baby girl: week 9

MacKenna officially turned 2 months old on Sunday.  She is growing by the minute and I just want time to slow down a little so I can soak up every second I have with my little bug.  Soon enough she’ll be off to college and getting married!  A little ahead of myself, huh?

MacKenna Week 9

Accomplishments + Milestones

Well, I’ve already shown you are big one this past week.  MacKenna’s rolling over like a champ!  It takes her awhile the first time I put her on her tummy, but after she does it once, I will roll her back onto her tummy and she’ll immediately roll onto her back.  I’m so proud of her!


Of course, lately she’s found her hands and now when I put her on her stomach, she just lays and sucks on her fingers.  I think she might be starting to teeth a little bit, although I do realize it’s still pretty early for her to be doing that.  Even when trying to give her a bottle the other day, all she would do was try and chew on the nipple until she started gagging because there was milk going down her throat.  I don’t know – experienced moms, do you think this could possibly be teething?


One milestone I really didn’t want to come is her (finally) growing out of her newborn clothes.  I put a sleeper on her yesterday, and while it did fit for the most part, the legs kept riding up her legs.


Nothing like little knickers for my baby girl.  I guess that one’s going to be retired.  Hopefully that means she’ll start fitting in more of her 0-3 clothes, but most of them are still swimming on her.  Little. Peanut. Baby.

What We’re Working On

Besides rolling over, I’ve been working on getting her to track us and other objects with her eyes + head.  I freaked out last week when I thought she wasn’t tracking things with her eyes at all, but she definitely is now!  It still needs so work though – I don’t think her vision is too clear yet.  She definitely loves lights + the TV and is getting much better at looking at our faces.  But, I figure since we practice motor skills with tummy time and “vocal/hearing skills” by talking back + forth with her, we should be working on her eye movement too.


Mama’s Miles

Last week was my first week of all runs without any walking during them.  Thankfully, it went really well.  I’m starting to get back into running shape and have started thinking even more about my 2012 racing schedule.  Right now, I just have my half marathon in April planned, but I’m hoping to throw in some 5 + 10K’s for some speed training.  Those are really my preferred distances, but I love the challenge of the half marathon + marathon.

Monday:  2.5 miles (8:56/mile)
Tuesday:  2.5 miles (9:01/mile) + NROLFW Stage 1A
Wednesday:  2.5 miles (8:52/mile)
Thursday:  2.5 miles (8:50/mile)
Friday:  20 minute HIIT (walk/run) + NROLFW Stage 1B
Saturday:  2.5 miles (8:34/mile) + circuit workout
Sunday:  rest

My pace is getting there!  I’m ready for some speed workout after the new year!  I want to get that pace back where it was pre-Chicago marathon!

Random Tidbits

We go for MacKenna’s 2- month checkup this afternoon.  I’m excited to see how much she weighs!  My guess is close to 9 pounds, but I was way off last time.  Of course, the 2-month checkup also means vaccinations.  I’m dreading this since I ended up crying last time when she just got one shot!  I will be holding and snuggling with her the rest of the day, that’s for sure!  


  • Jennifer

    You may already know this but black and white toys or even black dots on a white piece of paper are great for tracking. Then you can add in some red.

    • Kristen

      Thanks! We have a book written specifically for newborns in black + white, so we’ll practice with that one a bit more!

  • Jen

    She’s too cute! Wyatt’s 1month appointment is later this week. I’m also dreading the shot. 🙁 He’s already getting too tall for some of his newborn clothes. Sniff!
    Jen recently posted..On germs

  • M is darling! And already rolling- wow, that’s great! 🙂 Hailey started drooling and sucking her fingers a lot and I thought it may be teething, but now I don’t think it is. But who knows- I hear teeth can come at anytime!
    Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) recently posted..WIAW: Things Bad Parents Do