Have a goal race in mind and need some guidance on achieving your race goals?  Let me create the perfect training program based on your race distance, goal time, running history, and training block.  This training program is completely customized to YOU and will be tailored to fit your weekly running schedule.  Custom training programs will also include short, effective strength training workouts you can do anywhere, with or without equipment.  If you are self-motivated but are in need of some structure + variety in your training, this is the best option for YOU.

Your Custom Training Plan includes:

A custom training plan based on your goals

Personalized training paces

Goal planning

Final Surge account

Dynamic Warm-ups

Strength training workouts (at a gym or at home)

Stretching routine

Racing + fueling strategies

Private community of likeminded runners

Daily training and encouragement

Increased confidence in your running

A stronger + FASTER you


A happier + healthier YOU

Custom training plans start at $9 per week