day in the life: back to school

I meant to do a “day in the life” post at some point this summer, but never got around to it.  So, how about a “day in the life” post the first week of school…

1:44 AM – Miles is fussing.  Poor buddy is teething right now.  I’m hoping he’ll just fuss himself back to sleep, but no such luck.  I head into his room to help him get back to sleep by rocking him for a little bit.

2:06 AM – Matt comes into Miles room and takes over baby duty.  He has the magic touch – and I go back to bed.

2:16 AM – Matt got Miles to sleep and gets back into bed.

2:20 AM – Miles is crying again.  Matt heads back in.

2:22 AM – Kenna is up because she heard something (probably her brother screaming).  I walk her back to bed and tuck her in.  I go back to bed.

2:30-ish AM – Matt is back in bed, but not for long…

2:40 AM – Miles is fussing.  I again hope he just fusses himself back to sleep, but after a few minutes, he is actively crying.

2:44 AM – I hold and rock Miles for a little while, with several failed attempts at getting him back into his crib.  I try to think of ways I can hold him and sleep at the same time.

3:08 AM – I finally get him to sleep and head back to bed.

3:10 AM – And Miles is up.  Again.  Matt’s turn.  I fall back asleep (thank goodness) and don’t remember Matt getting back into bed.

4:15 AM – My alarm goes off.  I check my email and browse Facebook for 5 minutes before resorting to the fact that I actually have to get out of bed.  I’m in the shower by 4:23 and proceed to shower, pump, and put on makeup.

5:30 AM – Poor tired little baby must get up so I have time to feed him.  He’s amazingly cheerful.  I change him before taking him to the couch with me to nurse him and catch up on some blog reading.

5:55 AM – Miles and I go wake up Kenna and get her ready for the day.

6:05 AM – Run around getting breakfast ready for me and Kenna.

6:31 AM – Kisses all around and I’m out the door for work.  Breakfast and COFFEE are consumed in the car.


7:08 AM – Arrive at work and get a few housekeeping things done and prepare for the day.

7:35 AM – The bell rings and I have 60 eighth graders I have to make sure don’t kill each other.  Two 8th grade classes, followed by a 7th grade health class for my morning.  I spend a lot of time talking and going over expectations.

10:30 AM – My plan period begins and I have plenty of copies and powerpoints to make for the rest of the week.

11:30 AM – I sit down for lunch and pump while getting a few more things done.  I have a salad and some Greek yogurt with almonds.


11:56 AM – I clean up my desk from lunch and the bell rings for my afternoon classes to begin.

12:51 PM – It’s pouring down rain and I need to head across the parking lot back to the gym.  I end up getting completely soaked in the process and spend the rest of the afternoon in wet shoes and socks.  Ugh.

2:41 PM – Woohoo!  I survived Day #4!  Only 178 to go.  (Yes, I am counting!)  I snack while talking to a few of the volleyball girls trying out for the middle school team.


2:55 PM – I pump and catch up on emails.

3:15 PM – Head up to the weight room to lift weights.  I’m sore from my lift yesterday, but it feels SO good to lift again!

3:34 PM – I check the radar and decide to play it safe and get my run done on the treadmill.  15 x 20 second leg speed sprints with 1 minute recoveries.  It ended up being a really great run!


4:10 PM – Hop in the car and drive home.

4:40 PM – Pick up the kiddos at the babysitters and head home.

5:oo PM – HOME FINALLY!  Kenna goes to play, I set Miles on the floor, and chat with Matt while putting my stuff away.


5:30 PM – Matt has to go to school for open house.  I call and order take out from the Chinese place up the street since some of the sales go to MacKenna’s school.

5:50 PM – Load the kids in the car and go pick up our food.

6:05 PM – Back home.  Get dinner ready for both kids before sitting down to my tofu, veggies, rices, and crab rangoon.


6:30 PM – Miles is ready to be done, so I get his bath ready while Kenna is finishing up dinner.

6:45 PM – Dry and lotion Miles up while Kenna takes a bath.

7:00 PM – Kenna is still playing, so I feed Miles on our bed to keep an eye on her.

7:10 PM – Get done feeding Miles on one side, get Kenna out of the tub, dried, and PJ-ed, and sit on the couch to finish feeding Miles while Kenna plays on the iPad.

7:30 PM – Miles is sound asleep, so I put him down before doing the bedtime routine with Kenna-girl.

7:57 PM – Kenna is tucked in for the night.  I start making lunches for tomorrow and picking up around the house.  Kenna gets out of bed twice, but is asleep by 8:15 PM.

8:30 PM – Sit down and beginning folding laundry.

8:45 PM – Grab some chocolate covered raisins and sit down with the computer while watching Extreme Weight Loss.  (I’m slightly obsessed with Heidi and Chris Powell…)

9:30 PM – Finish up this post and schedule it for the morning.  Then get up to start getting ready for bed.

9:50 PM – In bed finally.  I read for about 10 minutes (“The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up” – I’m liking it a lot!) before laying down and falling asleep to the TV.  Here’s hoping tonight is much less eventful…

  • Sarah

    my 10 month old has been waking up all night too. She still doesn’t have her first tooth. it must be a rough one. i feel your pain (tiredness)

  • That is some day, missy! Way to rock it out!

  • Jessie Gipe

    You are quite the super mom, Kristen! Just to update your countdown.. you now only have 177 days to go 🙂

  • Kelly B

    Usually when my infant gets down from her second wake up of the night, my toddler is up and ready for the day, so tired zzzz. Although, I do miss teaching 8th graders, my first group is now in college 🙁

  • julia

    oh man, sounds rough, but also lovely at the same time. good for you, mama and teacher!! 🙂 🙂