banana pudding frozen custard

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually broken out my good old ice cream maker.  The thing is, if I make ice cream, it usually just sits in the freezer because I would much rather go out and get ice cream/frozen custard/frozen yogurt.  No matter what I do, my ice cream just doesn’t compare to the good stuff.

But, this one comes pretty close.  Lyon’s Frozen Custard makes a banana pudding concrete that I’ve always been too nervous to try.  Not that I don’t like bananas in my custard – it’s one of the few fruits I will eat in frozen custard – but because I usually want something chocolaty instead.  So, every time we go, I think about it, then decide to get something else (although they do make a killer rice crispy treat concrete).


When Natalie made this and raved about it on her blog, I knew it was the perfect thing to make – especially since I had 3 overripe bananas just chilling on my counter.  I’m over making banana bread… from now on,  I will always be making this ice cream when I have extra bananas on hand.

I’m going to go ahead and send you over to Natalie’s blog for the recipe because I pretty much followed the exact recipe.  The only change I did make was instead of using skim milk like she did, I used half + half instead.  Again, this is an “everything in moderation” dessert, but it is my belief that the higher the fat content in ice cream/frozen custard (this really is a custard since it has egg yolks in it), the richer + creamier it is.  Trust me on this one.  Or you can just use skim milk and save the calories and fat.  But I promise, the half + half substitution is worth it.


This ice cream (frozen custard) was deliciously rich and creamy.  My mom described it as eating a really good piece of banana bread mixed with ice cream (frozen custard).  I’m not sure I would describe it as that, but the banana really sweetened things up and the vanilla wafers gave it some much needed texture to break up the richness of the ice cream (frozen custard).  I wouldn’t really say this is banana pudding as much as it is a good banana creme brulee ice cream (frozen custard).

You will definitely not be disappointed in this one! 


Trust me…

  • so so glad you enjoyed! 🙂 I made it with whole milk the 2nd time. go big or go home right?

    i have 4 kinds of homemade ice cream in my freezer right now. aren’t you proud?

    • Kristen

      Oh man, you’re making me look bad! ;o) Can’t wait to hear about them!