baby bump: week 21

Can I officially say we are over halfway now?

Baby Bug has been extremely active this week.  She is now kicking me several times a day, usually when I am relaxing on the couch or laying in bed, but it is definitely much more often than it has been.  While week 20 brought about Matt finally feeling her kick, week 21 brought on actually seeing my belly move!  Probably one of the coolest experiences ever!  Seriously, when is this going to stop being amazing?!  I get the biggest, goofiest grin on my face when I feel her kick.  I just absolutely love it!

I also had a stranger comment on my pregnancy.  I was at Home Depot picking up some sample paint colors (see below) and the extremely nice worker commented that I must be painting a nursery.  It made my day!  Plus, he was very helpful, letting me know all about different paint swatches and answering my questions about primer and covering up those stupid decals the previous owner of our house left on the wall.

And while we’re on the subject of the nursery, it is sloooooowly coming along.  I’ve gotten the go-ahead from Matt to do whatever I wanted with the nursery – SCORE!  Well, I probably would’ve done what I wanted to anyway, but I always like his opinion.  I am taking my inspiration from Young House Love and their baby girl’s nursery – my dream nursery.  I registered for our bedding at Pottery Barn yesterday, and narrowed the wall colors down to 3 paint colors.


I don’t really like #3 – it’s just too dark for my liking. But I’m stuck between #1 + #2.  (They look a little different in person than the do in the picture.)  I don’t know if I want a lime green color or a mint green color.  I have a little more time to decide and of course I will let you know how that goes.

We are actually going to be registering this weekend and I can’t wait!  However, I am realizing more + more just how clueless I am when it comes to what I need for the baby.  I am utilizing online checklists to figure some stuff out, but I also think I’m going to enlist the help of some friends’ gift registries from when they had their babies.  And also ask newer parents what I absolutely need and what is completely pointless to put on a registry.

And that brings us to the Baby Bump:


My belly has gotten so much bigger in the past week!  It helps that I finally bought some good maternity clothes that really accentuate the bump, but I certainly don’t mind showing it off!  And just for kicks, my belly at 14 weeks, when I was just barely starting to show.

Yup, I think there’s a baby in there now!

How is it that I can love something so incredibly much and she’s not even born yet?!

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