baby bump: week 22

Matt + I are officially into nesting mode.  We went to go register this past weekend and I was completely overwhelmed by how much I don’t know about what I need for this baby!  There are so many things to choose from.  Which one is best?  What is the safest choice for our little girl?  Does that color go with the room?  My frugal side always wants to kick in and register for the cheapest thing, but I know cheap just isn’t always going to cut it.

In all honesty, I felt like an epic failure once we walked out of the store.  We hardly registered for anything and I had no idea where to begin.  Luckily, some of my lovely mommy friends came to my aid with my plea for help on Facebook.  I have been doing some major research on what exactly I need and what is going to work best for our family.  The next time we walk in to the store to register, I will be completely prepared and hopefully a little less stressed than the last time!

Besides registering, we made a little progress on the nursery.  My daybed from college used to hang out in that room and now has made it’s home in my office.  The changes are really starting to sink it.  Once we finished moving the bed today, I just sat in my office realizing we are actually going to be having a baby.  Seriously… how did this just NOW hit me?  I can definitely tell you it’s not because I have no belly.
Oh yes, it has definitely made it’s presence known, as has my little girl and the party she’s been having in my tummy.  She LOVES kicking and rolling after dinner, when her belly’s fed and her mama is relaxing on the couch.  She also loves bedtime, which is when she kicks the hardest.  Well, that is until Daddy puts his hand on my tummy.  She does not like to kick for her daddy, which I know drives him up the wall.  But, I know it won’t be long until her kicks are consistent and Matt will get to feel them constantly.  I feel so sorry for him that he doesn’t get to experience what I get to everyday.

We are still working on names for our little girl.  We have one that we both really like and works well with the middle name we have picked out, but I don’t know if it’s her name.  I keep wanting to call her Lucy since that’s my current baby’s name.


No, we won’t be naming her Lucy as well (it took us long enough to figure out Lucy’s name).  Hopefully a light bulb will go off and we’ll have the perfect name for my beautiful little girl.  And soon, because I think I’m confusing that cat since I talk to my belly all the time…

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  • Your belly looks super cute! I have heard how hard registering for a baby is. I made my friends Missy and Julie swear that they would go with me to help me when that time comes!
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