black cat holiday

Growing up, I was never a huge fan of Halloween.  Sure, it was fun to dress up in a costume and walk around the neighborhood with my friends collecting candy.  But, I was never really excited about Halloween, mostly because I hate being scared and having things jump out at me.

However, once we adopted our adorable black cat, my opinion of Halloween changed.  Now, every Halloween, my house is decked out in black cat decor.


We claim Halloween to be “Lucy’s Holiday”, since she is the mascot for all things Halloween.


So, of course, MacKenna dressed up to look just like her big sister Lucy for her first Halloween.




We only stopped by both grandparents’ houses this Halloween (a little too early to start going door-to-door for candy with a 2 week old) to show off our cute little kitty.  But, we fully intend to take our adorable little girl around trick-or-treating next year – and steal her candy when she’s sleeping! 😉



Do you enjoy dressing up for Halloween?  I haven’t dressed up in years (I think since my freshman year of college), but I think dressing up a child is going to be so much more fun!

  • MacKenna has already changed so much! What a cute cute costume!

    • Kristen

      Ugh, I know! She’s changing way too fast for my liking!

  • Sara Scheller

    Loved the costume – what a cute kitty! Oh, and Lucy is pretty, too! 🙂

  • Jen

    SO cute! I love her costume! How does Lucy like MacKenna?
    Jen recently posted..Pregnancy vs. marathon training: Part 2

    • Kristen

      Lucy is scared to death of the baby. She will get close enough to sniff her head, but then back away as quickly as she can. But, she’s extremely protective of MacKenna – she’ll come in and watch her sleep or make sure she’s OK when she’s screaming during bath time! 🙂

  • She is so adorable!!! I love dressing up for Halloween, but yesterday was too cold and rainy to dress up.
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  • What an adorable MacKenna kitty!!!
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  • Mary Kratochvil

    MacKenna looked so cute in her black cat costume. Roger and I dressed up this Halloween to participate in a trunk or treat at our church. I was a fancy witch, and Roger was a pirate. I even won a prize, but I looked like I weighed 300 lbs. with the costume and all the clothes underneath. Halloween has never been one of our favorite days, especially from his teaching and principal days when you never knew if you were going to get egged, sprayed painted, or whatever other damage could be done to your house or car. We had a few of those incidents. Happily that is over.