As YOUR running coach, I will teach you exactly what you need in order to hit your training and racing goals!  Whether you are looking to qualify for Boston, run your next PR, or even just run your FIRST race, I will provide you with a structured training program that will help you stay consistent and working hard toward your goals without having to sacrifice time away from your family!

This past year I have been working to provide the BEST running, strength training, and nutrition program to provide YOU with in order to help you become a FAST, lean, strong, and HEALTHY runner!

Ready to get started?!  

Looking to get back into running after some time off?  Want a quick + effective way to get FASTER before you kick off your training season?  Then, the Elite Running Academy is PERFECT for you!

Do you have a goal race in mind + are ready to PR, but are disciplined + self-motivated?  Let me create the PERFECT training plan for you that will get you FASTER and confident in your running!

Have you been struggling with motivation after your most recent race?  Do you continue making excuses to skip your workouts?  Frustrated that you aren’t seeing any progress?  I will be there for you every step of the way as your personal cheerleader + coach!

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