I am so excited that you have invested in yourself + your running with Run Coaching by The Concrete Runner! I cannot wait to help you reach your goals this year! Below are the expectation and deliverables you can expect to receive from me each month you are in the program. Feel free to email me any questions you have about this expectations document!

Coaching is a partnership between the athlete and the coach. It’s extremely important that you read this section and are completely comfortable with the expectations that come with coaching. We want you to be successful and it’s important that both the athlete and the coach are committed to this partnership to reach that goal.

Expectations of the Athlete

  • Reasonable commitment to completing scheduled workouts. Be honest with yourself about what you can handle + when changes are needed.
  • Log workouts within 24 hours in Final Surge, including:
    • Uploading of all available data (HR, Distance, etc.)
    • Comments about workout (how did you feel, nutrition, etc.)
    • Note:  If you own a Garmin, be sure to sync it with Final Surge so all this information is uploaded automatically for you.
  • Ask questions when you have them!
    • Utilize the facebook group, facebook messenger, and my email!
    • Follow me on Instagram @concrete_runner for daily running content/tips
  • Have fun, stay focused, and BE POSITIVE!

VIP Run Coaching Only:

  • Notify coach of schedule changes and travel plans that impact training availability within one week of change.
  • Schedule and cancel consultations at least 24 hours in advance. Canceling consultations less than 24 hours before the meeting will count as a consultation. Consultations also do not roll over to following months. Once the month is over, any unscheduled consults are lost.
  • Please take note as to whether you set up recurring payments via PayPal. If so, you can cancel this recurring payment at any time by logging into your PayPal account or notifying me via email ( at least 2-days prior to the date funds are scheduled to be released.
    • If your funds are released and you still wish to cancel services, please notify me within 24 hours, and you will receive a 75% refund.

Expectations of the Coach

  • Detailed training plan based on your goals + schedule
  • Analyze training data and results each week to develop + adjust the training plan for the runner
  • Feedback to runner on progress each week via weekly check-in email
  • Phone or video consultation between coach + runner (phone, video, or email) each month for VIP runners only
  • Available to answer questions via email or in our private Facebook group.
    • I will get back to your within 24-hours on Facebook or email