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Another week down, another week closer to Baby Bug arriving!  I know I say this pretty much every week, but I still can’t believe I have a BABY growing inside of me!  But, I am loving every minute of it!

A little background on where the name Baby Bug came from – it’s really not something I just pulled out of my butt.  Our last name is Van Horn, and when you have a last name that can be found in the dictionary, it makes it extra fun to find names that go with your last name.  Of course, these are also names we would NEVER use once the baby is born, but it’s fun to use them while we can.

So, you have to think of words that go with a van.  We have come up with 3 so far: 

  1. Mini or Minnie Van Horn – of course, this can only be used for a girl, so we are limiting the use until we know for sure what we’re having
  2. Kara or Cara Van Horn – this is Matt’s newest creation and probably the most normal of all, and a definite NO when it comes to really choosing a baby name
  3. Volkswagon Van Horn – this is by far my favorite, just because it’s simply hilarious to me

So, of course, I had to go with the crazy one and have thus dubbed my baby Volkswagon.  (Right now, I am feeling lucky that I am not the SIZE of a Volkswagon, even though I feel like it sometimes.)  Since Volkswagon is a bit too long of a name, it has been shortened to V.W., V-Dub, and Bug.  I’m kinda fond of Baby Bug, so that’s what I’m calling baby until further named.

17 Week Milestones
I’m still pretty sure I haven’t felt any movement yet, which is really getting me worried/upset/frustrated.  I know that baby kicks can be different for anyone and can be felt anytime from 16 to 22 weeks, but I am DYING over here!  I just want to know my baby is in there and just kickin’ away!

One milestone that came a little early and I’ll talk more about next week is that I received my very first ever Mother’s Day card!  My best friend’s/college roommate’s parents (who are also like a second family to me) sent me a Mother’s Day card!  How sweet is that!  Thank you so much, Karen + Rick!  It made my day getting that in the mail!  I can’t wait to sort of, halfway celebrate this weekend with our families!

This past weekend was spent with my very pregnant cousin, Ananda.  Her baby shower was this weekend and now I have a TON of ideas for our nursery and I actually found THE PERFECT jogging stroller! 

I introduce you to the Baby Trends Expedition ELX.  I plan on getting back into running as soon as the doctor will let me after I deliver Baby Bug, and this will be perfect since I will be able to use it while the baby is still tiny.  (Most jogging strollers you have to wait until the baby can hold his or her head up.)  Now, THAT makes me excited to get back to my pre-preggo body.

Week 17 Challenges
Something new I wanted to start this week.  I don’t necessarily like being negative about things, but pregnancy brings challenges, as you can tell from my last post on being a pregnant runner.  But, every week, new things come up that make bring challenges associated with pregnancy.

I have recently been dealing with sleeping.  Not that I can’t sleep – there are very few nights where it is difficult to get to sleep.  I am usually so exhausted by the time I get home that sleep is pretty easy. However, I am to the point now where sleeping on my back isn’t an option anymore.  That really isn’t much of a problem, but I tend to worry about all these little things.  I am so nervous that I am going to roll over on to my back and not even realize it and something’s going to happen to my baby.  I’m just so nervous to do something wrong, it’s all I think about.  And usually when I’m thinking about it too much, I have trouble thinking.  Ugh.  Frustrating.

I also worry constantly that something is wrong.  I still don’t feel the baby kicks, so I never know if everything is OK.  I’m also almost to the halfway mark of pregnancy and I don’t feel like I’m showing very much, which makes me nervous that Baby isn’t growing enough.  I have gained weight and, as you will see, my bump is getting a little bit bigger, but I still don’t feel like I look pregnant.  Oh, the joy of pregnancy hormones causing all these worries…

Now that I have all that off my chest…

Baby Bump Pic of the Week
Like I said, I spent some time with my very pregnant cousin.  Ananda is due at the end of May with a little baby boy!  (Can you tell?  She is carrying so high!  If you look back to last week’s picture, my friend due in June is only 2 weeks behind with a girl – oh yeah, all 3 of them are having girls now – and is carrying so much lower!  Crazy!)  So, we had to take a picture of our baby bumps together before her baby boy arrives!


Luckily, my bump is still bigger than Matt’s, but it’s still pretty little.  But, I do see it popping out more and more every week.  Now, if only it would start looking more like a baby bump and less of a beer belly!