baby girl: 7 months

7 months.  On the downhill slope to one year.  The birthday party ideas are already floating through my head…

MacKenna Week by Week

Milestones + Accomplishments

MacKenna is now rolling over in both directions.  Therefore, (1) she is officially mobile and (2) she is now a tummy sleeper.  I’m OK with the mobility because she can’t get far (she pretty much rolls to get to toys and can spin herself in a circle), but the tummy sleeping thing freaks me out.  Especially when our motion-sensing monitor alarm goes off when she moves too far off of it.  A few nights ago, it went off and I found her all the way at the foot of the bed turned sideways.


She is getting extremely close to being able to get up on all fours.  Just last night, she pushed off her legs and up on her arms at the same time.  I’d love to say she’ll be crawling any day now, but I said that for a month with rolling over before she finally did it.

We’re still working on sitting on her own.  She can do it, but will only last a few minutes before she topples over.  I also think she enjoys her back and tummy more because that’s how she can get to her toys.


Starting solids started off pretty slow but is much better now.  She does not like for us to feed her at all, so she is in charge of putting things in her mouth.  We’ve been doing a lot of eating with a mesh feeder, which isn’t quite baby-led weaning, but it got her actually eating food.  She does eat some stuff on her own though.  She has had banana, avocado (her favorite), oatmeal, asparagus, sweet potato, and broccoli.  Broccoli was fun in the diaper the next day…


She is starting to babble a little bit.  No definitive “dada” or “mama”, but she does do “babababa” and “yayayaya”.  Most of the time she only babbles when she has something in her mouth.  I have a feeling she will say “dada” first.

photo 2

What We’re Working On

  • Getting  her to sit on her own.
  • Crawling
  • Not freaking out over tummy sleeping and choking (yes, those are my biggest fears right now)


Mama’s Miles

With MacKenna practically sitting up on her own, I have transitioned her from the carseat attachment to the actual stroller.  (Yes, my stroller was fixed for Mother’s Day!)  While I miss being able to see her face the whole time, I think she is enjoying watching the cars go by while we run.  It’s also been a great nap time for her in the afternoons.

photo 1

I’ve been enjoying not training for a specific race since the half marathon.  I don’t feel as much pressure on myself to run certain workouts or hit certain times and I even feel less guilty if I miss a run.  My main goal right now is just to get faster and if I see a race I want to do, I’ll do it without spending weeks training just for that specific race.

This past month I ran 91 miles (and got new shoes!), my fastest pace was a 6:47/mile during my 5K and my longest run was an 8 mile stroller run I did this past weekend.  I’m usually happy if I average about 25 miles per week.  I would love to run more, but I just simply don’t have the time (or energy) right now.

Random Tidbits

  • Doctor’s visits:  None scheduled until July.  Let’s hope it stays like that!
  • Current weight:  Matt is actually taking her in for a weight check later today since she lost about 6 ounces last month.  We’re hoping for a bump up in the scale.  I’m worried what they’re going to have us do if we don’t see that weight increase.
  •  Current clothing size:  She’s still wearing most of her 0-3 but also 3-6 months clothes as well since they are all her summer stuff.  One of the best parts of my day is picking out what she’s going to wear.  I swear she has the cutest clothes!
  • Breastfeeding:  Still going strong!  I still hate pumping though…
  • New discoveries:  We’ve decided that MacKenna is definitely right handed.  She reaches for EVERYTHING with her right hand, even if her left hand is closer.  She also loves (to pull) hair and jewelry.  She’s definitely a girly girl.


The next thing I have to look forward to?  Being an unofficial stay at home mom for the next 2 months!  My last day with students is next Thursday (same as Matt) and we will get to spend June + July as a family, going to the zoo, the park, the pool, and on a few trips!  I can’t wait!

May 2012

BLW Moms, how do I get over the fear of her choking?  And does the gagging get any better as she learns?

  • The gagging gets better. Garrett was a huge gagger (still is) and I didn’t push the self feeding and I think that’s (at least partly) why he’s such a picky eater now. To get over the choking thing, make sure you know baby hemlich (sp?). Also, don’t strap her in and pull the tray out some so if she does start choking you can grab her quickly. Or you could have someone hold her. Just go slowly and when she starts getting better and older it will be easier, I promise. Avery fed herself lunch yesterday and didn’t gag/choke at all! Try giving her a couple pieces on the tray and after she’s played with them for awhile give her the mesh feeder. Avery is much more receptive to foods when she can feed herself.

    • Kristen

      GREAT ideas! I didn’t even think of not strapping her in. I’ve had her on my lap before but I like to be able to see her face. And we definitely have the baby heimlich down!

  • Melissa

    You have such beautiful photos of MacKenna- makes me think I should be taking more pictures with an actual camera and not just my phone! Curious- what foods do you give her in the mesh feeder? We just got one and I have no idea what to put in it! The only thing I’ve tried so far is avocado, which immediately led to the “ewwww mom, why would you give me this?” face. Harrison will let me feed him purees though I think would prefer to feed himself, but the choking thing really scares me too!

    • Kristen

      I take a TON with my phone! It’s just with me all the time and takes decent pictures (of course Instagram always makes them look better). Right now I give her avocado in the mesh feeder, which she absolutely loves! I think you just have to do what you’re comfortable with. I like feeding her with the mesh feeder just because I know she won’t choke. I’m going to keep giving her soft finger foods until she learns how to chew + swallow better. Verna (above) had a really good point about preventing choking…

  • Amanda

    I don’t know if this will totally help your fears about her sleeping on her tummy, but the SIDS rate goes way down after 4 mo and is basically unheard of after 8. So the chances are really, really low for a healthy baby who rolled herself over. (We did end up with the motion monitor and it goes off every night. Mobile babies will do that, and Lucy is everywhere.)

