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Things have been a little tense around our house lately.  Matt + I have both been going through some stuff that has left us out of sorts and in crappy moods.  Throw on top of that a baby who is not a big fan of eating solids – on her own or with one of us feeding her – leaving us all frustrated and worried, Matt + I were definitely in need of a mental health break.

Fortunately, we still needed to celebrate Mother’s Day as a couple and we also had another reason to celebrate that I will hopefully be able to explain more next week.  Part of Matt’s Mother’s Day gift to me was a date night of my choosing.  Originally, he had told me a “triple D” date – Dewey’s, drinks, and dessert – but I decided to change it to more of a “dinner + a movie” date.  However, Dewey’s was still involved.


We started off with some much needed drinks:  him with a Six Row Summer Lager and her with a Schlafly Summer Ale (both seasonal St. Louis offerings).


We ended up adding some lemon to our beers, giving them an even greater summer feel.  Although, I actually think they would both be better with orange than with lemon (says the lemon-hater).

We split a large pizza for dinner.  I went for my absolute favorite of their pizzas:  The Green Lantern.  Red sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, pesto, artichoke hearts, and mushrooms.


Saucy and spicy, but the creaminess of the goat cheese is what really makes this pizza amazing.  Goat cheese should always be included on pizza!  Matt’s pizza involved sausage + black olives, so I was less than interested (it was the Bronx Bomber in case you’re interested).

After we stuffed ourselves silly with dinner (with leftovers to take home!), we headed next door to get some candy before heading out to our movie.  We made a slight detour before sitting down in our movie though.

IMG_1357[1] Look closely…

For MacKenna, since she seems to be a huge fan of the Madagascar commercials, particularly of a certain zebra in his circus gear.  But, that wasn’t the movie we were there to see.  We had a babysitter so we were all about seeing an adult movie.  Or I should say I was all about seeing this movie…


FINALLY!  I didn’t start reading the books until the movie came out (I literally read the first chapter the night the movie opened), but I honestly could not put the first one down.  I’m now almost finished with the last book (no spoilers please!) and was so excited to FINALLY see the movie.

I thought the movie was fairly true to the book.  There were a few changes in the story line and characters taken out, but I think they did a nice job taking a book written in first person and turning it into a movie.  Matt hasn’t read the books at all, and while I explained some of the storyline to him as I was reading it, he still went into the movie not knowing much but was able to follow the plot line pretty well.  In my opinion, I thought it would have been more difficult to follow had you not read the books, but I don’t necessarily think it’s a prerequisite to the movie – although, the book was better so I really recommend you read the books!

After walking out of the movie (and finding out that at 11 PM, MacKenna was still awake and had hardly eaten anything – solid or liquid, ugh), I felt like a completely different person.  My stress had melted away (well, part of the reason I was stressed was part of the reason why we were celebrating) and I felt more in love with my husband than ever.  We needed that time away from MacKenna, away from our worries, away from the stresses of life.  I need to remember how important it is to take that time for each other.  We need it and deserve it!

Have you see or read The Hunger Games?  Do you make time for regular date nights?

  • Lee

    I definitely thought that it helped to read the books before seeing the movie. The one thing that I didn’t like about the movie was I felt like they didn’t really show that Katniss was doing a lot of things for the camera and because she knew that’s what the audience wanted to see.

    My husband works weird hours, so we do date nights usually once a week. Otherwise, we’d hardly see each other!
    Lee recently posted..Sun in my Belly Dinner

  • Rim

    We live far away from our family and unfortunately live in a foreign country where we don’t and don’t believe will ever trust anyone to babysit for us. So ya it’s been almost 5 months since we had a date or time to remind us of who we are as a couple. McKenna will get the hang of food eventually, my friends baby weighed 15 pounds at 17 months and used to hate all sort of food.. She’s now 2 yrs old and can never get enough. Maybe you can try fruit smoothies ( using your own milk) and put it in a sippy cup, my daughter (5 months) loves being in control and prefers the sippy cup coz she can hold it.

  • Erika

    We don’t get enough date nights, but that’s my own fault. I hate leaving my baby (he’s almost 10 months old). Though when we do go out it is nice and always say we need to do it more.

    Hope you are feeling less stressed. Can’t wait to hear what you were celebrating!

  • I’ve still never tried Dewey’s, but it’s on my list of places to try!
    When my BF and I live in the same city, we make sure to go on a date night every week or two. Right now it’s more like every month or two because he lives in KC 🙁 But that just makes it more special when we’re able to see each other!
    Michelle (Better with Berries) recently posted..Free Stuff!

  • Yay for date nights! Hubby and I had one last night that also involved an artichoke pizza and some good craft beer. I can’t get mine to go to a movie with me though (who hates movies?), so we followed ours up by going on a walk around our city daydreaming about our next house and ended up walking for 3 hrs! We have a Dewey’s here in Lakewood and I never realized it was a chain, we loved their pizza, need to make another trip there soon. Your beers look delicious!
    Ashley recently posted..My (Pretty) Healthy Day…….

  • I used to hate going to the movies (too much $$), but recently I’ve come to realize, they are great for allowing worries to melt away!
    Katie D. recently posted..Hi!

  • the Green Lantern is my ABSOLUTE favorite pizza in St Louis EVER!!!
    Hope things are smoothing out a bit for you guys around the homestead. I know that babies can be frustrating at times when you don’t know what’s wrong or what they want or why they don’t want something you know they need, but as a mother, I promise, it will work itself out in the end.
    Just keep your head up…

    Time for a blogger meet up!!
    Maria (RealFitMama) recently posted..not a baby anymore