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First of all, I can say that I am one proud mama.  We were able to see our baby and now have a bunch of pictures, and I am showing them off like crazy!  Our baby is so stinking cute, even if still in the womb!


Baby is measuring perfectly, if not just a tad bit behind – closer to October 13 than October 9, but since the dates are so close, we are leaving it at October 9.  Baby was so active in my belly too.  The only reason I’m not feeling more kicks is because the placenta is attached to the front wall of my uterus.  Boo.  But, as Baby grows, I should start to feel more and more!  The little thumps I feel every once in awhile make my day every time.


Oh, big yawn!  Baby was a little bored yesterday since Mama is usually on her feet all day and was instead sitting the majority of the day!

At one point, Baby’s legs were all stretched out – oh yeah, we have a runner on our hands!  They were some cute muscular legs!  We might have the next Ryan Hall or Kara Goucher on our hands.


OK, I’m done teasing… are you dying to know now (those of you I haven’t told yet)?  We told her in the beginning that we wanted her to put it in an envelop for us to open in private together later in the evening.  After she was done checking everything and taking a bunch of picture for us – everything is perfect, by the way – she turned off the TV monitor and turned her computer screen, found what she was looking for, and stuck it in an envelop.


We were going to wait until TONIGHT to open it, but we ended up having more time than we originally thought, and I mean, come on, we just couldn’t stand the suspense anymore.  Matt said his heart was racing and he was nervous.  I was just so excited to finally be able to attach “he” or “she” to the little Bug in my tummy.

We decided to visit where our relationship started:  Fritz’s!  We ordered and sat down stood by a bench to open the envelop.  And this is what we saw:
  100_4174          100_4185
IT’S A GIRL!  I should have stuck with my original thought all along!  We were both so surprised though since we both thought for sure it was going to be a boy.  Now, we’re both trying to get used to the fact that we’re going to have a little girl instead of a boy!

Initial reactions:  I cried, of course.  Seriously, I haven’t cried this much in years – thanks pregnancy hormones.  Matt just kept on repeating, “All those ‘boys’.” (Not his exact words, but I like to keep my blog PG.)  What he was referring to was had we had a boy, we’d only have to worry about that ONE boy; now we have to worry about all those OTHER boys!  And of course, his other thought was, “Now we have to pay for a wedding…”  But, he is excited and actually quoted Sex and the City by saying it must be his lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful women.  *Swoon*  I married a wonderful man…

We are so excited for our little girl to arrive!  Unfortunately, we had a boy named picked out and are still tossing around several girl names, so she’s still going to be referred to by Baby Bug or Mini for awhile.  That didn’t stop me from going to buy some cute little things for her though!



Bows and headbands will be worn pretty much the day she decides to make her appearance, and I’m sorry but those Mary Jane socks are entirely too cute!  Matt’s sister already bought her a few outfits and bibs!

Oh, and don’t think we didn’t eat our Fritz’s – a new favorite for me:  Peanut Butter custard with Oreos and caramel.  And Matt got a black cow, which is basically a blended up root beer float.



Week 19 Bump Pic

photo (4) It’s getting bigger!  I really feel like I’ve popped out in the last day or two.  I used to be able to cover it up at the gym a bit, but now, not so much!  I wonder when the guys I lift along side of will realize I’m pregnant and not just drinking too much beer?

Week 19 Milestones
Well, other than the obvious milestones this week… Finally caved and bought maternity clothes as you can see in the picture above – new maternity jeans, and 2 swimsuits since our summer vacations will be here before we know it!

I am so incredibly in love with this little girl and she’s not even here yet!  21 more weeks…