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I hinted at this last week when we were out celebrating, but now I can make it official…

After 2.5 years of searching, I FINALLY received a job offer.  (For those of you who don’t know, I have been the assistant PE teacher at a small private elementary school for the last 2 school years).  And not just any job offer.  I pretty much landed my dream job!

And no, I’m not going to be a stay-at-home mom.  We’ve already determined that that just wasn’t going to be possible.  Unless we wanted to live on ramen noodles for the rest of our lives.  But, I digress…

DSC06177 Obligatory MacKenna picture, because (1) I know you read this blog more for her than for me and (2) this post needed some pictures!

Next school year, I will be teaching middle school Physical Education + Health at a school district just west of where I live now.  Along with teaching, I will also be coaching middle school or high school volleyball (still thinking on that one).

This job could not be more perfect for me.  When I went back to school to get my teaching certificate, I knew I wanted to teach middle school.  It’s such an influential age and I always felt it was my “calling”.  Most people go into teaching because they want to make a difference, whether it is in just one kid’s life or all their students’ lives.  With middle school PE/Health, I felt that I could have the most impact on my students, teaching them how to be active and healthy individuals throughout their lives at an age when they are the most influential.  While I loved teaching elementary the past 2 years, I was still hoping for that middle school position.

And believe it or not, before I was a runner, I was a volleyball player.  I played competitively for 8 years, all through middle/grade school and high school, and have coached freshman + 7th graders in the past.  It is still my favorite sport ever (although I would LOVE to coach cross country/track as well) and I can’t wait to start coaching again.  I’ve missed it!

I still am on cloud 9 since receiving that phone call a week and a half ago!  But, it’s also a little bittersweet.  I’m definitely going to miss the kiddos I’ve had for the past 2 years and my coworkers who have become great friends.  That job taught me a lot about myself as a teacher and a person and I’ve become a much better teacher + person because of that position.  But, I’m so ready for this next stage in my teaching career.

I could not be more excited!

Because I’m actually really interested at what other people do for a living, what is your dream job and are you currently in your dream position?

  • Congrats!!! What exciting news! Sounds like you’re going to kick butt at this new job 🙂
    Brittany (healthy slice) recently posted..Mountain Weekend

  • Ahhh! I am so so so excited for you. 🙂 That is fantastic!! XOXO
    Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength recently posted..The Best Dads

  • Congratulations! You totally deserve it. I am a teacher too but I am a reading teacher for grades 3-5. Next year I am going back into the classroom to teach 5th grade and I am SO excited! It’s so easy to get burned out if you aren’t doing the teaching that you truly want to do. I’m glad you are going to be given this opportunity!
    Katie recently posted..My Vegetarian Pregnancy Diet

  • Sara

    Congrats, that is such exciting news!!

    I’m not exactly sure what my “dream” job is, but I work as a medical alliance manager for a pharma company and have been here for 6 years and I truly love my job, so I guess I’m pretty darn lucky!

  • Kim

    That’s awesome! It is so great that you want to work with middle school kids and have a heart for that!
    My degree is in exercise science and when I was in college I decided I wanted to work for a corporate gym. I love the idea of making fitness free and accessible right in the workplace. I know work as a fitness specialist in a corporate gym, teaching exercise classes, helping members get started working out, running incentive programs for all the employee, making the group exercise schedule, and getting educational info out to employees. I LOVE IT! It’s so much fun to love what you do, enjoy!

    • OH my! I want your job!!!!!! I have my masters degree in health promotions (focusing on corporate health and wellness) but have yet to find a job here!
      Kristy @ Breath of Sunshine recently posted..I ran over my dog. Twice.

    • Kristen

      My 1st degree is in exercise science and I actually worked in a corporate gym right out of college. It was an AWESOME job, but I was only filling in while someone was on maternity leave. If I hadn’t gotten my new job, I was looking into going back into the fitness industry, specifically looking for corporate fitness jobs!

