body after bump: 1 week

Guess who’s a week old?!

MacKenna Week 1

OK, well, she turned a week old on Tuesday but you understand.  MacKenna had her 1 week checkup on Monday.  She now weighs 5 pounds 3.2 ounces, which is down from her birth weight but up from when we left the hospital!  And although she’s still a little peanut, she is a healthy little girl!

With MacKenna’s birth + now 1 week checkup, I have had to start thinking about my post-baby bump body.  Obviously being only 1 week postpartum and having an unplanned C-section, there hasn’t been much going on in the exercise department on my behalf.  I’m still feeling a little sore around my incision + hips (Why do my hips feel bruised? I did ZERO pushing…) and with my strict “no vigorous activity” prescription, I have had no choice but to take it really easy this week.  Not that I planned on being out running only 1 week postpartum had I delivered vaginally, but I was hoping I’d at least be able to go push MacKenna in the stroller.

With absolute zero activity that I have done this week, I am actually really happy with how my body looks 1 week postpartum.  The comment I got from every nurse that checked my incision in the hospital was, “Where is your stomach?!” Given that my baby bump wasn’t all that big to begin with, I’m not surprised that it’s gone down quite a bit already.

The day before I went in to be induced, I decided to take my “before” measurements so I had a starting point to look at.  Luckily, having a baby makes it really easy to lose a lot in that first week.  Like over half the weight I gained (I gained a total of 30 pounds throughout my pregnancy).  This past Monday, I took my measurements again – 1 week postpartum.  Here are the differences:

1 week postpartum

Weight:  -16.2 pounds
Arms:  -0.75 inches
Chest:  -1.75 inches
Waist:  -3.5 inches
Umbilicus:  -1.25 inches
Hips:  0 inches
Thighs:  -0.25 inches

How I lose more in my chest than around my stomach beats me.  But, I really can’t complain about the numbers.  Most of those are back to their pre-pregnancy size, but I still have some work to do.

I honestly don’t really have any goals with my measurements.  Would I like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight + size?  Of course!  However, I don’t expect that to happen right away and I know I’m really going to have to work at it.  My theory is it took 9 months to gain all that, so it’ll probably take close to 9 months to lose it all.  But, I think I have a pretty good jump start.

And of course, some before + after pictures.  (Sorry, you’re not going to see me scantily clad on the blog.  I know you’re disappointed…)






I’d say I look about 5 months pregnant still, but I honestly feel really thin!  Before I was pregnant, you would have heard me complaining about 15 extra pounds on my body and how fat I thought I was.  However, now that I see what 15 pounds extra looks like, I’m not too upset with it!  That’s not going to stop me from working to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans though.  (No, I have tried those on yet, more out of fear that they’ll hurt my incision.)

Since I don’t know when I’ll get cleared to exercise (I’m hoping she’ll at least let me start walking after I go see her next week), I really have to focus on healthy eating.  Not that I didn’t eat healthy during my pregnancy, but I was much more lax on what I would let myself eat.  Read:  carbs.  Lots and lots of carbs.  I LOVE them and refuse to give them up, but I know that my diet can’t be solely based on carbs any more.  (I joked the last few weeks of my pregnancy that I was carbo loading for labor. Ha!) 

My nutritional goal is to balance my meals with whole grains (oatmeal, whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc.), fruits + veggies, vegetarian proteins (beans, cheese, tofu) and healthy fats (peanut butter, EVOO, nuts).  I am a big believer that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.  With exercise out of the question for a little while, I know that healthy eating is really going to be my key to my post-baby bump body.

I must say, I am very happy with the progress so far and I’m only 1 week in.  Hopefully, a month from now, I will be happy to show you even more progress that I’ve made. 

  • You look so great! You even look well-rested. I’m so impressed 🙂
    Isn’t it kind of crazy how thin you feel right afterwards? I felt the same way!
    I also agree that weight loss is more what you eat than exercise. Proof: I’ve just started getting back to taking long walks this past week, but am already wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans again. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of toning to be done, but in terms of weight loss, healthy eating helps so much!
    Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) recently posted..Fitness Fashion: Lululemon?

