my body after bump plan

With a little over 2 weeks left until our baby is expected to arrive, I figured it was time to start thinking about how I plan to get my body back post-baby.  Wait, that’s a lie.  I’ve been thinking about this for months.  While I absolutely love my pregnant body, I’m ready for the challenge to get back the athletic body I worked so hard to achieve before.

I’ve never been pregnant before and I’ve really never lost a significant amount of weight before in my life, so I don’t want to give myself specific goals quite yet.  I just don’t know what to expect with a new baby in the house and how I will feel after I give birth.  So, for right now, I will only be sharing my general range of goals and how I plan on starting to get my body back.  Eventually, I will get to more specific details, but for right now, I just want to have a general idea of how I want to begin this journey.

Begin light workouts when my body feels ready.  I still need to discuss this with my doctor, but I am hoping I can at least start some light exercise before my 6-week checkup.  Since I have been active throughout my pregnancy, I don’t see this being a huge issue (unless I have a C-section).  And by light workouts, I’m talking walks with the stroller, some body weight exercises at home, yoga, and maybe a few short runs like I have been doing towards the end of my pregnancy.  Nothing too hard since I know my body will  be taking quite a beating with childbirth.  I really just want to listen to my body and start when it feels ready.


After my 6-week checkup, begin a formal exercise program.  I definitely want to get back into some serious running, but I don’t want to do too much too soon.  So, I am planning on taking the rest of 2011 off from training for any sort of race.  What’s a few more months, right?  And since I still have no idea what to expect with having a child, I’m not sure I would even have time to start any type of training right away.  Basically, I just want to start slowly increasing the distances on my runs without worrying about my time or speed and get back to running 5 to 6 days a week.


As far as strength training goes, I will probably start lifting heavier weights than I have been, but I don’t really have a plan for that yet.  I want to eventually get back into doing circuits + plyometrics to help build my legs back up for running, but I will wait until I feel completely ready to handle that sort of impact.

Focus on being active + eating healthy – not just on losing the weight.  One of my biggest accomplishments during my pregnancy was my ability to stop calorie counting.  I used to record everything I put in my mouth, along with my weight for the day and exercise.  After a few months of continuing to do that during my pregnancy, I realized I really didn’t need to any more because the majority of what I put in my mouth was healthy anyway and I was gaining weight pretty steadily (about a pound per week).  I want to continue doing this as I lose the baby weight.  I’m not saying I won’t weigh myself, because I will probably still do that (as I still do now), but I want to focus more on eating a healthy diet (which I have let slip a little during pregnancy) that can keep me fueled for running.  If I feel that I am getting off track as far as my nutrition goes, I might count my calories for a few days just to make sure I am eating enough for my activity level (and for breastfeeding), but I don’t want to get caught in that mentality again.


Record my progress with pictures + measurements.  I am not giving myself a goal weight or measurement because I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to what I was before.  I just want to get to a place where I am happy with the way I look (although I don’t know if anything will beat the way I love my pregnant body).  I plan on taking pictures for myself but haven’t decided yet on if I will post them.  I will share the differences in my measurements (girth + weight) but not include the actual numbers since I know it can negatively impact some people.  I am hoping these numbers will continue to motivate me to continue my active + healthy lifestyle.


Like I said, those are just my broad goals that I want to strive for – getting back into running + lifting, eating a healthy diet, and recording my progress.  I will be doing a monthly update begin with a few days post-baby and then every month after.  I will also be outlining more specific goals and a more specific plan on how I plan to achieve my goals.

I’m so excited to start another new journey, especially one I am so passionate about.  The next few months are going to be an exciting, wild ride!

  • Wish you the best. I waited longer than I thought I would this time to work out. Still had more relaxin and my pubic bones kept popping when I would get out of bed. Better now at 3 months post. Join me for twitter chat on post pregnancy running #womensrunning soon!
    Andrea recently posted..BLOG POST: What’s your running story?

    • Kristen

      Yeah, my pubic bones are taking a beating right now – if I sit too long it’s difficult to walk, but I haven’t had any problem running. I’m just sort of playing it by ear because I really have no idea when I’ll feel ready. And I would love to join the post-pregnancy twitter chat!

  • LOVE your goals Kristen!! I’m right there with ya sister! Little steps is what I say. I’m hope, hope, HOPING that I bounce back quickly and can at least get out there for some short walks with the little man soon after birth. I miss it so.

    You LOOK so GREAT in your bump pic!!!!!
    Jennifer Z (JenZenator) recently posted..Hating the taper

  • Jen

    I love your goals and almost have an identical plan! But I have NO idea how I’ll wait 6 weeks to run. I’m hoping we both have normal vaginal deliveries and our doctors allow us to run sooner. My ob/gyn cousin lets women who were active during pregnancy and had non-complicated vaginal births return to exercise after 2 weeks. Fingers crossed!
    Jen recently posted..Running safety: take 2 (+ a giveaway)

    • Kristen

      For some reason, it doesn’t surprise me that we have similar goals! I will be talking to my OB this week about returning to exercise, but I seriously doubt it will be a problem, unless I need a C-section.

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