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Is it just me, or does it feels like the weeks are flying by?  Not that I’m complaining!  Seriously, I already go back to the doctor next week (and have my glucose test, ick)… how did 4 weeks go by so quickly?!

My hunger has been raging this week.  Seriously, I will eat a meal and an hour later I’m hungry again.  The past few nights, I will eat a nice sized dinner and feel full, only to be ravenous for dessert not too long after.  And then, after I already eat dessert, I will be hungry again before I go to bed.  Baby girl must be going through some kind of growth spurt in there because this is the first time I’ve actually felt REALLY hungry during pregnancy.

It’s actually gotten to the point where if I do get hungry, I start to feel sick to my stomach.  Especially if I’m in the car.  I’ve never really had a problem with motion sickness, but if I’m trying to read or look at my phone (as a passenger of course) on an empty stomach while in the car, I will feel completely nauseous.  I’ve started packing snacks with me so that if I do start feeling icky, I can eat something and it will go away.

Along with this hunger has been some major cravings lately.  Pizza, French fries, and ice cream.  Thank goodness my blog is about ice cream/frozen custard so I have a reason to talk Matt into going to get, oh, shakes at 11 PM.  I was also very tempted get an order of fries with our shakes the other day.  Matt and I were laying in bed the other night watching Unique Sweets on Cooking Channel and all I could think about was how much I wanted pizza – not the sickeningly rich sweets they were showing, which is not like me at all!  Thankfully, we got pizza for dinner on our way back from Gulf Shores and I have been able to munch on that the past couple days!  Pizza is probably one of my favorite foods anyway, but I haven’t had out of control cravings for it like this before.  I could eat it every meal of every day!  At least I get veggie pizza so there’s some nutrients in it!

My belly is getting bigger daily.  My small t-shirts hardly cover my belly enough anymore to wear to the gym and my running shorts ride up like crazy.  I am also starting to notice it is harder to bend over and be able to breathe at the same time.  She’s definitely pushing up into my diaphragm more and more.  I will notice that I am out of breath while just sitting on the couch because she is pressing up into my lungs.  Awesome…

Still not looking so much pregnant from the front.


But, turn to the side and BAM!  There’s the belly!


I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world!  14 more weeks…