baby bump: week 20

Woohoo!  I am officially halfway through my pregnancy!  But, man, it felt like it took a long time to get to this point – and I didn’t find out I was pregnant until week 5

I am continually asked how I am feeling.  I have said it all along that my pregnancy has been super easy.  I hardly had any nausea and have been living as normal as possible, just with a few restrictions and a bigger belly.  However, with the weather as hot as it’s been lately, I have not been feeling my best being outside on my feet all day long. 

I really have never had a problem with heat; in fact, I prefer it over the cold winter.  I suffer from Reynaud’s Syndrome, which makes my fingers + toes go numb in cold weather.  Not exactly a comfortable experience from December to February.  Although I do get hot in the summer, I am more than happy to sweat my cute little butt off. 

Hot weather in pregnancy is a complete different story.  I sweat, but not nearly as much as I used to.  If I start to get too hot, I feel extremely light headed and have to sit down.  The first time I figured this out was actually Easter morning.  I was singing with my church choir in a hot robe, in a hot church, with really hot spot light on us.  We were standing to sing a song with the orchestra and about halfway through I started to feel really dizzy.  As much as I wanted to continue standing with the rest of the choir, I figured it was probably better for me to sit than to pass out on top of a bunch of people.

With it being so nice outside, we have been taking our PE classes outside, which means sun, heat, and humidity… and of course, no place to sit.  I have been spending a lot of time in the shade and when I get a chance, sitting on the blacktop.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough summer – and a pretty difficult fall once school starts back up again.  But, I’ll be talking more about summer plans tomorrow…

Week 20 Milestones
Matt told me a week or two ago how he was a little jealous of the fact that I could feel our baby girl moving every once in awhile.  I never thought he would actually be jealous of pregnancy, but I do understand being jealous of the bonding experience I get before the baby arrives.

But, all that changed, at least a little, last night.  We were laying in bed watching TV and the baby started giving me a couple good kicks.  I grabbed Matt’s hand and put in on my belly.  Sure enough, she did it again – and he felt it!  I think I’m more excited he could feel it than he is!  It just solidifies that I actually AM feeling her rolling around in me… it is the coolest experience ever!  I smile ear-to-ear every time I feel a little thump in my belly.

Week 20 Baby Bump
I gave you a little preview of my running bump earlier this week, so why not a real belly shot this time…


Thank goodness my job requires me to wear workout clothes, otherwise I’d need a whole new wardrobe a lot earlier.  I do need to start looking for some maternity shorts though… I don’t think my jeans will cut it this summer.

Here’s hoping the second half of pregnancy goes as well as the first!

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  • All you bloggers have the cutest baby bumps! Someday when I’m pregnant, I’ll be pregnant all over… that’s what my mom says happened to her. In fact, she says she’s “STILL pregnant in places!!!”

    And I’d like to work some place where I have to where gym clothes. Oh, that would be amazing.
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  • Congratulations on the baby and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well too!