day in the life: 2nd to last day of school!

(Not that I’m excited or anything…)

Yesterday was definitely not your typical Tuesday in the teaching world.  I mean, not that it’s been typical for the last few weeks, with state testing and new schedules and kids (and teachers) just ready to be DONE.  But, this was definitely NOT your average Tuesday…

Now that track is over, I was able to sleep in an extra hour – oooh, 4:45 – before hopping in the shower and getting ready.  I was thrilled to not only not have to wash my hair, but that I also got to wear a hat to school too since it was our Extravaganza – this field day but more of a carnival with inflatables and carnival games and prizes.  It made getting ready in the morning just that much easier.

Once I was done getting ready, it was time to get the kids up.  Thankfully, Tuesdays are a good morning for MacKenna since I don’t have to fight with her over why she can’t wear a dress to school since she goes to the babysitter on Tuesday.  She quickly got up and dressed and went to lay on the couch, while I got up my happy little boy and got him ready for the day.  The kids watched Minions on Netflix while I got my breakfast and bag ready to go.  Quick kisses for all 3 of my loves and I was out the door by 6:37 – that’s actually been a pretty good time for me lately, although I aim for 6:30 most days.

The drive to school was thankfully uneventful, despite the rain, and I showed up just in time to help start getting the gym ready for the inflatables and 700-ish kids coming through throughout the day.  I thankfully prepared myself with 2 coffees this morning (despite it being a low carb day for me) just to make it through the morning.

By 7:50 AM, we were ready to roll and our first group of kiddos – 6th graders – started trickling in to the gym.  I was amazed at how well the 6th graders were on the inflatables since they are definitely not our best group of kiddos.  But, they seemed to have a great time and I got to race a few kids through the obstacles.  I didn’t fare very well, going 1 for 3 against my 6th grade girls…

We had groups in 2 hour increments, so by 10 AM, 6th grade was out and 7th graders were coming down.  They were a tad more rowdy and I got to give the kids the “go” signal for one of the obstacle courses.  I raced one of my track girls in the other obstacle course and lost… again.  Apparently, inflatable obstacle courses are not my thing.

We had one short break during the day for 12 to 12:30 for lunch.  As a team (our Encore team of electives + P.E.), we decided to order lunch at the local diner.  I got a chef’s salad minus the meat with ranch dressing, which was absolutely perfect for me.  The ranch might not have been the best lowest carb option, but I ran out of my school dressing last week, so it was probably my best option.

Our short lunch flew by and then it was time for 8th grade.  I was surprised again at how well behaved they were and spent a lot of my time chatting with a bunch of my students.  As much as 8th grade is not my favorite grade to teach (far from it actually), I do enjoy being able to teach them for 3 years and really get to know them.  By 8th grade, they really are fun to chat and be sarcastic with.  I will definitely miss some of them when they go to the high school next year.  I even got the sweetest note from one of my 8th grade girls, thanking me for coaching her in track this year.  Love getting sweet things like that.  It’s almost better than getting chocolate or Starbucks gift cards…

By 2:30, everyone was out and we spent the next 20 minutes cleaning popcorn up off the floor before the teachers headed in to take their turn playing games.  I went through the obstacle courses several times before heading out for a quick mile run and a little bit of some body weight exercises.

By 4:15, I was back in the car to go pick up the kiddos at the babysitter.  I’ve been listening to the Undisclosed podcast on my way home and am totally hooked.  Sometimes I think I should’ve been a lawyer, but then I remember how much I hate talking in front of people (hence the writing) and realize that would be a terrible idea.  Ha.  I pick up the kids by 4:45 and we get home around 5 to play and wait for Daddy to get home.  He’s running way behind, thanks to his track BBQ, so I end up bathing and getting the kids fed before he gets home at 6:30.  He quickly makes us some fish tacos for dinner and we sit and eat as a family before more playing and snuggling before bed time.

The kids are in bed just after 8.  Matt begins making lunches for the kids and I start some laundry and head to the couch to fold yesterday’s laundry while watching Fixer Upper on HGTV.  Kenna is out of bed multiple times, but I finally threaten her enough to get her to stay in bed so I can actually relax a little bit and start this blog post.

By 9:30, I’m done writing and cuddle up on the couch for a little bit before calling it a night and getting ready for bed.  I’ve got an early morning tomorrow, thanks to CPR training ALL afternoon.  But, IT’S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!  Summer break, here I come!

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  • ValleyForSanity

    Wait – not a mom, here – why can’t McKenna wear dresses to school?

    • Kristen

      Ha! Well, it’s mostly our rule but they aren’t supposed to wear anything that shows their underwear, so we just tell her she can’t wear them to school. It’s a parochial school and the kids in kindergarten on up wear uniforms, so we try to enforce as much of the same rules as they have.