breaking up with treadmill boredom

Like I said the other day, the weather has not been very “spring break”-like for me so far.  It’s almost 50 degrees today, which is better than in the 30s it has been earlier this week.

I had my workouts all planned out for the week:  lift weights Monday-Wednesday-Friday mornings, come home, go for a run in BEAUTIFUL weather; and run as soon as I get up on Tuesday + Thursday.  But, with less-than-stellar weather, I have been forced to the treadmill.

[Note:  I have this unwritten rule for myself that if it is 35 degrees or below – or the windchill is below freezing – I WILL NOT run outside.  I was fine running outside at the beginning of the year, but now that I have actually gotten to run in shorts, I refuse to break out the spandex again.  Thus I go to the treadmill… ]

So, I’ve had to get a little more creative this week with my workouts.  Instead of running just 3 boring miles straight on the treadmill, I decided to break up my run a little bit to make it more interesting.  Instead, I’ll run a mile on the treadmill and then go do a superset (2 exercises alternating sets between each exercise) and get back on the treadmill for another mile.  I repeat this until I’ve gotten the distance I want covered (which has been 3 miles).

Here’s what today’s workout looked like.  I decided to do more of a tempo for each mile on the treadmill just to make it even less boring (I hate being bored).

  • Run 1 mile on the treadmill
  • Superset – 3 sets each
    • Overhead Squat 12x
    • Bench Press 12x
  • Run 1 mile on the treadmill
  • Superset – 3 sets each
    • Inverted Row to burnout
    • Sumo Squat 12x
  • Run 1 mile on the treadmill
  • Superset – 3 sets each
    • Alternating Military Press 20x
    • Triceps Kickbacks 15x each arm
    • Alternating Curls 30x
  • Cooldown = Core
    • SB Situps/Crunches 50x ea

Breaking it down into 1 mile at a time and actually getting off the treadmill really helped the workout fly by.  And I definitely sweated more than I normally would, so that’s also an added bonus! 

I plan on doing the same thing of Friday if the weather is still less than par for my liking.  Otherwise, I will hit the pavement.  Where are you spring?

  • I’m with you! Now that it has been warmer out I feel the same way. When the chill came back – indoor running it was! I don’t care for the sudden chill. And isn’t it fun to switch up the weights and cardio all together?
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    • Kristen

      It made running on the treadmill so much better! But, really, the warm weather needs to come back!