baby girl: 2 years old

OMG. I have a two year old.  And I don’t mean that in a, “time has gone by so quickly I can’t believe I have a two year old” kind of way.  I mean that in a, “Holy crap, we are definitely in the terrible twos” kind of way.

OK, that’s not entirely true.  It really isn’t all that terrible.  In fact, outside of the tantrums, MacKenna is actually at a really fun age!

She can communicate exactly what she needs, although sometimes it takes me awhile before I figure out what she is trying to say.

MacKenna - minnie

She is finally forward facing in the car seat, so we can enjoy each other’s company that much more.

MacKenna - carseat

She learns something new almost every day.  She is starting to learn her ABCs and numbers, and can actually point out several numbers when she sees them.  We’re still working on colors though, but she always knows which color is orange…

MacKenna - shoes

She sings with me whenever I ask her to.  Some of our favorites are “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, “Wheels on the Bus”, and “Happy Birthday.”  Except she’s scared to death of candles, so her birthday song lacked any candles to blow out.

MacKenna - teeth

She loves to pretend.  She got a baby doll for her birthday that she treats just like it’s her own baby.  We’re hoping this comes in handy when we decide to have another baby in the near future (but not yet).

MacKenna - shopping

She’s big enough that we can do a lot more things together now.  We finally got out our learning tower the other day and she was able to make cookies with me.  And she absolutely LOVES to go shopping with me.  Mostly to Target and the grocery store, simply because she knows they give her a sticker at the checkout.

MacKenna - baking

She says really inappropriate things at really bad times.  Like yelling out, “I pooped! I pooped!” while we were in church the other day.  Awesome.  I have a feeling my wallflower self will be suffering more from her outgoingness than she will.

MacKenna - halloween

And best of all, she can tell me she loves me without me having to prompt her.  The best part of my day is putting her to bed at night, giving her a kiss, and hearing,  “I wuv voo” as I lay her down to bed.  Just one more reason I absolutely love being her mama.

MacKenna - duck face

  • Lee

    Happy Birthday MacKenna!
    Lee recently posted..A Post About Frosties

  • she’s so stinkin’ cute! i love seeing all her pictures on IG and FB! 🙂
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..16 Weeks Pregnant | 4 Months

  • Happy 2nd Birthday to MacKenna! I can’t believe she is 2 already!!
    Jessica recently posted..A Weekend in a Nut Shell

  • Kari

    So cute! The “I pooped” comment made me LOL. Kids say the darndest things. I’m jealous that MacKenna is a good shopper. Emme is a terror shopping because she refuses to ride in the cart, and wants to touch everything on the shelves. I think we had three meltdowns at Target on Saturday. Keep the updates coming. I love reading about her!

    • Kristen

      Our meltdowns come when we have to leave the store and she either doesn’t get a sticker from the cashier (she asks now) or we have to take her out of the car cart.

  • cute. I have a 20 month old who has already hit the terribly 2’s!!! Although, 95% of the time, he is an angel!

    Happy Birthday MacKenna!