While I had absolutely no intention of this being an every other month thing, I just did not get around to posting one for February.  Too much other content, too little time!  To make it up to you – my favorite Badass Running Buddies – I will most likely feature 2 other badass runner this month, and then continue with the once a month streak.

The power of community is so amazing!  I have been following CJ for awhile now on Instagram and he is also now a part of my Facebook running community.  He’s been a great source for running info to our group and he is constantly sharing is runs and motivating others to get out the door!

Name:  CJ Beatty

Age:  32

Hometown:  Sandusky, Ohio

Occupation:  Dairy Manager (Kroger)

Social Media Links (optional):  Instagram:  cfluffyrun

Number of years running: 5(as a youth), +3(as an adult)

Favorite Distance to Run:  Favorite race: half marathon. Favorite training run: 8 miles in the local abandoned quarry, turned metropark

Favorite or Most Memorable Race:  Most memorable run: my first 5k race after taking a 12 year hiatus from running

Best Running Accomplishment:  High school 5k PR: 17:53. Half marathon PR: 1:37:14

Advice to someone who is just starting to run:  Push yourself, but listen to your body. Set your sights high and reach them by sheer force of will.

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