cream – especially when it sounds like it is the best in the St. Louis area. 



The Fountain on Locust is a more upscale diner – similar to Crown Candy Kitchen (which was featured on the STL Man vs. Food) only much trendier.  We decided against eating dinner there and just went straight for the desserts.



Two that caught our eye were “the world’s smallest ice cream cone” and “the world’s smallest hot fudge sundae”.  I wasn’t sure if they were being facetious or totally serious… yup, totally serious.… the hot fudge was to DIE for!  More on that in a bit though.  A lot of it was whipped cream, but it was still, in the word’s of Rachael Ray, yum-o.  Matt claimed his “world’s smallest ice cream cone” was also delicious, with the After Dinner Mint ice cream as his choice flavor.  (I’m sorry the pictures or atrocious… the lighting was bad.  Just more proof I need an dSLR *cough*Matt*cough*)





For our REAL desserts, I went for the Three Coins in the Fountain – Zanzibar chocolate, Vanilla Deluxe, and After Dinner Mint ice creams topped (and bottomed) with hot fudge and whipped cream, plus 3 chocolate coins as garnish.


I couldn’t really taste the vanilla ice cream at all – I think it just melded with the mint ice cream, but the chocolate… OH THE CHOCOLATE.  You know my love for rich + creamy frozen custard.  The chocolate ice cream was sooo amazingly silky smooth and incredibly chocolate tasting.  And the hot fudge… some of the best I’ve ever had.  We were trying to figure out if we had had better hot fudge, and couldn’t think of one.  It was like a melted piece of chocolate fudge on top  of my ice cream – sticky, sweet, chocolaty, and delicious!

Matt went with the Nutty Irishman – Irish coffee ice cream with hot fudge, pecans, and whipped cream.  The coffee ice cream was eerily similar to our homemade Guinness ice cream, and with the hot fudge (seriously, to.die.for) made it irresistibly decadent.  And a candied orange peel on top that was probably the other highlight of our dessert besides the hot fudge (think:  the freshest candy orange slice you have ever tasted).


Some interesting notes about their ice cream:  it is the ONLY thing NOT made in house.  They get it straight from a dairy in Wisconsin that actually AGES their ice cream.  Yes, like cheese.  It is not made from a base (like frozen custard is), and has no preservatives, extenders, or HFCSs or corn syrup.  It was definitely some of the best ice cream I’ve had, and I’m assuming this is probably why.

Now, how can I recreate that hot fudge at home so I can eat it every day…