father’s day weekend

I was hoping to have a race recap for you today about the Run for Nothing 5K that took place this past Saturday.  However, Mother Nature had some other plans involving severe storms and our tornado sirens going off at 5 o’clock in the morning.  Not cool, God.  Not cool.

photo 4

So, instead of running the 5K like I had planned on doing, I hit up the treadmill at the gym for an easy 45 minute run.

photo 3

photo 1

Ignore the fact that it only says 35 minutes (including my cooldown) – I had to use the potty after 15 minutes of running.  My baby bladder just can’t function like it used to.

The rain + storms had pretty much stopped by the time I left the gym.  Just in time for me to go home, eat a delicious breakfast (veggie scramble with a bagel), and hop in the shower so we could celebrate Father’s Day with Matt’s family at the Zoo.


After walking around the zoo for a couple of hours, we went out to grab a bit to eat in the Central West End at Dressel’s Public House.  Although it was a very small menu, the food definitely didn’t disappoint and I’m a little upset that I didn’t take a picture of my amazing Seasonal Vegetable Sandwich.  Not that it was anything extraordinary – tomatoes, avocado, cheddar, and Brie on white bread and grilled to perfection (don’t worry, the Brie was melted, even though I have been freaking out for a good 2 days now about coming down with listeriosis), but it was simply incredible and I will be trying to recreate it on my own at home (minus the Brie cheese, of course).

After hugs goodbye with Matt’s family, the 2 of us headed down to Busch Stadium for the Cardinals game.  My teaching partner couldn’t use his tickets so he graciously gave them to us to use.  Of course, the tickets were in the bleachers – the very, very hot bleachers.




We spent the first 4 innings sitting in the air conditioned game room and walking around the stadium looking for the Food Network food cart.


Yeah, $14 for a steak sandwich – I don’t think so.

We ended up back in our seats just in time for the sun to go down.  We got to see a pretty good game with Matt Holliday hitting a game winning homerun in the bottom of the 8th right next to our seats, breaking our 7 game losing streak.


Of course, since we were already downtown and the game ended fairly early, we decided we should needed to hit up Ted Drewes’.  Of course, I didn’t expect the crowds to look like this when pulled up:



I’ve NEVER seen it that crowded before, but us Cardinals fans are definitely loyal.  Every single window was another register and we surprisingly only stood in line for 30 minutes before it was our turn to order.  One of the things I don’t like about Ted Drewes’ is that the menus are on the side of the buildings and don’t have good explanations of their concretes.  And the menus next to the windows are really small, so we basically didn’t decided what we wanted until right before it was time for us to order.

I went for the Tedad’s concrete – vanilla custard blended with Scotch oatmeal cookies.  It was mixed pretty much perfectly (of course, she didn’t turn it upside down like she’s supposed to and it did melt pretty quickly), the best bites being the ones with the giant chunks of cookies in it.  Yum!


Matt went for the Johnny Rabbit concrete – vanilla custard mixed with cherries and hard shell chocolate.  His was pretty good (mine was better).


The vanilla custard was really good tonight – very smooth and creamy.  But, I don’t know.  It’s just not as rich and delicious as Fritz’s or Andy’s.  Sorry, Ted, but I don’t think you are the best there is to offer.  Good, sure, and I would definitely recommend Ted Drewes’ to tourists since it’s a landmark in the area, but there is much better frozen custard out there.

Overall, I think Matt had a pretty good first Father’s Day.  Good food, time with both our families, and a Cardinals win.  Plus, a few more Daddy baby clothes for our little girl.  (I got him 2 onesies – one said, ‘I’m cute.  Mom’s cute.  Dad’s lucky.’ and the other said, ‘My Daddy’s the Coach.’)  Hopefully not too good though – I have a lot to live up to next year!