  • Congrats, that’s awesome!! Life is so much better when you love your job. I pretty much have my dream job- im a private practice sports dietitian. 🙂
    heather recently posted..Father’s Day Feastin

  • Hooray, congratulations! So happy for you 🙂 I played volleyball for about 10.5 years and now I just play for fun at my church once a week, but it’s my favorite sport for sure. Sounds like you are going to have an awesome time next school year!
    Sarah recently posted..Happy Herbivore, Round Two!

  • Lee

    Woo hoo! Congratulations!!
    Lee recently posted..Quick(ish) meals

  • I am SO EXCITED for you! Middle school IS the perfect age! You will have so much of an influence on them! Of course, you know my dream job is exactly where I am, teaching middle school science. 🙂 Although, I could see myself moving to teach middle school drama or even eventually college.
    Melissa recently posted..A Day in the Life- Summer Style!

  • Cool congrats!

  • Woo! Congrats!

    I’d love to have your dream job too! Including coaching volleyball – I played in middle school and high school and on a junior olympic team.

    So exciting for you!!!!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! What an amazing opportunity — you’re going to make such a difference in those kids’ lives.

    My dream job = published author. Working on making it a reality! 🙂
    Shari recently posted..Mine to Love.

  • Kelly

    Congratulations!! Most recently, I taught middle school general music and chorus, and even though it’s the one grade level I never wanted to teach, I LOVED it. Unfortunately, I was laid off at the end of the 2010-11 school year due to budget cuts, and, being super pregnant (baby D was born November 3), I didn’t stand much of a chance of getting one of the very few positions available last year in my state. That being said, I’ve been applying like crazy this summer and am hoping and praying to get the same call you did! I love being a SAHM, but I miss the classroom so much, too. Dream job? High School band director. I’m a total geek like that 🙂

    • Kristen

      Haha! My brother is a high school band teacher and I know he loves it!

  • Congrats!! So happy for you. Teaching is hard enough, let alone when you’re not in the exact position you want to be. Enjoy the summer, and then enjoy the new position!

  • Erika

    Of course being a stay-at-home mom would be my dream I realize that right now it is not finicially possible (we’ve tried to make the numbers work every way possible!) so my other dream job would be teaching fitness classes and personal trainer. However that would require me to go back to school and that also is not possible right now. I also have a love for graphic design and while what I do now involves some it isn’t enough for me to love my job.

  • Rim

    Congrats!!! You’ll definetly be a great teacher.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m SO excited for you! I’m a middle school PE (and science) teacher too, and it is the best job EVER.
    Cate recently posted..Roasted Beet Salad with Maple Dressing

    • Kristen

      That’s so reassuring! I can’t wait!

  • Jen

    Ahhh congrats Kristen! I was hoping this was why you were celebrating. I’m so happy for you! It really does sound perfect <3

    I'm certified to teach health in SC and if a position ever opens near me, I'm going to jump on it! Middle school is my favorite age too!
    Jen recently posted..George Sheehan Classic 5k 2012 race recap

  • Congratulations! I bet you can’t wait to start! 🙂

    I am a photographer, writer and part-time nanny. My dream job has always been to be a Mum, but for the moment I’m looking to develop myself as a freelance writer and photographer more as being a Mum is quite a bit further down the track. Freelance is tough, but when it works out it is so worth it!
    Kristy @ Southern In-Law recently posted..Getting to know you

  • Mary Kratochvil (Kristen’s great aunt)

    Congratulations on landing your dream job. We are so proud of you and know you will be a great middle school teacher.

  • Happy for you! Congrats!!

  • Congrats! I hope you will also be closer to home, I thought at one point you mentioned a rough commute.

    I don’t know if it is my dream job, but 16 years after graduating from grad school, I still like going to work as a speech therapist. I love being my own boss and having some control over my schedule. It is a blessing to enjoy what you do and not dread work.
    susan recently posted..Workouts: 5/28-6/3/2012

    • Kristen

      My commute will actually take the same amount of time, but it’s a MUCH easier drive now, so I’ll take it!

  • Congratulations! I know you’ll be fantastic 🙂
    Hannahviolin recently posted..The Mezamashii Run Project

  • I don’t know HOW I missed this but CONGRATS!!!! SO excited for you!!!!!! 🙂 PS … I played competitive volleyball too 😉
    Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family recently posted..New #FitGear + Fitness Friday