body after bump: month 9

Two weeks late is better than not at all, right?!

I had a goal date in mind to reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  July 7 – our 5 year anniversary and right smack dab in the middle of our California trip.  It would be just before 9 months postpartum, so I figured it was plenty of time to reach my pre-pregnancy + goal weight.

And guess what?  It was more than enough time!  I actually reached my goal weight at about 7 months postpartum – 2 months early than my goal!  And I’ve happily been able to stay at my goal weight, even with being on vacation for almost a month straight.  Now, that, my friends, is pretty impressive.


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While I did reach my goal weight, there is still some work to do.  Yes, the weight is gone, but I lost a lot of muscle in the process.  My tummy still needs some tightening and the rest of my body just needs to tone up all over.  My new goal is just to get strong.  To get back where I used to be before pregnancy when I could easily outlift people twice my size.  OK, maybe not easily, but pound for pound, I could lift a lot!  I miss those days!

My other goal of course is running related.  I want to run a 5K under 20 minutes again.  I’ve done it once, I know I can do it again.  I’m smarter now and have more life experience behind me.  I know that I can push my body that hard again and I’m determined to do it.  I just don’t know if it’s going to happen right now.  (Anyone else think of HIMYM:  “I don’t want to be with you… right now…)

What’s standing in my way?  Time.  Once I go back to work next week, having time to workout is going to be tough.  My new school is a 30 minute drive.  On top of that, I will be coaching JV volleyball at the high school this fall, which will eat up a bunch of my time with practices, games, and tournaments.  Plus, that little rug rat (army) crawling around at home and my sweet hubby who I would like to spend the rest of my time with are pretty important too.  I have a feeling my only time to workout will be at 4 AM – seriously.  Which means a lot of time on the treadmill during my favorite running season.  Boo.  But, it’s still a priority, so I’m attempting to keep it that way.  Even if that means waking up at 4 AM to spend an hour at the gym.

So, my real goal is just to get a workout in for the next few weeks.  I’m definitely keeping up with bootcamp, but if I can train for a sub-20 minute 5K, then so be it.  I’ll get there again, I promise!

How do you find time to workout?  Are you a morning exerciser or afternoon/evening exerciser?

  • You look SO great!!!! I was like you where the weight came off in reasonable time, but I still had to work hard to change how things looked and felt definition/strength wise. Great goal to have.

    PS – Every time I see one of your Daily Mile updates you inspire me and get me antsy to run. You’re on FIRE!
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Nutrition Talk: Not Just Based on Taste

    • Kristen

      Thanks Tina! I’m doing my best – your workouts are helping for sure!

  • Does your beau have bump and post bump pics as well? Oh and I want to see his chart. 🙂

  • Marie-Sophie

    Wow, 4am! I don’t have kids yet but I work from 8am to at least 8pm every day (not including my commute) and I started a new job 5 months ago so I am still in my probationary period (in Germany you are in a probationary period for the first 6 months where your contract can be terminated without a reason) … so I am majorly stressed on top of all my workload! That’s why I am not pushing it at the moment and try to be gentle to my body.

    I am NOT a morning workout person, so I squeeze in some yoga or the 30day shred dvd during the week (if I am really lucky, I can make it to an 8pm body pump class) and enjoy longer workout periods on the weekend.

    I used to be REALLY tough on myself but I’ve realized that while I need sports to keep me physically and mentally sane (!), it simply cannot be a priority right now. And until it can be, I will cheer other people on who can!! 🙂

    So be prepared to get lots of cheers from me! 🙂

    • Kristen

      Yes, there are definitely certain priorities and work will always come before activity. But, I do need the physical activity to keep my sanity!

      • Marie-Sophie

        I think it’s great that you know this and want to do this!! I made the mistake on completely putting it aside at the start even though I knew it keeps me sane … so now I just make sure to get in some workouts but I don’t fully schedule them. A little bit like you wrote in your newest post … it’s ok to miss a workout or modify it. I don’t have a(n unpredictable) baby yet but I do have an unpredictable work schedule, so I also had to admit that it was ok to be flexible! It doesn’t mean that we’re not keen or fit or committed enough !!

        wishing you ALL the best for a great job start,!!

