baby bump #2: 37 weeks

Full term!  I’m still in shock that we are having a baby in 14 days!  This pregnancy went by so fast.  And yes, I am counting down the days until Baby Day…


Baby Bump 2 - 37 weeks

Our checkup on Friday went great!  My fundal height was 35 cm, which is a little behind, but for the most part, right on since I’m 37 weeks today.  His little heart beat sounded amazing, as always, and everything else seemed pretty perfect!  We didn’t have her check for any progress, as I seriously doubt there is anything going on down there.  I’m still pretty comfortable (he moved down a little this week, so rib pain has not been as much of an issue) so I’m not too worried about going earlier than the 22nd.  But, I probably do need to figure out a plan, just in case.

I’ve been told a few times this week how big I am (a student told me I looked like I was having triplets), while others have told me that my pictures make me look bigger than I really am.  I feel big, but I also think that I am much smaller than the pictures.  I figured it’s time for another comparison photo as well…

Pregnancy - 37 weeks

Not much different, except that I look older and wear less makeup now…


I haven’t been quite as exhausted this past week.  I don’t know if it was having a few days off for Thanksgiving that helped me catch up on sleep (finally), but I actually didn’t feel that I had to fall asleep on the couch at 8 PM.  I still did take a nap pretty much every night on the couch, but it was more because I could, not because I really needed to.

The ice eating issue has also gotten worse.  I seriously have been craving it.  I actually broke one of our glasses last night while trying to eat a piece of ice.  How that happens, I don’t know.  But, I think I have a problem.  Or I just need to keep eating it out of my Tervis instead of out of a glass…


This was probably one of the best weeks I’ve had as far as workouts have gone.  I’m still amazed with how comfortable I have been (for the most part) with running.  I honestly think regular chiropractic visits and adjustments have made all the difference between this pregnancy and last.  I had no hip flexor pain this week and very little pubic symphysis pain, which made running much more comfortable.  There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll make it through these next 2 weeks running.  My mileage has definitely dropped off as pregnancy has progressed, but that’s to be expected.  I also did more CrossFit running workouts, that made running much more bearable.

Monday:  CrossFit WOD w/ 2 miles running + 20 minutes Elliptical
Tuesday:  CrossFit WOD w/ 3 miles running
Wednesday:  2 treadmill miles + CrossFit WOD
Thursday:  2 treadmill miles + CrossFit WOD w/ 1 mile running
Friday:  rest day
Saturday:  3 mile easy run
Sunday:  rest day
Total:  13 miles


Baby Stuff

Matt and I spent all day on Saturday painting Moose’s room, then spent Sunday touching up the paint, cleaning out the closet, and getting his nursery all set up!  Besides washing the sheets, his room is ready to go!  I even got his clothes washed this week and have his stuff ready to take to the hospital sitting out and ready to be packed.  (Yes, I am waiting until the weekend before to pack the hospital bags.  I at least have a list in my head, right?!)  I am absolutely in LOVE with his room and can’t wait to show you guys!  My plan is to do sort of a “holiday house tour” before he arrives, so you can finally see our new house, even though we still have nothing on the walls and won’t for a little while longer.  I even got Kenna’s room pretty much set up and put away, which made me feel sooooo much better.


I’m actually starting to feel prepared for Moose to get here.  We have somewhat of a plan for the hospital, how we are going to celebrate Christmas a few days later (even if I am out of the hospital by then), and how to make sure MacKenna feels loved amidst all the chaos of bringing a new baby home.  I bought her a change and feed doll this weekend, as well as a toddler Ergo, so that she can carry her baby around, just like I will (hopefully) be doing with Moose.  And we’ve officially decided that since I have yet to get Christmas cards printed (I’ve made them but need to get them printed, addressed, and sent), we might as well wait and send a card and birth announcement at the same time.  So, family + friends, you can expect your card from us a little bit later this year…

14 days!!!!!!!!!!!