baby girl: 6 months

Six months.  Already?!


I’m in denial that my baby girl is already half a year old.  I seriously feel like I just got out of the hospital last week (except much better than I did then), not that I’ve already been a mom for half a year.  But, the past 6 months have by far been the best (and most challenging) of my life!


Milestones + Accomplishments

MacKenna is still enjoying discovering new things every day.  We have such a fun time watching her get so entranced at all her new toys, although she does have her favorites.  She enjoys “talking” to her pacifier and absolutely loves pulling her singing birdie that is hooked to the side of her crib.  As soon as we lay her down in her crib, her hand goes directly to either her pacifier or her birdie.  I actually found her sound asleep, holding onto her birdie last week when I went to wake her up in the morning.


She still has not rolled over from her back to her tummy on her own.  We’ve been working on this now for a good 2 months.  However, we are closer than ever now.  We have been rolling her onto her side and she will finally put her head down and roll the rest of the way, but she shows no interest in doing it on her own.  She’s such a nosy little girl that I think she just loves being able to see everything on her back.  She hasn’t realized yet that this is her way to be mobile.  I guess all I had to do was write this paragraph because guess what?!  Baby girl rolled over all on her own last night – TWICE!  It’s just too bad that Matt had a track meet and missed it!


As for tummy time, she is really starting to push up on her arms well.  She also tries to scoot/worm her way to her toys, but again, not really with any purpose.  She hasn’t figured out how to coordinate her arms and legs to actually be mobile.  She’ll push up, but then go all the way back down on her tummy and kick her legs.  She just not quite strong enough yet hold herself up.


She is also still learning how to sit on her own.  We practice every evening.  She will sit but is still completely supported by her hands and tends to either fall over to the side or fold in half and faceplant on the ground. 

I’m starting to wonder if her small size is putting her behind developmentally.  Again, I tend to play the comparison game and seeing Emmie and Cullen sitting and practically crawling on their own makes me wonder why my baby isn’t doing the same thing.  I also wonder if it’s because I’m not at home with her to work on this stuff with her constantly.  She made huge strides the week I was on spring break because we spent a lot of time playing on the floor and practicing sitting – I don’t think she gets quite as much time doing that stuff while at the babysitter’s.  I know she’ll get there eventually, but I hate thinking that she’s behind at her age.

What We’re Working On

I will go into this more extensively in another post, but we started MacKenna on solids this week!  After talking to Maddie and reading about it on Brittany’s blog, I decided to look into Baby Led Weaning.  It’s a totally new concept that I hadn’t even heard about until about a month ago, but it just seemed to make sense to me.  So, I borrowed the book from the library and decided to try it out.



M had her first “bite” of real food last week in the form of a banana, and this week she is getting some sweet potato every night.  So far, she’s only swallowed about 2 bites each night, but it’s a start, even if it’s a little slow.  Her face is pretty priceless when it’s in her mouth.  I’m still freaked out about her choking, but I’m trying to be calm about it (and have infant CPR pulled up on my phone 24/7 just in case).



Mama’s Miles

Half marathon – check!  I’ve accomplished my goal and am now looking into what’s next.  BUT, you will just have to wait until my Body After Bump update on Friday for all of that.

As for this month, I ran a total of 105 miles (average 26.25 miles/week), my longest run being the half marathon and my fastest was my 5-mile race at a 7:10/mile pace.  Too bad I couldn’t have averaged that pace with the half marathon as well!


Random Tidbits

  • Number of doctor’s visits this month:  2 spontaneous – one to the pediatrician and then one to urgent care.  She’s been doing much better!
  • Current weight:  At both doctor’s visits, she was weighing in right around 12.5 pounds.  Her weight gain has slowed down a lot, but she’s still eating really well.
  • Clothing size:  We’re still in 0-3 and have been since January!  I’m washing her 3-6 month clothes this week because we need some warmer weather outfits, even if they are too big for her!
  • Breastfeeding:  I made it to my goal of 6 months, but plan on continuing until a year or until she isn’t interested anymore.  She still gets 1 bottle of formula when she’s at the babysitter, which has really helped me keep up with our breastmilk stash.  I am still pumping 3 times a day during the week and getting about 10 ounces each day (I just don’t produce a lot of milk).  The pumping is the only reason I would quit breastfeeding right now.
  • New discoveries:  Faces and tags.  She loves touching everyone’s face – including my friend’s little boy’s face.  And if a toy has a tag on it, she will find it and chew on it all day long.  She loves her taggie blanket her Aunt Angie made for her!




