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Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  Also, unfortunately, this includes frozen custard.  Well, not for good, but just for the season.

With the range of hot + humid in the summer to bitterly cold in the winter, St. Louis doesn’t exactly provide the best climate for frozen custard stands to stay open year round.  Of course, there are those few stands that do stay open year round because they serve indoors, but the classics (Ted Drewes, Fritz’s, etc.) must come to a close come December.  Luckily, February is the typical opening date, so we don’t have to wait very long!

We decided to go on the very last day Fritz’s was open because (1) I’ve had a very busy weekend with my church Christmas program, (2) they were closed yesterday for their staff appreciation day, and (3) I wanted to get it the last chance I could so I don’t have to wait very long until February.


It was almost the trip that didn’t happen given the weather conditions:  bitterly cold (high 22* and low 6*) with gusty winds and SNOW!  But, with the store being less than a mile from our house and the fact they have a drive-thru, we braved the cold to get in my car and get some delicious frozen custard.


I’ve been eyeing their newest concrete for a few weeks now – vanilla custard mixed with pumpkin pie filling + cinnamon granola.  Seriously, my 3 favorite things all rolled into one delicious concrete.  However, I was a little disappointed that the granola flavor didn’t come out more.  The pumpkin flavor was of course amazing, but that’s all I could taste with the crunch of granola.  Don’t get me wrong through, it was still yummy!


The Hubs decided on the Caramel Apple sundae, which pretty much explains itself.


It might be cold outside, but it’s warm enough in here to eat some frozen custard!



And don’t worry, there are still a few stands that will be open through the winter, so we will definitely be hitting those up… along with hopefully a few homemade concoctions I have in mind.

But, it is a sad day to know that I have to wait until February to get my delicious Fritz’s concretes again…