baby bump: week 28

Welcome third trimester!  Like I said last week, I’m not sure we’re going to be getting along very well…

Still having some aches and pains, but my sciatic nerve is better and the doctor told me last week that some of the pelvic pain I was having last week was probably Round Ligament pain.  I’ve had RL pain throughout my pregnancy, but now it’s travelled a little farther down in my nether regions.  Luckily, it’s not an all day pain, just every once in awhile.

I also randomly have ankle pain in my left ankle.  We went to a baby shower for some of our friends last weekend, and I came home with some uncomfortable pain in my ankle – nothing to bad, and I honestly just thought it was some muscle cramps since that’s the leg that has been bothering me at night.  Well, my ankle still hurts days later, so I’m pretty sure I aggravated a tendon in there.  How?  I have no idea – I’m not sure it’s even pregnancy related, but that’s what I’m blaming it on.

I’m still sleeping OK.  I wake  up every 2 hours to turn over to my other side, use the bathroom (some nights), and stretch out my legs.  If I stretch them out completely with toes pointed, I will get a massive calf cramp in my left leg since I spend the majority of the night on my left side.  But, I’ve figured out that if I flex my feet while I stretch them out, I won’t get the cramp.  Strange, but it works.

In other pregnancy news, I started + finished painting the nursery this week!  Remember when it looked like this?




Well, we’ve moved some things around and cleaned it out quite a bit, though it still needs some work.




Obviously, the ladder + box springs will be moving, as well as the bookshelf.  I am IN LOVE with it!  I ended up not going with any of the colors I originally had on the wall and went instead with a lime green paint swatch Pottery Barn gave me, so it should match the bedding I’m getting!  I am so excited to finally get this room looking like a nursery – and we have a crib to finally stick in there!  It’s still in the box right now, but it will be assembled in the next week or so!  (I am the messiest painter ever and didn’t want to risk getting paint on my beautiful crib.)

Another big thing we (might have) decided this week is a name!  We’ve been between 2 for awhile now and the names are so similar that it made it difficult to choose one.  But, I think we finally settled on one!  I’m not going to reveal it yet because it’s not a for sure thing yet (although I’ve told a few people, but it might change), but I will tell you that it starts with an M!  I could probably even give you more than that without revealing the name (that’s how similar these 2 names are), but I want to leave you all a little bit surprised!

I’ve started calling her by the name just to see if it fits and I really like it.  The only reason I’m not 100% yet is because every once in awhile I’ll catch myself saying the other name.  Oops!  So, we’ll see…

And since I am now officially in the third trimester, I figured we could do a few comparison photos!

Week 14 – I can’t believe I even thought I was showing at 14 weeks!


Week 21 – definitely noticeable


Week 25 – OK, I’m definitely pregnant here.


Week 28 – Holy Tummy!  Where the heck did that come from?!


I feel like I’m getting bigger every day!  It’s definitely harder to bend down and get up from chairs, but so totally worth it!

I am so in love with this little girl.  I just want her to get here now!  12 weeks to go!

  • Jen

    Ahh you look so cute! I hope I look that adorable in 9 more weeks 🙂

    I love the nursery! We are going with light green walls too!

    • Kristen

      You will totally look “that cute” in 9 more weeks! (BTW, saw the Target maternity shirt in your pics yesterday – I have the exact same one. Sooo comfy!) I used Pottery Barn colors (since that’s where our bedding is from) and just had them match it at Home Depot with cheaper paint (they have low-VOC Behr paint and I could definitely tell a difference with my super Spidy sense of smell).

  • I absolutely love the color of the nursery! Can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

  • You are ADORABLE!!!!! and I love your color choice for the nursery!!!!

  • Mary Kratochvil

    Love the color of the nursery and your blog.

    • Kristen

      Thanks Mary! I was in Chicago this past weekend – you have some nasty construction on 55 near Mt. Olive! Not fun!