After filling out the Project Inquiry form, I will email you within 1-2 business days to schedule a consultation.  During this consult, we will discuss your ideas and the next steps in the design process.  We will begin working together to make your design project come to life!


After our initial consultation, I will be sending you a contract with terms + agreements, as well as an invoice for your project.  Once your payment is processed, your project timeframe will begin.  I will send you emails throughout the process with details + edits of your project as I continue to work on it until we have your project PERFECT.  Email is the preferred line of communication as we work through your project.  I will respond to your email within 1-2 business days.

NOTE:  Payment plans are available upon request.  However, your project will not be finalized until all payments are made in full.


During the initial consultation, we will begin working on the details of your project and how to bring your design to life to attract your ideal client the best way possible.  In addition, you will also need to begin or share a Pinterest board or Google folder with inspiration for your brand or design.  Please include colors, style, fonts, patterns, layouts, etc. that speak to your ideal client and you absolutely LOVE.  This will allow me to get a good idea of what you are looking for in order to shorten the process and finalize your project quicker.


After reviewing our notes from the initial consultation and your Pinterest board or Google folder, I will begin creating your project.  For branding + logo designs, I will be creating a brand board with all your colors, fonts, logos, and inspiration so you will have your brand all in one place.  Once I have the first draft created, I will share this with you via email for you to review.  From this point, we will begin making edits.  This is typically the longest part of the project, but we will work together in order to make your project PERFECT.  This may mean a few easy adjustments, or going in a completely different direction.  My goal is to try to make a design that is PERFECT for you + your ideal client.


Once your project is completed and you have finalized the design, you will be sent receive a shared Google folder with your brand board, logo, and/or documents.  For logos, you will receive both a JPG + PNG image for you to use for each of your logos + submark. At this time you will also make your final payment (if applicable). This will be the time to ask questions about your project.  Once your project is finalized, you will have 24-hours to make any changes.


Projects must be paid in full before you will receive your finalized design.  Payment plans are available upon request.  However, 25% of your quoted price is due in order to begin working on your project.


The Concrete Runner logo will be placed at the bottom of any digital product design and should remain there as long as you use the product design by The Concrete Runner.


You will receive an invoice via email when your payment is due.  You will have 5 days past the invoice due date to fulfill your payment.  If the payment is not received before or on 5 days after the invoice due date, you will incur a $25 late fee.  An additional late fee of $10 per day will incur for payment delinquency each day following the 5-day grace period.  No services will be rendered until payment and late fees are paid in full.  You have the right to suspend services at any time; however, your deposit and any cost associated with the project is nonrefundable.