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First of all, thank you for all the congrats!  We are definitely excited and I can’t wait to share more about my pregnancy for the next 6 months.  Although I do not plan on this becoming a pregnancy or mom blog, I do plan on talking about some aspects of my pregnancy, especially things that fit in with my food + fitness theme.  It is a pretty huge part of my life right now, so it’s not something I can just set aside.  And believe me, it was hard enough trying to hide it on here for 2 months!  So, hopefully ya’ll don’t mind…

(This is for you Pam, since I know you were missing the ice cream yesterday…)

Anyway, before the big pregnancy announcement, Matt + I decided to spend the only free weekend we have before the end of the school year away in one of our favorite places:  Branson!

It’s really not my favorite place in the world, but I love travelling, and any time I get to spend away with my honey makes me happy – especially when it’s at his “happy place”.

I have done some research in the past on different frozen custard stands in St. Louis and throughout Missouri to keep up with some “new” content on the blog.  We don’t have a chance to get out a lot during the school year due mostly to Matt’s coaching schedule, but we are hoping to hit up as many new places this summer when we do have the time – local + non-local (regions of Missouri and beyond).

One of the places I learned about this past fall was Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers in Branson (and other places throughout the US).  Of course, you know I can’t pass up a new frozen custard place, especially somewhere that I actually visit frequently.  So, we used this trip as a way to check it out.



One of the many things I have been craving so far in pregnancy is anything containing vinegar.  Specifically pickles, ketchup, and mustard.  Needless to say, veggie burgers and fries have been on my mind a lot the past 2 months.  I mean, really, the burger is only a transportation method for the pickles, ketchup, and mustard – am I wrong?  So, when I saw a veggie burger on Freddy’s menu, I knew we were going for dinner.


Oh, did this satisfy my craving!  With their special sauce added made it even better.  And of course, French fries (shared with Matt) on the side, dipped in a generous amount of ketchup.

Matt went for the Chicago-style hot dog.  Matt has 2 little quirks when it comes to food:  if it involves root beer or hot dogs, he has to try it.  But, I can’t judge too much as I am the same way with frozen custard/ice cream!


He loved the way the bun was buttered and toasted, and that the pickles were in sandwich slices instead of in spear-form.  He claimed delicious!

But, the star of the show came with the frozen custard. 


I decided to go with one of their specialties – the PBC+B (peanut butter cup and banana) concrete.  You can’t go wrong when it comes to anything involving PB cups!


Matt went for a sundae (he’s so boring) with caramel and toasted coconut.  Their caramel almost had a butterscotch taste to it.  ‘Twas good.


Although their custard isn’t quite as creamy as Andy’s or Fritz’s, it was still very good, and we will most definitely be back!

But, of course we couldn’t go to Branson without a trip to my absolute favorite Andy’s!  Instead of going to the one in Branson, we decided to hit up Andy’s on our way home in Springfield, MO.  We tried to go to this Andy’s back in December, but it actually was destroyed by fire.  We were lucky enough this time that it had just had it’s re-opening a few days before!





Several new delicious seasonal flavors on the menu.  I thought about getting their fire-inspired concrete, The Five-Alarm Jackhammer, but decided against the spicy/ice cream combination (just too scary) and went instead for the White Diamond in concrete form.



I now wish I would’ve taken a picture of the chunks of cake in it since you really can’t see anything but custard in the photo.  I promise, there is delicious cake mixed in that rich + creamy custard.

White cake with white chocolate piece mixed in vanilla custard.  Seriously, the best thing to happen to ice cream is cake!  Cake batter, cake pieces… it doesn’t matter.  Cake belongs IN ice cream, not next to it!

Matt went for the Root Beer Float, featuring his #1 favorite root beer, Sprecher’s.  His was also delicious, and I am actually considering getting a cream soda float next time since Sprecher’s Cream Soda is the absolute best cream soda in the world (not kidding).


A very relaxing, much needed weekend together – only a few more left until baby bug comes along!  But, more on what else we did this weekend tomorrow… this post is long enough already!

  • ahhh, now i have a custard craving!!!

  • congrats on your pregnancy, how exciting.

    less important but certainly notable – that burger looks ridiculously good! 🙂
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  • Hi Kristen,

    We have been following your blog since last year and love what you have to say. Congrats on baby bug and look forward to seeing you again soon at Andy’s.


    • Kristen

      Wow – I think I’m blushing a bit that you commented on my blog! Andy’s is our absolute favorite – I just wish you would open one in St. Louis! Maybe one day I will be able to afford a franchise! Ha! So happy you like my blog!