    • Kristen

      I have loved reading your body after baby posts because you really look great! Gives me some motivation! 🙂

  • MacKenna is such a sweetie! Kinda makes me want one…. and you look GREAT!!!!
    Abby recently posted..For a Laugh

    • Kristen

      She is seriously such a great baby! I feel really blessed! 🙂

  • Happy 1 week to MacKenna!!! You look amazing and really seem to have settled into motherhood beautifully!!!
    Kristy @ Breath of Sunshine recently posted..Unexpected Insecurities

    • Kristen

      Thanks Kristy! 🙂

  • Experienced mama

    Psst, new mom: relax. don’t worry about your body. Concentrate on taking care of your baby and the weight will come off. it’s sad to me that you’re so worried about how YOU look so soon after giving birth. give yourself a month or so to settle into the changes your body is going through. I think you’ve been reading too many Us Weekly’s about celebrity post-baby bodies. Our society is screwy.

    • Kristen

      Thanks for you comment. I wouldn’t say I’m overly worried about it, just something on my mind. As an active person, I think it’s only natural for me to think about where I was before pregnancy. I’m enjoying my little one so much right now that my post-baby body is definitely not my top priority. I think I made it pretty clear that I don’t expect to be back to where I was anytime soon, unlike most celebrities in US Weekly, which by the way I’ve never read in my life…

    • Brittany

      @ Experienced Mama- I wouldnt doubt that you are a great mom and mean well.

      Sorry, I dont mean to jump in and really this is non of my business…but I feel the need to stick up for Kristen 🙂

      I am not a mother yet but even just reading this comment from you, while I am sure you had the best intentions, just came off really bad to me…..

      I would be extremley hurt if someone said this to me when I was just journaling my thoughts about myself post baby. It’s a public journal but nevertheless not a place for a new mom to feel bad about herself from comments.

      I think it would only be natural for a woman to want to look pre-baby and that in no way should mean that the mother isnt taking care of her newborn or not making them the #1 priority.

      As a new mom, I would want to take care of myself so that I could take care of my newborn baby. Personal health is important not only physically but mentally 🙂 And no mom should feel guilty for thinking about it or carving out time for it 🙂

      Kristen, congratulations!!! You are doing great, you look great, good luck with all your goals, and know that you have one of the hardest jobs in the world and I applaud you 🙂 GO MOMS! 😀

  • Agreed. You look awesome and healthy!
    Stephanie recently posted..21 weeks…19 to go!

  • she is so itty bitty–adorable!! and you look GREAT—seriously you are going to be my inspiration once i get pregnant! 🙂
    natalie (the sweets life) recently posted..Snickerdoodle Ice Cream

    • Kristen

      Aw, thanks Natalie! I can’t wait for you to come over and meet her!

  • Jen

    You look so amazing, Kristen! You had such a healthy pregnancy, that I have no doubt you’ll be back in you pre-baby body in way fewer than 9 months. It must be such a weird feeling to feel lighter right away. I can’t wait!
    Jen recently posted..It’s only temporary

    • Kristen

      It’s very strange – I feel so skinny! But, I do miss my belly too. Rub your little guy in there while you can! 🙂

  • You look gorgeous! (before AND after!)
    Jamie @ FoodinRealLife recently posted..Week 26 Pregnancy Update

    • Kristen

      Aw, thank you! 🙂 I do miss my bump…

  • You look wonderful! Little M is so tiny, I just wanna squeeze her. =) So blessed!
    Kaci recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  • You look great and MacKenna is ADORABLE!!!
    Maria (RealFitMama) recently posted..just call me “fair weather”

  • Julie

    I agree with Brittany! If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. You look great and seem to be adjusting really well. So glad everything is going swimmingly. Snuggle that little one for me!

  • So glad to hear you are feeling good because of course, you look great too 🙂
    Sarah recently posted..Very exciting weekend ahead

  • You look awesome! I can’t wait to meet her and see you again. 🙂
    Karen Thaemert recently posted..3 & 6 Month Sweetie {St. Charles Baby Photographer}