day in the life | january 2016

12:22 AM – The alarm on Miles’ crib is going off.  He’s laying with his butt up in the air in the “end zone”.  But, sound asleep, so I move him back to the middle of his bed.

3:40AM – MacKenna is up and is needing to go potty.  We are trying to break her of the habit of getting up in the middle of the night (her incentive was being able to make cookies with Daddy), but potty breaks are OK.

4 AM – My first alarm goes off.  I turn it off and go back to sleep.

4:15 AM – Second alarm is off and I turn over, grab my phone, and catch up on Facebook news.

4:20 AM – Shower and get ready.  It’s so windy this morning that I can hear the wind in the shower.  Should make for a fun run this afternoon…

5:35 AM – I go to feed the cat and hear Kenna come out of her room.  She helps me move the laundry to the dryer and then goes and lays on the couch while I wake Miles up.  I turn on Daniel Tiger for her on Netflix while I feed Miles on the couch and catch up on blogs.

5:54 AM – Miles finishes in decent time this morning.  I go get him dressed and MacKenna goes to play in her room to wait for me to get her dressed.  We have a struggle on why she can’t wear a princess dress to the babysitter’s, but both kids are dressed, teeth are brushed, and beds are made in 10 minutes.  It’s a record.

6:06 AM – I put Miles in the jumparoo and let them both watch Daniel Tiger while I get my breakfast and stuff ready to go.  I swear I’m forgetting something as I am getting everything ready in record time today…


6:26 AM – After giving everyone kisses, I am out the door.  I don’t remember the last time I left before 6:30 in a LONG time.  As I commute to work, I dream about winning the lottery and what I would do with the money.  Buying out all 26 years before retirement is first on my list… Work is overrated.

6:58 AM – I pull into the parking lot and let a freezing 7th grader inside the building.  I sit down at my desk, start writing this post and my to-do list for the day.

7:35 AM – The first bell rings for the day.  I update our objectives, attendance, and motivational quote.  And attempt to make sure our 8th graders aren’t doing anything stupid.

7:45 AM – Time for the day to start.  First hour is my 8th grade exercise + fitness class, where we work on squats, thrusters, and SDHPs; second hour is 8th grade phys ed; and third hour is 7th grade health.  Fun times.

10:30 AM – PLAN!  I work on some lesson plans and try to get ahead for next week.  I also get an email with my new teaching certificate – I am now certified to teach for life!  Woohoo!

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11:26 PM – I bust out my lunch, because by this point, I am absolutely starving.  Leftover Tuscan bean soup, oyster crackers, and a Le Croix.  I’ve been trying to spend more time reading during the day instead of spending it on Facebook, so I read a little of Tina Fey’s Bossypants.  It’s aight…


11:56 PM – The bell rings for the second half of my day to begin.  A little bit of the same – 7th grade health, and 6th grade phys ed.

2:41 PM – And. DONE.  I print out my graduation forms (finished my master’s but haven’t graduated yet) and finish up some last minute things.  I also check the weather one last time for the day and decide to run on the treadmill instead of outside in the cold.

3 PM – Workout time!  I do a quick hip warm-up followed by 3 rounds of 400m run, 25 bridges, and 25 situps.  Followed up by 10 x 20 second intervals on the treadmill.

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4:05 PM – I gather up my stuff, have a brief talk with my counterpart, and leave for the day.  I call Matt and my mom in the car and chat with both for a little while.

4:45 PM – Arrive at the babysitter’s to pick up the kiddos and then finally head home.

5:05 PM – We are finally home.  I put a princess dress on MacKenna and spend some time on the floor playing with cars with Miles.  Matt gets home about 10 minutes later and we chat and play with the kids.


5:30 PM – Kenna and Matt play a game, while I give Miles a bath.  He is obsessed with splashing the water.  I luckily didn’t end up soaked this time.  I get him out, dry, and lotioned up while Matt puts Kenna in the tub.

5:55 PM – I finish Kenna’s bath and get her in her PJs.

6:05 PM – Dinner time!  Nachos are on the menu for tonight.  I’d be lying if I didn’t grab several handfuls of tortilla chips before dinner…

6:30 PM – Matt cleans up dinner while I try to keep Miles happy by giving him more and more food.

6:45 PM – Matt and Kenna bake cookies and I end up back on the floor with Miles.

7 PM – Feeding time for Miles, iPad time for Kenna.  I end up watching a few YouTube videos with MacKenna after Miles is done.

7:30 PM – Bed time routine – brush teeth, books, prayers, singing, and sleep.  Miles goes down easily, Kenna not so much.

8:06 PM – I start laundry, make my lunch (my amazing hubby made the kiddos’ lunches for me), and wash my face.

8:22 PM – Turn on 30 Rock on Netflix, fold yesterday’s laundry, and sit down to write this post, hoping I don’t end up falling asleep.  Also, get ticked about the NFL owner’s deciding to let the Rams move to LA and consider boycotting the Super Bowl this year…

9:20 PM – Upload pictures and add them to this post.

9:40 PM – Finally figure out how to embed my Instagram pics and finish up this post.

9:45 PM – Get up off the couch, put the laundry away, brush my teeth, and get my clothes and workout clothes ready for tomorrow.

10 PM – BEDTIME!  Praying for a silent night from the kiddos…

  • carla birnberg

    I hadn’t entirely missed the fact moving the Rams was on the table until it happened yesterday!!!