baby girl: week 11

Today is the day I have been dreading for the last 11 weeks:  my official first day of work post-baby.  It’s a little bittersweet.  While I love my job and am ready to bring home a paycheck again, I am going to miss spending 24 hours a day with my sweet little girl.  🙁  I am having irrational fears too.  What if she doesn’t remember who I am anymore?  What if she thinks Stacy is her mom and not me?  They’re really stupid things to think, but it’s just going to be so strange to return to work as a mom.

MacKenna Week 11

Accomplishments + Milestones

If you look in the picture above, you can see that MacKenna’s onesie isn’t quite as snug as it was last week.  That’s right, folks.  She’s finally starting to grow out of her newborn clothes. *tear*  She really is growing and she is just going to continue to get bigger until she is no longer my snuggle bunny.  Yes, she’s still a peanut but I just want her to stay tiny forever.

[Sidenote:  I forgot to mention last week but we had our 2 month checkup 2 weeks ago.  MacKenna weighs in at a “whopping” 9 pounds 6 ounces, a whole 4 pounds since birth!  She’s in the 21st percentile for weight and height, but the 42nd for head circumference.]


What We’re Working On

Pumping.  I stored 96 ounces of breastmilk in the weeks leading up to my return to work.  This should last her all of about 10 days, if that.  A lot of times I get distracted by everything else going on around the house that I just plain forget to pump during the day and don’t remember until I’m getting ready for bed.

With work, I will have some time set aside to go pump and luckily I should be able to pump twice at work and then again right before bed.  I still want to breastfeed her exclusively as long as I can, but I also realize that I might just not be able to keep up with my growing baby.  And I’m OK with that.  I’m going to do the best I can to continue breastfeeding her for as long as I can.  I will at least be able to feed her once in the morning and then twice after I come home from work (and maybe once in the middle of the night).  So, even if I have to supplement, she will still be getting some breastmilk.


Mama’s Miles

Running has been going OK.  I’ve been a wimp and have stuck with the treadmill if the temps are below 40 degrees.  I just can’t stand the thought of breaking out the spandex leggings.  I’ll be running in the afternoon after work most days, so hopefully warmer days can be spent running outside.

I ran my first 3-miler post pregnancy without stopping this week!  So very exciting! 🙂

Monday:  3 miles treadmill (8:31/mile) + NROLFW Stage 1A
Tuesday:  2.5 miles outside (8:27/mile)
Wednesday:  3 miles treadmill (8:28/mile) + 2 mile walk w/ MacKenna
Thursday:  10 min step mill + NROLFW Stage 1B + 1.6 mile walk
Friday:  2.75 miles treadmill (9:07/mile)
Saturday:  3 miles treadmill (8:35/mile)
Sunday:  off

Total Miles:  14.25 miles + 3.6 miles walking

Random Tidbits

MacKenna has a newfound interest in her hands.  So much so that she refuses to roll over during tummy time because she can suck on her fingers better when she’s on her belly.  I actually want her to suck her thumb (I was a thumb sucker) so that we don’t have to deal with a pacifier.  And yes, I know, a thumb is much harder to take away…


  • Good luck on your first day back! I hear the first day is the hardest, but that once it’s over with, the rest aren’t so bad. Hope that is the case for you 🙂 M’s 11 week picture is cute as can be!!
    And Hailey loves her hands, too. She sucks on them all the time, though now she is also grabbing her feet and pulling those towards her mouth. Ick 😉

    • Kristen

      I’m doing better now that I’ve actually made it to work and I know I was missed by my kiddos. I’m just waiting for MacKenna to find her feet, because I know they will be in her mouth constantly!

  • Garrett’s a thumb sucker and I’m starting to realize how much easier it is to deal with. I’m starting to hope Avery sucks her thumb too. Not looking forward to weaning them of it but oh well.
    Verna recently posted..Happy New Year!

    • Kristen

      Yeah, I think the weaning will be hard, but my mom said I did just fine with it, so I’m not too worried.

  • Good luck today!!
    Shari recently posted..Looking Back & Looking Forward.

    • Kristen

      Thank you!

  • She’s such a cutie!! Hope your return to work goes smoothly for you and MacKenna…You are doing an amazing job with trying to continue breastfeeding. I’m a bfing SAHM and I can’t imagine how difficult (and stressful) it must be to pump constantly to ensure you have the milk for your little girl.

    • Kristen

      I’m lucky that for the next few weeks there is someone else who is pumping also and I have the support of several other women in my building – it’s helpful! I just have to try + keep my supply up.

  • Big hug today! That was one of the worst days for me when I had to go back to work. Hope it goes well!
    Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength recently posted..Merry Christmas!

    • Kristen

      Thanks, doing fine so far, although I’ve already called to check up on her!

  • hilary

    Ha my son weighed 9 lb 3 oz at birth! I can’t imagine having such a small baby. Hope your first day back is going well!

    • Kristen

      I know, it’s funny because I think she’s huge! I always get asked if she was early and have to explain that she was a week late! The reactions are priceless…

  • She’s beautiful!

    You’ll do fine going back to work & so will she! Keep pumping; will you be able to pump at work?
    You can also bring her to bed with you to nurse more at night – babe may reverse-cycle which is okay (especially if bed-sharing; you should be able to sleep thru nursing). Good luck & awesome job w/running! (I don’t like running outside below 45ish either – treadmill & I are good friends in the winter!)
    kelly @kellynaturally recently posted..Bullying, Empathy, and Fixing Stuff that Shouldn’t be Broken

    • Kristen

      Aw, thank you! I think she’s pretty darn cute myself, not that I’m biased! 😉 I am pumping at work – once at lunch and once at the end of the day before I workout. I got about 6.5 ounces today so far and she only eats about 3, so as long as I can keep my supply up, I should be OK for awhile. We don’t bed share, but she still is getting up once a night to nurse. So she is only taking the bottle 3 times and nursing 4, which is pretty good, IMO.

  • Jen

    Good luck today, Kristen! I can’t imagine how hard that is. Every time I apply for a job I think I don’t really want to work, but unfortunately I need to!

    She is just too darn precious! Also, babies are so different. Wyatt weighed less than she did at his last appointment BUT he’s been out of his newborn clothes for awhile b/c he’s so long! Of course, all the 0-3 month stuff is way too baggy on him!
    Jen recently posted..The (kind of) comeback plan

    • Kristen

      That’s funny how different they are! M has the shortest limbs in the world and a long torso, so I’m surprised she hasn’t outgrown them sooner. She’s just short like her mom + dad, although we both have long limbs and short torsos! Not sure where she gets that from!

  • Yay! You made it through the day! Sounds like it went OK. I remember my “kids” at work missed me too, so sweet! Don’t worry about using formula (I used some with my twins to keep up). It might be hard to keep up with demand with pumping as intake peaks at about 5 months. You’ll do great! And she is so precious!

    BTW, how do you do you pics to get the sigs on them?
    Andrea recently posted..Running Research: Deep Water Running

    • Kristen

      Right now, I’m just trying to make it one month at a time. If we have to supplement, that’s what we have to do. I’m just hoping she still wants to breastfeed and doesn’t start weaning from that – I enjoy that time with her so much!