    • Kristen

      Yeah, I knew that about SIDS, and we’re extra careful about what’s in bed with her, so I’m not too worried. I have a feeling the motion sensor will go off every night with the amount she moves!

  • Choking was only an issue for us for a short time. I started giving her Cheerios early on & now she can use her pincer grasp to eat all foods that size. She’ll be 8 months tomo. So the finger food stage comes around quickly (@ least it did for us!). Also, congrats on getting to be a FT mommy this summer.
    Jessie @ Graze With Me recently posted..Blend Retreat 2012

    • Kristen

      Her pincer grasp is great, actually, but she’s still not great with chewing + swallowing, so I’m waiting on that. I would like to give her smaller pieces because she tends to shove a ton in her mouth!

  • So adorable! I love reading all your updates while waiting for my little one to arrive hopefully soon! I’m sure I’ll be going back through all your updates when MacKenna was younger, just so I know what’s in store!
    Megan @ The Road to Skinny recently posted..Locks of Love.

    • Kristen

      Yay! Just remember, every baby is different! I was lucky to have a very easy going baby who doesn’t fuss too much!

  • Sarah

    Im not too worried about choking because babies have an excellent choke reflex. Just make sure the food is in pieces small enough that they wont block her airway.
    Maybe she just isn’t ready for finger foods yet. My 8 month old is still eating purees and the occasional Mum mum helps her practice her chewing. I will start to give her puffs soon.

    • Kristen

      Thanks – I’m trying to figure out what works best for us. It makes me nervous with the gagging, but I know she’ll eventually get the hang of it. I might try some smaller pieces since right now we are doing short sticks that she can suck/chew on and bite off pieces.

  • Beth

    Choking would freak me out! Maybe wait on the BLW? The finger food stage comes soon enough, right? Will Mac eat purées? Earth’s Best has a lot of flavored of organic baby food. She could always take the spoon from you and put it in her mouth which is much less scary than worrying about choking.

    • Kristen

      I’m still trying to figure out what is going to work for us. We are going to try some purees to see how she does with that. I like the mesh feeder because she is essentially feeding herself!

  • Marie

    Quick question about your stroller running – had you been running with the carseat + BOB attachment? I had thought you “weren’t supposed to” (although I really feel that arbitrary rules are silly and it all depends on the mom + baby…)? And at what point did you begin to run with the stroller? My little girl is only 3 weeks old so we still have a bit of time to go, but this Momma is getting impatient! 🙂

    • Kristen

      I have a Baby Trend Expedition ELX – the carseat actually came with the stroller, so no extra parts needed. It just fits right in. I actually started walking with her at about 2 weeks and then running around 4 or 5 weeks. I think they discourage putting a baby in the stroller part (without the carseat) before 6 months, but if you have the carseat attachment, I think it’s OK. I waited to move her to the actual stroller until she was sitting up pretty independently. Definitely check with your pediatrician first if you are concerned! It definitely helped me mentally to get out of the house and get some exercise in!

      • Marie

        OK thanks. We have the BOB and I know that they don’t recommend running with the baby in stroller part until 8 months (however, I’ve seen/read of others running with their baby before this). I think with the carseat attachment we’ll stick to walks for now – plus me getting out of the house to go for a run=valuable clear my head “me” time. Once our little girl has better head/neck control, I’ll try her in the stroller part.
        Sounds like you’re doing great with everything- I love reading about alll your new adventures! 🙂

  • Irina

    you baby girl is adorable – she is growing up! I have an almost 6 mo old little girl and she has been rolling over and sleeping on her tummy for more than a month now and I have been really worried but she is excellent about getting her head in the right position to breath normally. Once she figured out she an sleep on her tummy, there is absolutely no sleeping on her back. Babies are smart this way once they learn to roll over, but I totally understand the anxiety, I was really worried for weeks. My daughter has not been gaining a lot of weight – she is in the 5th % for weight while being 50th % for height… I have a string bean of about 11-12lbs. I am really hoping for 12lbs + at the 6 mo check in… My doctors do not seem worried as long as she meets all developmental milestones, which she does. I would be very interested in may be finding out more about this – do you have any insights in the weight as you seem to be in the same “slower” weight gain boat. If I misunderstood, then sorry!.

    thank you so much – I find your blog very helpful 🙂

    • Kristen

      MacKenna is in the 1%-ile for weight – 12 lbs 6 oz just today at her weight check. When she had lost weight last month, the doctor didn’t seem too worried since she was developing just fine and was having normal wet + poppy diapers. She looks like a chub in pictures, but she’s a teeny tiny little thing, but my husband and I are both fairly little. I think starting solids helped (she is now sleeping through the night, thanks to having her tummy full), although she doesn’t eat a lot of solid food. I think as long as she is developing normally and gaining some weight, she’s fine. Don’t stress about it too much!

  • She is adorable- happy 7 months! Some others already said things I was thinking- the gagging gets a lot better, and I would try not to worry about the tummy sleeping, especially since she’s already rolling and can move herself around. My mom’s generation was told to put the baby to sleep on their belly, that used to be the “right” way! I found that my daughter slept much better once she was on her belly, that was her preferred position. Great job on all your running, too! It’s always nice to be on the other side of a race and enjoy running just for the sake of running.
    Laura recently posted..Five for Friday (with garbanzo brownies!)