Ready to get FASTER this year?!  Each month I will be giving you a different type of speed workout to incorporate into your training plan!  Each speed workout featured will serve a specific purpose in your training plan in helping you get FASTER and start setting some new PRs!  I will also be including some sample workouts for you to start incorporating into your training so you can start getting FASTER right away!

This month, we are talking about SHORT INTERVALS!  

What is it?

Short intervals are short bursts of speed from 20 seconds to approximately 3-minutes (up to a 600m sprint).  After each interval, you will do an almost full recovery before repeating the sprint again.

Why do you need it in your training?

Short interval workouts help increase your leg speed + strength, and help you tolerate lactic acid build-up (the stuff that builds up in your muscles that causes them to fatigue), so that you can run FASTER for LONGER!

When should you do it in your training?

Short intervals are best done at the beginning of your training cycle to help you build up speed in shorter bursts and start to get your legs moving FASTER.  However, short intervals are also the perfect speed workout to incorporate on a cut back week when you are lowering your mileage but still want to maintain some speedwork.

Sample short interval workouts:

10 minute warm-up
10-20 x 30-second sprint with 1 minute recovery
10 minute cool down

1 mile warm-up
8-10 x 200m sprint with 200m recovery
1 mile cool down

**The perfect workout when you are short on time!**
5 minute warm-up
8 x 20-second sprint with 10-second rest
2 minutes easy
8 x 20-second spring with 10-second rest
5 minute cool down

1 mile warm-up
3 x (200m sprint with 200m recovery + 300m sprint with 200m recovery + 400m sprint with 200m recovery)
1 mile cool down

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