  • Mac is just so cute!! Don’t stress too much about milestones. Every baby does things in their own time. H is 7 months and no where near crawling and has no teeth 🙂 she looks so happy… As do you 🙂

    • Kristen

      Thanks Brittany! I know she’ll catch up eventually. All you mommy bloggers make it so much easier to compare my baby to yours! Too much information overload! But, I never would have learned about some of the parenting things I know now if it wasn’t for you!

      • I think we are all probably guilty of the comparison game. I laughed when I saw that about Cullen though, because while yes he is scooting and crawling around the room, he can’t sit up AT ALL. Like, not even close. And of course, it worries me. 🙂

        They all just need to be able to do things on their own schedule, and to figure it out as they go. That gorgeous girl looks perfectly happy and healthy to me! 🙂
        Emily Malone recently posted..Starting Solids.

        • Kristen

          Sorry, I wasn’t trying to call you or Cullen out. With M + C being soooo close in age, I see him about ready to take off and think M should be doing the same thing! Don’t worry, MacKenna is still falling over with sitting, but I’ve been assured they can learn in a matter of days!

  • Jen

    M is so, so adorable! Congrats on your running! Always my inspiration 🙂

    Don’t feel bad about her being behind on certain things. W is behind on EVERYTHING and I am home all day working on things with him. I have a feeling it’s because he was born at 37w and most babies are born at 40-41w. At almost 5 months, he barely babbles and he still doesn’t grab things too often. Our ped actually seemed a bit concerned by it at his last appointment, but these babies are SO young. I think they just each develop on a different timeline, and most of them will be perfectly fine 🙂
    Jen recently posted..Best Body Bootcamp: Week 6

    • Kristen

      Dude – YOU are my inspiration! 🙂 I definitely think with W being early that he would lag behind a bit. M didn’t grab things until about 4.5 months, so he’s probably not too far behind on that.

  • Lee

    Happy 6 months to MacKenna!
    Lee recently posted..Oh Pollen

    • Kristen

      MacKenna says Thank You Lee! 😉

  • Adorable!

    It’s so easy to play the comparison game, isn’t it? My little bug is just about a week older than MacKenna and he sits well but doesn’t roll over at all. He has rolled tummy to back a few times, but hasn’t done it in weeks. I think he just lost interest! And he has totally stopped even trying to roll back to tummy. Every baby is different! But I think we all worry about hitting those milestones.

    • Kristen

      When M first learned how to roll tummy to back (at 7 weeks – so she was early on that one), she did it constantly, but now she just has no interest! She rolled the other way twice last night but I wonder how long it will take before we see her do it again!

  • Katie @ Legally Fit

    I know it is hard but try not to stress! Audrey is 6.5 months old and can still not really sit unsupported. She topples over after a few seconds. It seems like all of her little friends can! I’m not stressed- some milestones she has been early (babbling, teeth, grabbing) and others she has been late. I figure she will get there when she gets there 🙂

    • Kristen

      Good point – sounds like they are about the same socially! M definitely had the babbling + smiling down before most other babies do! I have to remember that she will get there in her own time!

