baby bump: week 37

Which means I am officially full term!  Baby M can arrive any day now and shouldn’t have any problem surviving on her own.  It’s crazy to think that I have a full term baby in my not-as-large-as-I-thought-it-would-get belly.  I also can’t believe that she really could decide to make her appearance any day now.

We went for our first weekly check-up last Friday.  After a lovely cervical exam (yes, that is sarcasm), we found out that there has been ZERO progress.  Not dilated at all and since she didn’t let me know I am effaced (cervix getting softer), I’m assuming that means that it’s still at zero also.  Awesome.  Not what I was hoping for but definitely what I expected since I have had absolutely no contractions (that I know of).  However, Baby M is head down, which is awesome!  I was pretty sure she was since all the rolling + jabs she is doing are at the top of my stomach.

In other progress, I’ve been getting a lot of comments about how low my belly is now.  While I have carried low my entire pregnancy, I’m pretty sure she has actually dropped a bit this past week.  I am feeling A LOT of pressure on my pelvis, which is causing A LOT of pain in my groin, not to mention the urge to pee much more often now.  If I sit for an extended period of time, it hurts to walk, so I waddle instead.  I am also not getting as sore in my ribs as I have been the past few weeks, which I think is also a sign that she’s dropped a bit.  I still think she’ll be staying in there awhile longer, so I’m definitely not getting my hopes up.


Natural Childbirth Followup
I loved all the great comments I received last week on my post about my plan to go unmedicated.  I also posted/retweeted a link to Emily’s blog about her views on natural childbirth.  While I completely agree that I will be happy just to have my baby in the end, regardless of medication or not, I am still planning on having a birth “plan”.  There are things I want + don’t want for my birth (IVs, being asked if I want an epidural, etc.) that I want to make very clear to both my doctor + the nursing staff so that I get what I want.  I still realize that not everything will go according to my plan and I am OK with that, but there are things that I want or want to avoid and I think a birth plan is the best way of getting those things.

Matt + I attended a Natural Childbirth class on Tuesday night at our hospital.  The class was so much more informative than our first childbirth class.  It was taught by a former doula, now nurse midwife who trained in Denver, Colorado where she was able to catch 50 babies whose mom’s were completely unmedicated.  We learned a few more relaxation techniques and she was very upfront about all that would or could happen in the hospital.  I think this was a more valuable experience for Matt than for myself since I have read the books and such.  I think he has a better idea of what to expect – and I think I also have a better idea of how I might feel during childbirth.

Although I am still nervous about the experience, I am confident that this is the way I want to go.  The (thankfully) positive comments I received were wonderful and helped me feel confident in my abilities to give birth naturally.  Our nurse said to surround yourself with positive comments about natural birth so that you don’t get brought down.  Going natural is in the minority, so I know not everyone agrees with me and thinks I’m crazy.  But, I know people who have done it and that makes me feel more confident that I can do it too.

Let’s just pray for her to arrive on time and without an induction – the nurse laughed when someone asked if anyone can give birth naturally after they’ve been induced.  Yup, I will do everything at all costs NOT to have one!

Wow… 3 weeks left!

  • I turned 37 weeks on Tuesday and am also expecting a baby girl! ; ) Try not to get too discouraged about dilating. It’s nice to hear progress but it doesn’t mean a whole lot. My girlfriend was dilated to 4cm 2 weeks before her due date and still ended up going late. My OB doesn’t even check my cervix unless I ask for it. I know it’s hard at the end. I’m chasing after a 21 month old, and am definitely feeling ready to be done with pregnancy most days! Not too much longer though!

    • Kristen

      I was just telling my husband about how I will probably be zero until I go into labor. I was just hoping to at least get some out of the way before getting into the really serious stuff! We’re both getting close! Good luck!

  • Jen

    Ahhh yay for being full term! I’m so excited for you 🙂 I’m going to do everything in my power to go natural too. Hoping for more progress at your next appointment!
    Jen recently posted..Week 28 pregnancy update

    • Kristen

      Ah, thanks! And just fair warning, the 3rd trimester is THE LONGEST EVER. It is dragging…

  • Yay full term!! How awesome your hospital has a natural childbirth class- I wish ours did!

    • Kristen

      There are some baby stores in our area that offer childbirth classes too, so you might want to look into that also. They usually are A LOT more expensive, but it might be worth it in the long run.

  • I loved this post! I am 29 weeks with our 3rd son & have had quick, easy births both times, but I had an epidural both times due to my water breaking BEFORE any contractions come, (then labor is extremely painful). BUT I really want to go natural this time. I heard recovery is so much easier, and it’s much nicer, and baby is more alert for breastfeeding, ect. I can’t wait to hear how your natural birth goes! Good luck!
    Adrienne Osuna recently posted..Monday’s Weekly Review

    • Kristen

      I’m scared to death about my water breaking PERIOD. I hate to be rushed to get this baby out and end up with a C-section. And those are all the things I heard about natural too, which is why I am planning on birthing that way – fingers crossed! And you are getting so close! Of course, the 3rd tri seems to draaaaaaag on…

  • Julie

    You are looking so good! Just politely nod when someone is telling you that you have to get an epidural, that is what I do. I hope we can both have natural births, I’ll need your advice in a few months! I’m hoping you will have Baby M before your due date for selfish reasons because I’m coming home the weekend of your due date- no pressure!

    • Kristen

      I will definitely give you all the advice I can! I’m OK with your selfish reasons for wanting her to come early! I hope she does come early so you don’t have to wait until November to see her! BTW, I am dying to see your baby bump!

  • Remember you have a full 24 hours from the time your water breaks before they should push you into anything. And as for induction, people do go natural even with pitocin, however, I ended up not. It’s helpful to remember that a full-term pregnancy ranges from 37-42 weeks. Those magical due dates trick us into think our body has an oven timer. Your pregnancy has been uneventful and your are really healthy, I can’t imagine you needing an induction!

    Surround yourself with positive birth stories and even try some birth affirmations. They seem hokey, and I ignored them with my first but they were a great source of calm and peace in the days leading up to and in early labor. I even hung a few up around my house like in the bathroom where I saw them regularly.

    You can google positive hospital birth stories. There was a good site I found at one point but can’t find it now. Otherwise just positive birth stories will get you a mix of home and hospital births.

    The second anyone tries to say anything negative just shut it out, smile and say thank you and walk away or change the subject. Your job is to focus on what you can do, not what everyone else thinks they can’t do.
    Jamie @ I am totally that mom recently posted..Links I Love

    • Kristen

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been dealing with a lot of negativity toward my choices in natural childbirth (luckily, not from my blog friends). These will definitely help!