egg hunt

After the race on Saturday, we rushed to get out of the cold to head over to Matt’s parents’ house to, well, warm up for the most part, but also because their church was having an Easter Egg Hunt.  This was MacKenna’s first Easter egg hunt and she absolutely LOVED it!

17 Months

I never thought we’d be taking her on her very first Easter egg hunt totally and completely bundled up!  It was so incredibly cold out, but you would have never known with her!  She didn’t quite understand the concept at first and was more concerned about getting dirty than anything, but after a few minutes of showing her how to pick them up and put them in the basket, she started to have a little bit more fun!

Egg hunt-holding hand gma

Egg hunt-holding hand

Egg hunt-clapping eggs

Egg hunt-kissing egg-B&W

Egg hunt-looking up

Egg hunt-with egg B&W

Egg hunt-put in basket

Egg hunt-squat with eggs

Egg hunt-squatting

And thank goodness the rest of the time we were there we were able to stay inside their gym.  MacKenna is starting to become more and more social.  She wanted to see what all the other kids were doing, but really, she just wanted to be around all the other little girls!  And she absolutely LOVED being able to run around in a huge open gym!  I see a future P.E. teacher in her future! 😉  She will have fun with me this summer coming to volleyball open gyms!

Egg hunt-gym smile

Egg hunt-gym candy

It’s so strange to think that just a year ago, she wasn’t even able to run over.  Now, she’s running around and going on Easter egg hunts!  She gets more and more fun every single day!            

Egg hunt-standing with basket

  • She is adorable! how much fun…I cant wait for Brooklyn to be able to next yr!
    Nelly recently posted..The day that never ended

  • Mary Kratochvil( Kristen’s great-aunt)

    Great pictures She is so cute. My grandsons have progressed to Easter egg hunts where we put messages into the eggs, and they tell them where to go next in order to reach the prize at the end of the hunt (money). Olivia just looks for regular eggs though.

  • Jen

    Adorable! She really looks like her mama in these pictures. Wyatt will do his first Easter egg hunt the day before Easter, exciting!
    Jen recently posted..Notes from Dr. Sears