  • She is so cute!!!! I wouldn’t worry too much about her being “behind” the other kids, I’m sure there are other babies that she is actually ahead of as well. I’m no expert but I do have three boys ages 4,2 and 10 months and they were all VERY different developmentally. My first was pretty much average development, our 2nd was about 3 months behind where our first was in fact he did not crawl until 11 months and walk until after 15 months, and our 3rd so far is constantly trying to keep up with his brothers so he is ahead of where the other two were at his age. it’s hard not to compare but just keep loving her and she will get there. Besides you don’t want her to get too big top fast:). Take care!!
    Carolyn recently posted..Case : 10 months

    • Kristen

      Thanks for the comment! I know she was ahead of some babies, especially socially. She started smiling very early (like 4 weeks) and laughs + babbles constantly, where I know a lot of babies don’t do that. It is definitely hard not to compare her to other babies!

  • Such a peanut!!! She’s just adorable.

    My baby girl is 7 months tomorrow and I still can’t believe it. It went by so quickly!

    I was a little worried about Lyric being able to sit up too but she literally learned in one weekend right around 6 months. It was insane. She went from floppy on a Friday to sitting perfectly & playing with her toys. I still can’t believe how fast babies learn things.

    Enjoy your little munchkin!
    Jessie @ Graze With Me recently posted..Starting (And Then Stopping) Solids

    • Kristen

      Oh you give me hope! She’s supporting herself on her arms pretty good, but with how fast she has learned everything else, I’m sure she’ll learn it overnight!

  • Adorable! Happy 6 months Mac!
    Megan @ The Road to Skinny recently posted..Room Reveal.

    • Kristen

      MacKenna says thank you!

  • Katie

    I see the same babies and try really hard not to compare too! I worry that that its because I’m not home with her either—Liv was born on Oct 18 and like I mentioned before she has rolled back to front once maybe 3 weeks ago and hasnt even attempted it since. She is nowhere near crawling! I tell myself she’s such a content baby she is fine laying anywhere without moving 😉

    • Kristen

      No worries, M isn’t near crawling either! Sounds like they’re right at the exact same spot! I think Mac hasn’t realized that rolling means moving!

  • I can’t believe how fast they grow up. I just posted E’s 18 month update. Pretty soon you will be too. 🙂

    She’s adorable!
    Katie @momslrb recently posted..18 Months – Fearless Reader

    • Kristen

      Aw, E’s such a cutie! I don’t even want to think about a year from now! Especially seeing how active and mobile E is! Ha!

  • i cannot believe she is already six months!!!

    • Kristen

      Oh my gosh, I know. It has gone by way too quickly!

  • Your daughter is BEYOND adorable! So cute!!! And, I can’t believe how fast you are for having JUST (I still think it’s just!) had a baby! You’re amazing and definitely an inspiration!!!
    Meagan @ Managing Meagan recently posted..My (other) Husbad

  • For real! Don’t worry about her milestones (this is from a Peds PT!)-she is doing great for her and I’m sure you spend plenty of quality time with her after school. Babies are so funny in how their personality interacts with the skills they learn. My girl is intent on learning every part of the skill before she debuts it fully and now is not taking a later nap until she learns the newest. And my kids tend to be on the “taking longer” to learn motor skills, but let me tell you -at almost 7, they are clearly athletes with no problems. Me and my husband were the same (later walkers but both track athletes). Hope that eases your mind and ENJOY! You will appreciate the more time to enjoy her as a “baby” looking back. She is SO precious!
    Andrea recently posted..How To Choose and Use Your Shoes To Optimize Training and Racing

    • Kristen

      Thanks Andrea! I always appreciate your opinion since you’re the expert! It’s so hard not to compare her to other babies her age!

  • She is such a peanut! My son is 8 weeks and 14 pounds. But she is adorable to say the least.

    • Kristen

      2 of my friends just had babies in January and both are as big as MacKenna. I never thought I’d have that little of a baby!

  • She is SO adorable! She has really beautiful, smooth-looking skin. Maybe that’s a weird compliment, but it’s the first thing I noticed in the photos!
    Carrie recently posted..WIAW

    • Kristen

      It’s funny – everyone tells us how beautiful her skin is. It is really nice, but very dry + sensitive! I think the camera just makes it look good! 😉 But, thank you!

  • very adorable cute happy 6 month you must be very happy
    nurlaela recently posted..CoCaLo Baby Round Em Up Eight Piece Set

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