day in the life: september 2015

4:15 AM – Alarm goes off.  I check to make sure my second alarm is set and go back to sleep.

4:20 AM – Second alarm goes off.  I begrudgingly get out of bed.

4:23 AM – Shower and get ready for the day, while simultaneously pumping.

5:32 AM – Turn on the lights in the kitchen, put my pumped milk in the freezer, and feed the cat.

5:40 AM – Go into Miles room, get him changed and dressed.  He is surprisingly happy this morning and is giving me smiles and giggles, which I love!

5:45 AM – Nurse Miles while catching up on blogs.

6:00 AM – Miles and I go wake Kenna up.  She brushes her teeth while I make her bed and Miles terrorizes her stuffed animals in her room.

6:10 AM – Make a bagel for Kenna, make my smoothie and coffee, and put on my shoes and a jacket while the kiddos watch Daniel Tiger.

6:32 AM – I’m out the door and in the car.  I really enjoy my quiet time in the morning on my way to work.  I love eating my breakfast, nursing my coffee, and listening to my favorite radio show.


7:08 AM – Arrive at school.  I go to my office and work on my to-do list, as well as responding to a couple parent emails.  Nothing like having half your 7th graders failing your class because they haven’t turned in their projects.  *sigh*

7:35 AM – The first bell rings.  I head out to the gym to wrangle my 8th graders and get things ready for the day.  I have 3 different classes in the morning – 8th grade PE, 8th grade Exercise + Fitness, and 7th grade Health.  We are playing soccer in PE, we did a killer workout in my Ex + Fit class, and Health was all about injuries today.  It was a decent morning, although some of the kids were driving me a little crazy today.


10:30 AM – Done with morning classes and on to my plan period.  I call a parent, catch up on some more parent emails, and begin working on my second of 9 papers I have to write this semester.  I think this one will be a little easier though.

11:32 AM – Time to pump and eat lunch while catching up on Facebook.


11:56 AM – Time to start the second half of my day.  Another round of Health and two 6th grade PE classes.

2:41 PM – Done for the day.  I shut my office door, change clothes, eat my snack and pump.


3:02 PM – Time to workout!  Woo!  It’s shoulders and triceps day, followed by a fabulous 4-mile run.  I decided to run the last 2 miles faster than the first 2 to get a little bit of extra speed work in this week.

4:08 PM – In the car to head home.  I call my mom and chat for a few minutes.  We decide we are 2 of the most boring people ever…


4:38 PM – Pick up the kiddos at the babysitter’s house.  Every day I walk in, Miles is sitting at the highchair eating Cheerios and when he sees me, he just starts laughing!  Happiest baby ever!  Both kids were great, as usual!

5:05 PM – Instead of going home, we go to the chiropractor.  My foot has been killing me and has only gotten worse the past day or two.  I get some A.R.T. done on my foot in hopes to take away some of the inflammation.

5:30 PM – I am finally home with the kids and start dinner while Matt plays with the kiddos.

6:10 PM – Dinner is on the table a little late today and the quinoa is still not cooked all the way, but it still tastes pretty good.  Matt and I open the Fitz’s Pumpkin Pop and split it.  Not as pumpkin-y as we were hoping, but a decent cream soda flavor.


6:45 PM – Clean up dinner and get Miles in the tub.  Baths are becoming more difficult with my active little guy.

7:00 PM – I nurse Miles while Matt gets Kenna finished up in the tub.  She comes and sits next to me to eat her dessert and watch a video on the iPad.

7:25 PM – Miles is asleep, so I put him in bed and finally get his and Kenna’s clothes put away that have been sitting out since Sunday.

7:40 PM – Read books with Kenna, say prayers, sing, and get her to bed.

8:00 PM – Put diapers in the wash, make lunches, and pick up the kitchen a little bit.

8:30 PM – Fold yesterdays laundry while heating my foot (per doctor’s instructions), then sit down to start writing this post while watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.

9:15 PM – Finish writing, browse Facebook for a few minutes and then lay on the couch to watch HIMYM.

9:30 PM – Kenna is out of bed because she can’t find her Apple Jack pony. I end up falling asleep as Matt puts her back to bed.

9:40 PM – Wake up and set timer for 5 minutes.

9:45 PM – Get up off couch and get ready for bed.

10 PM – Update this post and pass out. Good night!

  • marie

    I really like these posts, as I sometimes feel like the only working-mama out here. The way you manage it all really encourages me. These are long days, but happy/full ones, right?! Do you have to drop the kids at the sitter, does she come and pick them up or does Matt take them? Our schedule changes daily and we’re still figuring this one out. It’s hard to do both take and pick-up! Again, thanks for keeping it real. I enjoy your updates.

    • Matt takes both of them to the sitter, since he works close to home and doesn’t have to leave until later. We used to live a half mile away from her house, but now it’s a little more out of the way for him. On preschool days, I take MacKenna because it’s on my way to work and they open early enough for me to take her (6:30). We have to pay for extended care, but it takes some of the pressure off Matt and he doesn’t have to worry about getting Miles out of the car too.