day in the life of a working mom

4:15 AM – My alarm goes off.  I’m pissed because I’m still tired, but know that I don’t have a choice but to get out of bed and get in the shower.  I check Facebook for 5 minutes and finally roll out of bed.

4:20 AM – Shower and get ready for work.  I also pump while I’m putting on makeup – 3 ounces on each side.

5:30 AM – I put the milk I pumped in bags and stick it in the freezer.  Then it’s time to go get my little man up and ready for the day.  He’s a happy boy waking up this morning and is ready to eat.

5:40 AM – Feed Miles and read blogs while he’s nursing.

6:00 AM – Miles is done and it’s now time to get The Threenager up.  In true threenager form, she’s not wanting to get out of bed at all.  I finally get her up and have to change a dirty nighttime diaper.  She is only wearing diapers for bedtime now but we’re having some issues with getting her to poop in the potty and it’s in everyday problem.  Any advice on how to get a toddler to poop in the potty?

6:10 AM – I fixed a Poptart for Kenna and turn on Mary Poppins for her to watch while I get my breakfast ready and Matt gets ready for work.

6:30 AM – Kiss all 3 of my babies goodbye and go to get in the car.  I spill my cereal all over my car, so I have to go back inside and get some more.  This is the THIRD day in a row I have spilled my cereal somehow.  #mommyfail


7:05 AM – Arrive at work and check my email and memos for the day before heading out for open gym duty.

7:35 AM – The bell rings and it’s time for the day to really begin.  I’m so not ready for my 8th graders this morning – my 1st hour isn’t exactly my favorite of the day, but at least I get them out of the way first thing in the morning.  I spend my first 2 hours of the day in the gym before heading up to the Health classroom to teach 7th grade health.  I have an observer today, so it makes it even more interesting and I really have to be on my A-game.  Thank goodness my kids were decent for me today…

10:30 AM – Break time!  I go make copies for my 5th hour and for my health classes tomorrow before sitting down to work on my grad school homework.  I have a 15 page paper due on the 27th and I have started and re-started it 3 times now.  I’ve decided to read all my research articles and take notes before I really decide the direction I want it to go.  My thesis:  Do daily physical education classes effect standardized test scores?  Exciting stuff, I know…

11:30 AM – Get my lunch ready and head into the closet to pump.  Thankfully I get done just in time before an 8th grader walks in.  That would’ve been awkward…

12:00 PM – Time to start the second half of my day.  One more hour of health and I head back down to the gym the rest of the day to teach 6th graders how to throw a football.  More exciting stuff, let me tell you…

2:41 PM – Done with the kiddos for the day and I go to pump again while eating a snack and working a little more on my grad school paper.  I really just want to get this dang thing done.  Ugh.


3:00 PM – Workout time!  I do this CrossFit workout today, but 3 rounds instead of 5.  I’m starting myself off a little slower this time around, and I knew I didn’t have enough time to get 5 rounds in.  I completed 3 rounds in 16:19 – not too bad!  I follow it up with a 3-mile run around town.

4:00 PM – Hop in the car and head toward home.  I call my mom every day on my way home, even when I don’t have much to talk about.

4:30 PM – Pick up the kiddos at the sitter’s.  Miles is wearing MacKenna’s extra clothes because he had a few blow outs today and leaked through his other 2 outfits.  I chat with Stacy for a few minutes before packing up the kids and heading home.

5:00 PM – We’re home and Matt gets home right behind us.  I get the car and kids unpacked and start making dinner.  Matt and I talk about our day while we get dinner ready and entertain The Threenager.

5:40 PM – Dinner time!  This is my new favorite dinner that we will be having once a week!  Bean and cheese nachos with all the toppings.  Yum!

6:00 PM – Bath time for the kiddos!  We switch kids tonight since we ate early enough – Matt bathes Miles and I get to play with Kenna in the tub.  We sing Broadway show tunes while we play in the tub (I took her to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at my brother’s school on Friday so I make that a station on Pandora for her).

7:00 PM – Time to feed Miles again.  Kenna gets her iPad as a reward for no timeouts today and her and Matt Facetime Grandma.

7:30 PM – We get up off the couch and get the kids ready for bed.  We’ve had to start this earlier because Kenna takes for-ev-er to get ready.  We brush teeth, read books, kiss the TV and radio (weird toddler quirk), say prayers, go potty, sing songs, and then try to get Kenna to stop asking for stuff so we can clothes the door.

8:00 PM – Put diapers in the wash, make my lunch for tomorrow, fold laundry, try on my Stitch Fix clothes (I’ll be sharing on Friday!), grab a snack, and then wait almost 30 minutes for the Internet to start working so I can write this post.  Ugh.

9:50 PM – Finally get done writing this post, set it to publish, and get up off the couch to get ready for bed.

10:10 PM – Dream feed Miles and read.  I’m reading Eat & Run by Scott Jurek right now.  It’s just OK – I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the week so I can start something new.  Any suggestions?  I’m not too picky – it just needs to hold my attention.

10:45 PM – Put Miles back in his crib and lights out.  Hoping that it is another no-wake-up night for both kids and my alarm will go off too early again at 4:15 to start all over again…



  • rachael

    For book suggestions- if you want to read another non-fiction- The Sports Gene was really good!

  • I am exhausted just reading about your day! One of my dream jobs has always been a PE/Health Ed teacher.

  • Amanda

    Long after James was potty trained, he pooped every day at nap. The solution was – no diaper. He stopped without much problem. He did pee sometimes until he adjusted, but it was worth it. You could take away her diaper and take her potty when you dream feed the baby and see how it goes.

  • Jen – I meant to post the video here….

  • marie

    Love reading other working mama blogs. It makes me feel more normal. Also, great motivation for me to work out. You found the time. Thanks!!

  • I’m reading it was me all along! Just started it.