cookie dough cravings

Like I mentioned yesterday, I have TOTALLY been craving cookie dough lately.  Not only did I have probably my favorite dessert of all time this weekend in Chicago…


…but I have chosen to get cookie dough the last few times I have gone out to get myself some ice cream/frozen custard.  First, there was my solo stop at Dairy Queen while Matt was on his way to Colorado.


Then, my mom convinced me to stop by Fritz’s on our way home from registering at Cotton Babies last week.  I wasn’t even hungry at the time, but a cookie dough concrete sounded like it would hit the spot.


Oh, did it ever…

After my amazing experience at Cookie Dough Creations this past weekend, I knew cookie dough needed to be a staple in my refrigerator.  I know store bought cookie dough is pasteurized and all, but I just don’t trust it.  Plus, it’s not “real food” and it’s so much better to make it at home.

After a quick Google search, I found the Cupcake Project’s recipe for raw cookie dough.  All you need to do is take your favorite cookie recipe, omit the eggs + baking soda, melt the butter, throw everything into a bowl (no need to bust out the stand mixer for this one), add a few tablespoons of milk to get the right consistency, and VOILA!  Delicious raw cookie dough that’s safe to eat!


The first batch (yes, I made 2 batches), I used my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe (Nestle Toll House – does anyone else quote Friends with that?) and quartered the recipe, which was not easy and had a little too much sugar in it (how is that even possible?).  So, the second go-round, I used the cacao nib cookie recipe (with chocolate chips instead of cacao nibs) and it turned out much, much better!


And of course, I had to up the ante by putting it with some rich + creamy frozen custard!


Even though I’m pretty sure I don’t ever need to leave the house again while I’m armed with raw cookie dough + frozen custard, I will for the sake of the blog!  But, until you can get your hands on some Fritz’s or Andy’s (or any other delicious ice cream you can get your hands on), you should make raw cookie dough to hold you over…


  • You know, the town where I am from has an AMAZING custard stand. It’s a hometown favorite. They have a couple branches around the area and one in the Outer Banks. I wish I could treat you to some sometime!

    • Kristen

      You know, I’ve never been up northeast before. The farthest north I’ve been is Wisconsin, and the farthest east I’ve been is Myrtle Beach. It’s kinda sad, really! Someday, I will make it up to Pittsburgh and you can treat me to all the frozen custard you want! ;o)