day in the life: saturday style

I know I am not even close to being a single parent, so I’m not even going to pretend I know what it feels like.  Because, let’s face it, parenting is hard in itself.  Having to do it alone, well, I hope I never have to experience that.  But, that doesn’t mean I get to have someone to help me day in and day out.

When I married a teacher and coach, I figured he’d be gone maybe one or two days out of the YEAR.  Well, that hasn’t been the case so much lately.  I don’t know if you know, but my husband is brilliant and an incredibly talented teacher.  He also is very passionate about his job and his hobbies, so he doesn’t hesitate when he has the opportunity to do something he things would be well worth his time.  Therefore, lately, I’ve been spending several weekends parenting by myself.  I tell my counterpart at work all the time – I don’t know how she does it with a husband who travels almost every week.

So, here’s a little glimpse of parenting on my own for (most of) a day – and a little bit of our weekend life…

12:30 AM – Miles’ monitor is going off.  I go into his room to move him and of course he wakes up.  He starts crying as I walk out of his room and lay back down in bed.  Kenna wakes up, goes into Miles’ room looking for me, then comes and tells me Miles is crying.  I go put MacKenna back to bed and amazingly, Miles stops crying and goes back to sleep.  Crisis averted…

5:40 AM – MacKenna comes into my room and I let her climb in to bed with me for some extra shut eye.

6:15 AM – MacKenna is climbing all over me, asking if it’s time to get up.  I tell her she has to wait until the clock says 6-3-0 before we can get out of bed.  We cuddle and talk about the weekend before it’s time to get up.

6:30 AM – I go fix MacKenna breakfast and pick up around the kitchen a little bit, including cleaning out my coffee maker since it hasn’t been working lately.  *sad face*


6:50 AM – I hear Miles babbling in his crib and go in to get him.  We go sit on the couch and I nurse him while MacKenna plays with her new lip gloss she got from Grandma last night.

7:15 AM – I put Miles in his booster seat and get his breakfast ready.  I pull myself a bowl of Lucky Charms since I am almost out of Shakeology and want to save it for weekday breakfasts.


7:20 AM – MacKenna asks to get dressed, so I give Miles some banana and Cheerios while I get MacKenna ready for the day.  I come back and find Miles like this…


Sneaky little guy…

7:30 AM – My Lucky Charms are soggy, but still taste delicious.  I immediately open my computer and order another month of ShakeO and put myself back on autoshipments so this doesn’t happen again.

7:45 AM – Miles is done eating, so I go take him to change his diaper and get him dressed.  It is always a fight to get him in clothes – he just wants to play!

8:00 AM – Shower time for Mama.  Miles goes in the jumparoo and Kenna gets the iPad on the bed.  It’s the hour of my day where I sort of have time to myself and don’t want to be bothered.

9:00 AM – I go put Miles in his crib for a nap.  He fusses and then spends some time babbling before he falls asleep.  Kenna plays in her room and playroom while I change the sheets, make the beds, and get the laundry started.  I try to do a little bit of laundry every day – with clothes and diapers, it is never ending and I don’t want to spend hours of my weekend folding laundry.  Of course, I still end up with 3+ loads to do over the weekend, but at least they are mostly small loads.

9:45 AM – Time to get some errands done before it’s time for Miles to eat again.  And let’s face it – I haven’t had coffee yet and my mood is suffering for it.  I get Miles up and we head to Aldi and Schnucks for groceries for the week.  Plus, a stop at Starbucks for some caffeine.


11:00 AM – We are back home after a very pleasant shopping experience with 2 kids.  I unload the groceries and then feed Miles, while Kenna plays.

11:15 AM – Done feeding Miles and Kenna has been asking all morning if I will paint her nails, so I finally do it for her.


11:30 AM – I wrangle Miles while trying to get MacKenna to sit patiently and wait for her nails to dry.  I finish unpacking groceries and pick up a little bit around the house.

12:00 PM – Lunch time!



12:30 PM – We are all done eating, so I let the kids down to play and watch some Little Einsteins before naptime.  I continue to clean up from lunch and do some more picking up around the house, switching out laundry, etc.  (It’s seriously a never ending cycle…)

12:45 PM – My mom calls and is on her way over to bring by some clothes for the kids for pictures tomorrow and Thanksgiving.  She hangs out and plays with the kids for awhile too.

1:30 PM – Gigi leaves, so it is officially nap time.  MacKenna is fighting with me about going down, so I go read a book to Miles and put him down before getting Kenna ready for her nap.  It’s definitely been a struggle with her lately, so I grab my bathroom clock and put it in her room.  I tell her she can’t get up until the first number says 3.  She seems satisfied with that answer and doesn’t make a peep after I leave her room.

2:00 PM – Yet more picking up before I decide to give myself a little bit of a break on the couch for awhile.  Miles won’t be up for awhile and I know I have at least until 3 until MacKenna gets up, so I take advantage of some peace and quiet to sit and watch Scrubs on Netflix and work on this post.

3:10 PM – I decide to get up and at least get something done since they are both still sleeping.  I clean both bathrooms successfully and didn’t wake either child in the process.

3:45 PM – I go get Miles up from his nap to feed him.  Not long after, MacKenna is yelling from her room, asking me if she can get up.  I tell her yes and she comes and snuggles on the couch with me and Miles.

4:15 PM – Play with the kiddos for awhile while we wait for Daddy to get home.  MacKenna is being incredibly bratty today and ends up in time out for hitting me after I tell her to go get her milk out of the refrigerator if she’s thirsty.  I’m praying for Matt to get home soon.

5:10 PM – DADDY IS HOME!  Lots of hugs and kisses all around.

5:30 PM – I decide to make some nachos for dinner and leave Matt to spend some time with the kiddos while I sprinkle some beans and cheese on some chips and stick it in the oven.

5:55 PM – Dinner is ready.  Matt and I split 2 beers with dinner as well – and they definitely hit the spot.


6:30 PM – I begin to clean up from dinner and Matt take the kids in for a bath.  Once Miles is done, I get him lotioned up and wrestle to put on his diaper and PJs.

6:55 PM – Last feeding for Miles while we all relax on the couch.

7:35 PM – Time to get ready for bed.  Brush teeth, read books, potty, prayers, and songs – and a threat for no donuts in the morning if she gets out of bed.

8:00 PM – Time to relax.  I grab some M&M’s and dark chocolate espresso beans and lay down on the couch.

10:40 PM – Apparently, I fell asleep.  I keep my eyes open just long enough to watch Elizabeth Banks sing and dance her monologue before I pass out again.

11:30 PM – I’m awake again to Kenna needing to go potty.  She goes and I put her back in to bed.  I get ready for bed myself and by 11:45 PM, I’m passed out for the night.

  • Katie D

    My hubby has been gone 3 weekends in a row (overnight) and it is so hard! El is 16 months, so old enough to need lots of supervision, but still too young for most community activities (story hour, craft times, etc). By 5 pm, I am out of energy, ideas and patience, I honestly can’t imagine having hubby gone more often! I so understand what it feels like for ya!