baby bump: week 29

Sorry for my depressing post yesterday.  I don’t like to be negative on the blog but it was something that I had to get out.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m very much a perfectionist and very stubborn.  Shoot, I ran on that stress fracture until the day they put me in a boot.  (I didn’t say I was smart.)  I’m feeling better about it now and am actually more excited to hold my baby in 3 months than I am to start running again!

Other than my lack of running this week, I have been feeling a little more comfortable than I have the past 2 weeks.  I’ve been dealing with what I believe to be round ligament pain every few days or so – sharp, shooting pains in my pelvis that move toward my back on.  It’s only on my right side, and if I stand up and walk for a few minutes, it goes away.  I don’t *think* they’re Braxton Hicks contractions, but if they continue or get worse, I will definitely be calling my doctor.

Heartburn has been horrible lately.  For awhile, I was attributing it to eating out so much (every lunch when I worked with my mom – yes, I’m spoiled – and then again in Chicago), but I am still having it every evening even if I don’t eat out.  Luckily, it doesn’t bother me when I try to sleep, but it definitely makes eating difficult since I feel like I’m going to throw everything up.  Blech.

Plus, it doesn’t help that Baby has been going through a little growth spurt.  My hunger has been out of control lately.  Not every day, but most days.  I can tell she’s growing because I am no longer feeling kicks + jabs but a lot of rolling.  Rolling is so much different than kicks – much more uncomfortable feeling.  And now I can feel her all the way on the sides of my stomach, both sides simultaneously.  Strangest. Feeling. Ever.  But, I still love it!

I am definitely in nesting mode lately.  I have been scrubbing, cleaning, and organizing every inch of our house – the walls in the bathroom, the fridge/freezer, the pantry.  Funny, since I haven’t touched the nursery since I painted it last week!  But, I can tell you our kitchen + bathroom have never looked better!

Before I left for my weekend trip to Chicago, Matt has been in Colorado with his cross country team, so we went Sunday to Sunday without seeing each other (besides one Skype session that was way too slow), the longest we’ve been apart since we’ve gotten married.  Upon my return on Sunday, Matt was amazed at how much bigger my stomach has gotten!


I don’t think it looks any different than last week (I think he just missed rubbing my big belly!), but I know that it is definitely growing!  Plus, I love that my belly is growing and make my boobs look a little smaller – have I mentioned I’m not a fan of the new boobage?  (Sorry Dad + Brian, and any other male that reads my blog.)  But, I DO love my baby bump!

Fun Facts
Weight gain so far:  ~19 pounds
Biggest complaints:  heartburn, not being able to bend over at all
Cravings this week:  sweets, specifically cookie dough and ice cream, pizza, and Goldfish crackers (don’t worry, not together)
Hours spent “nesting”:  at least 4
Things bought for baby:  5 onesies (whoops, I was trying not to buy any clothes), a big flowered headband, 2 letter M’s for the wall or a shelf, a bright pink changing pad cover


11 weeks to go… it’s getting closer!

  • Jen

    You look great! I can’t believe you don’t think your bump is adorable. It certainly is!

    I am so nervous for the heartburn. It seems like everyone in the late 20 weeks gets it. It does not sound like fun at all.

    Haha, and I’m jealous of your new boobs! Mine didn’t grow at all and my belly already stuck out further than them at week 16.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Kristen

      Heartburn has not been fun. I thought I dodged a bullet when I hadn’t had it yet, but sure enough, 3rd tri hits and there’s the heartburn. I guess since I didn’t have much morning sickness I had to make up for it somewhere! Enjoy your next 8 weeks while you can! Ha!

  • If I have a girl she is going to wear a big bow or flower on her head every day! 🙂 I love those. I think the first time I read your blog you were barely showing. Your belly has grown SO much and it is beautiful!

    • Kristen

      My mom found a website with crocheted headbands and removable bows/flowers that were really cheap! She bought like every color possible so she will definitely have one in her hair every day! There will be no mistaking that she’s a girl!

  • heartburn aside, you are the CUTEST pregnant lady.

    • Kristen

      Haha! Thanks! I try… ;o)

  • Oh my word, I didn’t know! Congrats Kristen, how fantastic. You are one radiant pregnant woman, you wear it well!

    • Kristen

      Thanks Rita! (Love the new pic, BTW!)

  • Oh the joys of pregnancy boobs! I wish I could tape mine flat! they are HUGE! (and I’m not a fan either!). we have decided to find ou the sex of our baby. I’m still really thinking girl. All those cute girl clothes make me want to shop -especially the head band!

    • Kristen

      Seriously! Luckily, they don’t hurt anymore, but I miss my tiny, no-cleavage boobs!

      So glad you’re finding out! I also think you’re having a girl! I will have to give you the website my mom found with the interchangeable headbands + bows/flowers! They’re cheap too!

  • Did you already reveal what the “M” stands for? I don’t want to miss the name announcement. And, yes, I agree with everyone else….you’re a beautiful pregnant lady! Baby looks significantly bigger than the last time I saw her!

    • Kristen

      We’re kind of keeping it a surprise, so you’ll just have to wait til October!