baby bump: week 30

Can you believe there only (about) 10 weeks left until my little girl arrives?!  I certainly can’t!  But, I also can’t WAIT until she’s here.  There is just so much to get done before then!

Like I said yesterday, we started our childbirth class Tuesday this week.  We will go every Tuesday night for the next 4 weeks.  And yes, I was excited!  There is just so much about childbirth that I don’t know and I was really interested to find out.  I am planning on a natural childbirth without drugs, but unfortunately, it sounds like we should also take the natural childbirth class they offer at the hospital to really get more information about relaxation techniques, etc.  The thing about going through labor naturally is that you have to know exactly how you are going to handle the situation.  You can’t just say, “Yeah, I’m going to go natural” and then not do any research or preparation for it.  So, we will probably sign up for the class in a few weeks, but I am also doing research on my own by reading Husband-Coached Childbirth by Robert A. Bradley, AKA the Bradley Method.  So far, I am learning A LOT just through the book, but I know practicing in a class will definitely help us a lot more.  Matt is much more nervous than I am about it since I don’t think he knows what to expect at all.  Gosh, thank GOODNESS there are classes on childbirth in general!

A few things I figured out from the class:

(1)  I need to learn how to relax more.  I don’t know how much this comes across on the blog for those of you who don’t know me in real life, but I am pretty uptight.  I worry and stress about everything (which, of course, is great for pregnancy), I will dwell on things for days, sometimes weeks, and I have to be busy at all times.  As we were practicing our breathing in class, I realized just how hard it was for me to completely relax.  I was holding a lot of tension in my shoulders and I tend to clinch my teeth constantly.  So, I am trying to take some time each day to just sit and breath.  I find myself the most relaxed laying in bed, playing music on my stomach for the baby.  But, I know with contractions, it’s going to be extremely hard for me to mellow out.

(2)  There is a reason God put 4 years difference in age between Matt + me.  We are undoubtedly soul mates.  However, had we ever been in school together, we would have gotten in so much trouble.  It is hard for us to take anything too seriously and we pretty much talk constantly (we’re probably not very fun to sit by in church).  While watching a video in class, they were talking about the plates in the baby’s head that allow for the head to pass through the pelvis, which can sometimes cause a cone head.  We looked at each other and said, “Yup, we’ll be the ones with the cone head baby.”  I love the boy to death, but it’s hard to take anything too seriously together.

(3)  I carry so much lower than everyone else!  There are only 5 couples in the class, but they all have these beautiful round bellies.  I’m not saying mine isn’t round or beautiful, just different than everyone else’s.  Oh well.  Not much I can do about that, and I love it regardless of how “perky” it is.  (Geez, whoever thought I would be worried about how perky my baby bump is?!)


Fun Facts
Weight gained this week:  ~1 pound
Total weight gain:  ~20 pounds
Next doctor’s appointment:  Tomorrow!  And then I start going every 2 weeks!  Man, time is flying!
Biggest complaints this week:  Not being able to sit for longer than 5 minutes comfortably.  I can only stand and lay down to be comfortable.
Cravings this week:  None really notable, still mostly pizza and ice cream.
Sob sessions this week:  I think 4, with one lasting for almost 2 hours.  Not a fun way to start your day.
Nursery progress this week:  It’s completely cleaned out and the crib is finally assembled!  I am DYING to do more with the nursery but I still have a couple weeks before any baby showers.

Nervous + excited about our appointment tomorrow!  Only 10 more weeks!

  • I think you wrote this post in response to a conversation I had with my husband last night 🙂 I want a natural child birth, and he wants whatever I want. (good husband, right?). My biggest fear is making sure he is ready. I’m going to look into natural parenting classes too, and I’m definitely ordering that book today! THANK YOU!!!!!

    Your 30 week belly bump is absolutely adorable!!!!

    • Kristen

      That’s funny… we were filling out paperwork for the class the other night and it asked opinions on childbirth, and Matt just said, “Whatever you want, babe.” I think it will be miserable for him to see me in pain, but the way I think of it is, it’s temporary. Once I get through it, I’ll have a baby in my arms – and I’ll be able to WALK afterwards! Ha!

  • Jen

    You look great! I’m carrying super low too and get a lot of comments about it. Oh no, did the sob sessions get more frequent the further along you got? I’m nervous about that.

    • Kristen

      I don’t know… I have been pretty emotional throughout my pregnancy. I’m not a huge crier, but now it doesn’t take much for me to cry. And I’m sentimental about EVERYTHING. I’m not a great communicator, so I bottle up a lot of my feelings and sometimes they just like to explode out, thus resulting in a 2 hour crying session and feeling sorry for myself. So, you might not be as bad as I have been! (I know Emily is having issues with that too, but I think she’s also been pretty emotional throughout her pregnancy.)

  • I feel like 10 weeks left would be like 10 miles left in a marathon training long run! You are just counting down the miles/weeks right? 🙂

    In response to Kristy’s comment Anthony is the same way with wedding stuff. He wants what I want. Hopefully he’ll be that way with baby stuff too!

    • Kristen

      That’s exactly how I’ve been thinking about it! I know it’s not going to be comparable to a marathon, but it’s the easiest way for me to look at it! 10 weeks still seems like a long time, but with 30 behind me, I know they will fly by! Matt has always been pretty agreeable, especially with the baby. I got free reign over the registry, nursery, and how the childbirth goes. Now, it was a little different for our wedding, but he was still pretty laid back on most things!

  • You look great!

    I’m terrible to sit by in church.. but not Dave. He tries to make me behave. When we’re at church with my family, he has to sit in between me and my mom and sometimes he makes my dad sit in between me and my little brother. Dave’s a killjoy! When we have kids, I don’t think he’ll find coneheads funny (but I do!).

    • Kristen

      Haha! That’s why I like you, Abby! We have a very similar sense of humor!

  • I think your baby bump is beautiful and round!

    I think prenatal yoga is great practice for breathing and teaching you to relax all your muscles- at least it seems to be helpful for me. I’ll let you know more in a few weeks!

    PS- $10 bucks says I have a super cone head baby too 🙂

    • Kristen

      I used to do yoga a few times a week, but my problem is I HATE working out at home. I get way too distracted. However, my husband and I did discuss that maybe I should start practicing it again because I know it definitely relaxes me. I can’t wait to hear about your birth in a few weeks!

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