for nutrition’s sake

I know, I’m late posting today.  MacKenna + I were at a Christmas party way past her bedtime last night and on top of that, she was definitely not feeling well from her shots yesterday.  She did really well with them and was playing with me in the afternoon, but after about an hour of playing, she took a turn for the worse and was really tired + fussy the rest of the evening.  You know you have an unhappy baby when she screams through eating.  🙁  It broke my heart to see her like that, but she is much better this morning, thank goodness!



Surprise, surprise… a bowl of oatmeal.  This was very carb heavy.  Oats, banana, soymilk, chia seeds, and cottage cheese, topped with cinnamon bread (Sara, it’s delicious!), honey roasted peanuts, sprinkles (for color), and the best thing since sliced bread – Biscoff spread!  I was so excited to find this at Dierbergs the other day!  And on sale!  It’s like Nutella, but tastes like cookies!  Because I haven’t had enough cookies lately…

Morning Snack


A handful of honey roasted peanuts because all those carbs definitely didn’t hold me until lunch.



I’ve been trying to cram some veggies in since my diet has been seriously lacking in them lately.  A microwave-baked sweet potato with steamed-frozen veggies, cottage cheese, and fiesta ranch sour cream.  It was a delicious lunch!

Afternoon Snack


BBQ Wheat Thins dipped in garlic hummus + fiesta ranch sour cream.  Hummus + fiesta ranch sour cream = not good.  However, fiesta ranch sour cream on it’s own is delicious!  I figured I probably should eat the hummus for nutrition’s sake since I really just wanted the sour cream…


Plus, a mug of homemade hot chocolate – so much better than the store bought stuff.  Don’t you just love my tacky mug too?!  I collect mugs from every where we visit – this is one of several Branson ones.



No pictures of dinner since the Babes + I were at said Christmas party.  But it involved a delicious craising + blue cheese + candied pecan salad, beer bread, and cookies.  Oh, and some sort of cranberry/pomegranate vodka drink that went down way too easily…

What’s the worst combination of something you’ve ever eaten?  Have you ever added something to a meal/snack just to make it a little more nutritious?

  • Garlic hummus and fiesta ranch sour cream sounds like a good idea in theory – but it just doesn’t seem to work. I have done that with various sauce combinations, I can’t remember the worst though.

    I like to add Chia seeds to things just for nutritions sake!
    Lauren @ Chocolate, Cheese and Wine recently posted..WIAW – All Over The Place Busy

  • I love the Biscoff spread! I like the cinnamon flavor and put it on waffles mixed with PB. yum!

  • Yum, your lunch looks like a tasty combination!
    Jessica recently posted..WIAW: The Jingle Balls Edition

  • I haven’t seen BBQ Wheat Thins…hmmm…must go find them ASAP! =) Hope MacKenna is feeling better, shots are no fun. Poor baby!