baby bump: week 27

Why, hello, (almost) third trimester… I have a feeling we will not be getting along well…

A lot has happened this week.  Pretty much the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I’m going to start with the bad and the ugly so that we end on a positive note because that’s just how I roll.

The Bad
We have our 28 week check up today (don’t worry, that’s not bad), which means, time to drink the nasty glucose formula for my 1-hour glucose test.  Blech.  Not exactly looking forward to chugging my nasty orange drink later this afternoon, but I will be happy to have that over with.

My belly is now big enough that I am not only starting to waddle a bit, but I am also having difficulty picking up anything off the floor from a seated position.  And with my klutziness, this is happens pretty frequently.  I’m probably pretty entertaining to watch right now.


Like I said yesterday, I have been working all this week.  Office work = sitting in front of a computer in the most uncomfortable chair ever made for 8 hours.  I don’t mind the work or making money, but for someone who is used to being on her feet all day, this chair is making my life miserable.  I’m not exaggerating how evil this chair is and I promise I’m not the only one who thinks this.  Which brings me to…

The Ugly
The Evil Chair has brought me to an all new love of discomfort.  Sure, I’ve had my aches and pains throughout pregnancy, but nothing like this.  After just one day of sitting in the Evil Chair, my sciatic nerve has flared up to the point where I can’t bend over without shooting pain up the left side of my lower back.  I also can’t put all my weight on my left leg as the same shooting pain occurs.  Evil Chair has also given me groin pain from crossing my legs and achiness on my right side from just sheer discomfort of sitting for too long.  I’ve manipulated the Chair enough so that I can at least lean back a bit and am now putting my feet on phone books and of course I’m getting up and taking breaks, which has helped a bit, but the pain is still there.  I get it, Evil Chair… you win.

On top of the physical pain I’ve been experiencing, I’ve also had massive heart burn this week.  I was lucky that I haven’t had too much during my pregnancy so far, only when I would eat something really spicy.  But, the past few days have been miserable.  It hits around 4 PM and continues until I fall asleep.  Needless to say, I’m not real interested in eating anything as it continues to make things worse.

Looks like it’s going to be a loooooong third trimester.

The Good
I really hate complaining about my pregnancy because being pregnant and growing this baby has been one of the best experiences of my life and I know I’ve had it pretty easy so far.  This pregnancy has been such a blessing and I don’t want to dwell on the negative aspects of it.  So, I wanted to end with all the good stuff from this week.

A couple of nights ago, when I was dealing with some major heart burn, Matt and I were sitting in bed and decided to play some music for the baby.  We turned on Pandora’s lullaby station on my iPhone and put it up to my stomach.  She kicked a bit, not any more than usual, but I just loved the connection I felt with her.  I can’t see her or hold her, so this is the only way I feel like I can spend time with just her (and Matt, too).  I am now playing music for her every night on my belly to put her to sleep (although I’d rather be singing to her) and I plan to do the same thing after she’s born.

I also was able to purchase our crib this week!  I was going through our registry on Babies ‘R’ Us and noticed that the crib was 25% off, included (almost) free shipping, and I could also get a $20 rebate!  I just couldn’t pass it up since I knew it would save us a bunch of money.  I can’t wait until it gets here and we (Matt) can set it up.  I guess that means I should probably get around to painting the nursery, huh?

I definitely feel like my belly is huge this week!  I have gotten a ton of comments on it lately.  Random strangers have been asking me how far along I am, and the people I haven’t seen at my mom’s office in awhile are commenting and asking me all sorts of questions.  It’s fun to really be showing… maybe now I can get up the courage to park in the “Expectant and New Mother” parking at the grocery store.


13 weeks left… and only a trimester to go!

  • oh no! i’m sorry you’ve been in pain. sitting for 8 hours a day isn’t fun for anyone – i can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must be when you’re pregnant.

    on the bright side – you really do look great! 🙂 that’s awesome that the baby likes your music nights!

  • Looking good!!

  • Had to tell you, the birthing ball, exercise ball, whatever you want to call it, was the only comfortable seat in my third trimester. Hope you feel better!

    • Kristen

      Oooh, I didn’t even think of that! I might have to try that out!

  • So funny how similar our 27 week posts are 🙂 I’m having all those same back pains tonight because I sat in my office chair all day. I’m normally on my feet all day, but today called for 8 hours of paperwork. OUCH!

    and I didn’t know about the lullaby station on Pandora! THANK YOU!!!!!!
    Kristy @ Breath of Sunshine recently posted..Maute Moo Update – Week 27

    • Kristen

      I have to say that 11 weeks later I am actually feeling WAY better than at 27 weeks! I don’t think I was quite as prepared as you are at 27 weeks though!

      You should also check out the Rockabye Baby station on Pandora – they made lullabies out of rock hits! Ha!