  • Katie @ Legally Fit

    You look great! I’m working on firming up too-getting there! If it isn’t too blazing hot out I will run in the morning with Audrey. My husband and I lift at night. Sometimes it makes it hard to fall asleep but that is where it fits in!

    My old commute was an hour long- I started taking out books on cd from the library and I came to love my commute. Good luck with the new job!

    • Kristen

      Thanks! I actually enjoy the longer commute – it gives me some time to think and relax, drink my smoothie (maybe a coffee too). I could lift after she goes to bed, but that would mean time away from the hubby, and I’m not willing to sacrifice that either!

  • I just found out I’m pregnant with our third baby and going into this pregnancy right off of finishing Insanity. I feel very strong and in the best shape of my life- now to try to keep up with fitness during the next eight months. Your blog motivates me!
    Jamie recently posted..Zzz…

    • Kristen

      How cool! I guess Insanity would be kind of hard to do while pregnant, huh? 😉 Just do what you can to stay active – it’ll definitely help you get back into shape after baby! Congrats + good luck!

  • You look great! And I swear — you WILL get back to normal. The first year is hard. The challenges don’t stop, but I feel like the overall time management gets easier. That said – I do have to get up at 5am or workout after my kids go to bed most of the time. They do LOVE going to the Y (they have lots of friends there and offer tons of activities), so that helps. They are also super adorable when it comes to working out – they want to participate too! It makes me happy to know I am passing down my knowledge and love for health and fitness. This is the most rambling comment to say – keep with it – it ALL pays off!
    Michelle recently posted..Weekly Menu and Workouts

    • Kristen

      Thanks! Time management is definitely hard and I know having a new job in which I will have to bring work home isn’t going to help. But, I’m sure I’ll find a way to do it!

  • Erika

    Before having a baby I worked out in the morning and after work. Once I had the baby (last August!) I started working out just after work. Then my nights started to feel rushed and I was trying to cram everything into a few short hours and feeling like I wasn’t spending the time I wanted to with my baby or husband. Enter the 4am workout! It took me about two weeks getting use to being up that early and having the energy to do an adequate workout without feeling tired all day. The best part is knowing once I get home all my time is spent with my family and watching my baby play and learn.

    • Kristen

      I’m glad I won’t be the only one waking up at 4 AM to get a workout in! There’s just no other way for me to fit it in and I still need it for my sanity! Plus, I want all the time I can get with my baby!

  • You look great girl!!
    I’m a huge advocate for morning workouts–that way it’s “out of the way”, you have energy to make it good (I’m always surprised at the energy I have early in the morning), and that means that your evening can be spent with your family or catching up on whatever things you need/want to!
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted..WIAW #32: Summer {Food} Staples

  • You look fantastic! The first year being a mom is so tough and it is awesome to see other moms who have made their own health and strength (and sanity) a priority even though they are so busy. Good luck with your new job and remember that sometimes less is more. Maybe you can’t workout as often, but you can get in tougher, more effective workouts less often! Who knows…maybe you’ll even like the results more!
    Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength recently posted..Confession Time: Changes!

    • Kristen

      Thanks Amanda! Good point on getting in better workouts! I’m doing Tina’s bootcamp, so I’m hoping I can keep up with that for the next 6 weeks and then do some shorter, more intense workouts!

  • Girl, I’m so proud of you. You look absolutely amazing! Hubby has got himself a hot mamaaa! 🙂 haha.

    I always work out in the morning. Theres nothing better than starting the day off feeling productive!
    Jessie recently posted..WIAW #2

    • Kristen

      Haha, thanks! I totally agree – there’s nothing better than a morning workout to get your day started off right!

  • I feel your pain! I teach all day @ an elementary school, then teach a couple of piano lessons and take grad classes part time. I’m probably crazy for trying to run my first marathon in December, but being busy actually keeps me sane and focused.

    You look AMAZING in ALL of those photos. What an inspiration that you met your goal!
    Anne recently posted..Art Projects.

    • Kristen

      Thank you! I enjoy being busy too, until it becomes overwhelming and I end up it tears! 😉