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I’ve officially finished my 6 week #Fitblog Planks Challenge.  Well, it didn’t go exactly as planned, but I’m OK with that.  My goal was to hold a plank up to 3 minutes.  What I didn’t realize was how much my preggo belly was going to effect holding these planks.  I can no longer contract my abs, thanks to the stretching of my abdominal muscles, so that made holding them a little harder.  But, it also really hurt my shoulders to hold the planks longer than 45 seconds.  I’m not sure that’s related to my growing belly or not, but it made that challenge extraordinarily hard for me.

Am I disappointed to not have reached my goal?  Yes and no.  I hate not attaining my goal, since I feel like it is relatively simple.  But, I also am happy that I did attempt to work my abs and did as well as I did.  I am still learning my limits when it comes to strength exercises, but I am trying not to push myself too hard since I don’t want to hurt myself OR the baby.  I will have plenty of time after October to push my body a little harder.

And on to something a little different and fun.  I saw this on Sam’s blog a few weeks ago and thought it would be a fun survey to do, since I don’t talk a lot about my running, even though it is one of my biggest passions in life.  It’s sort of long, so I don’t blame you if you don’t read the whole thing.  Then go check at Sam’s blog because she is awesome and I love hearing about her day to day runs and living vicariously through her.  I miss being able to run that fast!

What is your favorite type of cross training?

I would probably say it’s the Elliptical machine.  I used to LOVE taking spinning classes – I actually taught a few when I was working in corporate fitness right out of college – but unfortunately, my current gym doesn’t offer it.  So, I stick to the Elliptical machine.

What is your favorite song to run to?

Top 40 hits usually.  Anything popular and catchy, but I also love running to musicals!

What brand of shoes do you wear?

Asics Gel Cumulus.  I have been wearing the same style shoes since I started running back in college 8 years ago.  I tried to switch last year before the marathon, only to have really achy feet.  I don’t ever think I’ll switch again. 


Do you wear a hat when you run?

Usually, no.  It was always my belief that hats hold in heat, so it would defeat the purpose, especially in the summer.  But, lately, I will wear one occasionally on a run, just to keep the sun out of my eyes and I loved it!

What temperature is your favorite for running?

In the 50s or 60s.  A little chilly, but warm enough that you can still wear shorts.  I love running in shorts and a long sleeve shirt – that is perfect running temperature!

Do you have any big races coming up?

Does Labor + Delivery count?!  Nope, but I have started thinking about what races I want to run in 2012.

What is your favorite distance?

The 5K.  Just because I can actually win these races, unlike longer races like half marathons.  Yeah, I’m competitive, I know.

Are you a morning, noon, or evening runner?

Morning is my favorite time, but I will run in the afternoon when I’m working, just because I am scared to run in the dark in the morning and would rather run outside than on a treadmill.

Do you run solo or with a buddy?

I mostly run solo, but it’s nice to run with a buddy every once in awhile.  especially when doing long runs!  My running buddy Lauren was a lifesaver last year on my long runs!

What is your favorite post run snack?

Confession:  I don’t always eat right away after I run.  *gasp*  I know, it goes against every running rule.  So, I wouldn’t say I have a favorite post run snack.  I usually eat before my runs, and my favorite is toast with peanut butter and honey or jelly.

What is your favorite race?

I love local races and I have a few that I will race over and over.

  1. O’Fallon Fall Fest 5K – just because I’ve won it once
  2. GO! St. Louis Half Marathon – a hard race, but always fun to run in downtown St. Louis
  3. Girls on the Run 5K – such an uplifting and inspiring race

Do you wear a Garmin? If not, how do you track your distance?

I used to never wear it when I run, but now I always do!  I still will track some of my runs on Gmaps Pedometer, but the Garmin is my best running friend.

What is my least favorite race?

The GO! St. Louis Marathon.  My first marathon – after mile 9, the half marathoners turn around to head back to the finish line, so you’re basically on your own for the next 17 miles.  Doesn’t make for an enjoyable race.  Plus, the rolling hills are KILLER!

Where is your favorite medal from?

My Chicago Marathon 10-10-10 medal and my Run Around Town medal from running the GO! St. Louis Marathon and Lewis + Clark Half Marathon.


Who is your running idol?

Kara Goucher.  She is an amazing running – and also ran throughout her pregnancy.  I just find her so inspiring and a complete stud.

How long have you been a runner?

I ran track (800, 1600, 3200) in high school my sophomore and junior year and also ran cross country from 5th through 8th grade (I played volleyball in high school instead of XC).  I never really quit running the years I didn’t run in high school, but didn’t get really serious about it until my freshman year of college. 

Do you run with your wedding/engagement ring on?

I feel naked without my wedding rings, so I usually run with them on.  Sometimes if I don’t wear them, I freak out and think they fell off!  Not a good feeling!

What is your favorite workout? tempo? long run? fartlek? repeats?

I love 400 and 800 repeats!  I think they are the most challenging workouts that leave me feel amazing and accomplished afterward.

What is your favorite place to run?

I will gladly run anywhere.  I have a few paved trails I absolutely LOVE, but otherwise, as long as I’m OUTSIDE running, I’m a happy girl! 

Do you use Gu?

Ew, no.  It’s just way to sweet for my taste on a run.  I’ve done jelly beans and dates before, but I think I will probably do something not sweet, like pretzels, when I train for my next marathon.

What do you drink to keep hydrated?

Water, unless it’s a run over 8 miles.  Then I absolutely have to have Gatorade, otherwise I will be sick to my stomach the rest of the day.

What do you take with you on a run? Does it vary by distance?

A watch and shoes.  I’m a minimalist runner.  I don’t run with music, and I HATE carrying anything on my run with me.  I don’t even like to have a fanny pack thing to hold water or fuel.  I will plan long runs around drinking fountains, my car, or my house just so I can stop for something.  But, otherwise, just a watch and shoes – and Road ID of course, but that’s on my shoes.