baby bump #2: 34 weeks

It’s official!  We’re having a baby 5 weeks from today!  But, I’ll talk more about that in just a minute…


Baby Bump 2 - 34 weeks

I had my 33 week checkup on Friday (we haven’t been doing the “every 2 weeks” thing, which is just fine since my pregnancy has been easy-peasy for the most part).  I am measuring exactly 33 weeks, heart rate sounded wonderful (LOVE hearing his little heart beat – nothing can beat that sound, well, except maybe MacKenna’s giggle), and I’ve officially gained about 20 pounds.  According to my scale (that I finally went and put a battery in this week), I’ve gained more like 25, but I have no idea what my starting weight was, so it could really only be 20 pounds.  I’m definitely satisfied with that!

Even though I am right on track for weight gain, I have been feeling pretty big lately.  Of course, it doesn’t help when people tell me how big I’ve gotten or how much bigger I am that I was with MacKenna.  But, I really am not any bigger with Moose than I was with Kenna.  I keep thinking that maybe he won’t be a 5 pound baby, but I’m starting to think that if he is bigger than Kenna was, it’s not going to be by too much…

Pregnancy - 34 weeks


I have really felt great the past couple of weeks.  Yes, I’m getting uncomfortable and always exhausted, but for the most part, I have no complaints.  I have no swelling, rings are still on, and the majority of my work clothes (which are workout clothes) still fit comfortably.  My skin is itchy and if I sit too long, I walk with a nice limp, thanks to pubic symphysis pain, but seriously, I can’t complain with how great I have felt this pregnancy.  Even now, relative to my pregnancy with MacKenna, I am much more comfortable.  And believe me, I am extremely thankful for that!

Still eating/craving ice, which it didn’t help that I had a sore throat and cough for the last week.  That was the only thing that made it feel any better.  I’ve also been craving comfort food – anything warm and/or cheesy sounds like the perfect meal.


I had a really great week of workouts this week, except for the fact that it’s been too cold for this wimpy girl, and I ended up on the treadmill the majority of the week.  I hate the treadmill and have avoided it for the last few months (even though it scares me to death to run outside at 4 AM), and if running while pregnant wasn’t hard enough, running on a treadmill while pregnant definitely takes the cake.  Much more walking than usual, but I have to be OK with that.  Shoot, I’m 34 weeks and still running 5-6 days each week, even if it is only 2-3 miles at a time.  Again, can’t complain…

Monday:  PiYo Lower Body + 3 mile easy run
Tuesday:  PiYo Sweat + 2 mile treadmill run
Wednesday:  PiYo Upper Body + 2 mile treadmill run
Thursday:  PiYo Sweat + 3 mile treadmill run
Friday:  PiYo Strength Intervals + 3 mile treadmill run
Saturday:  rest
Sunday:  rest


Baby Stuff

So, as I’ve mentioned briefly before, I’ve decided to have a scheduled C-section.  I went into this pregnancy knowing that I wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section).  I mean, my intention with MacKenna was a natural childbirth in the first place.  But, I ended up being induced (strike #1) and she was wanting to come out nose first instead of head first (strike #2), so I ended up with a C-section, despite really not wanting one at the time.

So, yes, I completely intended to try the whole natural childbirth thing again.  Until I learned about my maternity benefits (um, nothing really) and that I wouldn’t have pay taken out of my salary any day the school is closed.  That would include any breaks, snow days, or other days off we have during the time I am on maternity leave.  Every other day (except for the sick days that I have saved up), they deduct a certain amount of pay from my paycheck.  All of a sudden, the labor and delivery part became unimportant and spending as much time as possible at home with my baby boy sounded much more appealing.

I will be 39 weeks on December 22nd – the first day of our winter break.  Legally, my doctor cannot take him any earlier than 39 weeks unless their is a medical reason to do so.  This would give me 2 whole weeks extra of maternity leave since it doesn’t not count toward my 60 days through FMLA.  Plus, Matt will be off during that time to help us adjust to being a family of 4.  To me, it just made the most sense and would take the guess work out of the whole labor and delivery thing.

So, I am scheduled for a C-section on December 22nd!  All of a sudden, things got real.  We have so much to get done in the next 5 weeks!  But, I am getting more and more excited about Moose’s arrival!  I may or may not be home for Christmas (my OB thinks there is a chance for me to come home the afternoon of the 24th), but we are going to try to make Christmas, whether it’s on December 25th or not, as special for MacKenna as possible.  It definitely won’t be our normal Christmas where we go to church and open presents on Christmas Eve and then spend Christmas Day with our extended families, but that’s OK.  I’m excited to be celebrating Moose’s first Christmas this year and enjoying being a family of 4.  Whoa…

  • jen

    it’s sorta nice knowing when it’s going to happen. i had a surprise c-section with our 1st and opted for one with our 2nd and 3rd. both times i was only in the hospital 2 nights (the night i had them and one more) and i was home by noon the 3rd. if you feel good enough and want to come, just keep asking! repeat c-sections were soooo much easier to recover from in my opinion. good luck!

    • That’s what I keep hearing. And my OB was pretty sure I could be out by the afternoon of the 3rd day, which would be the 24th. Still ruins Christmas plans (I guess no church for us this year), but at least we’d be home Christmas morning for MacKenna’s sake!

  • Sarah

    Exciting! Christmas baby. And you actually look smaller this time.

    • I thought I did too! But, it might be how I’m standing as well.

  • Renee

    That’s my birthday AND my husband’s Birthday, it’s a great day to be born! Everyone should have that birthday 😉

  • Heather Montgomery

    congrats! What a great Christmas gift!

  • Melissa

    So exciting. As a working mama, I can totally relate to your decision making process. Fingers crossed you have an easier recovery this time. I had a scheduled c-section with my first (he was breech). The first 36 hours were tough but the more you move the faster you heal. We stayed 3 nights at the hospital then were more than ready to get home. Lots of luck to your growing family!

    • Kristen

      I spent 3 nights after MacKenna was born and yes, I was beyond ready to go home at that point!

  • Lauren George

    You so do not look big! You look fabulous! I always got so frustrated when people would say that to me at the end of pregnancy. Like that is ever an appropriate thing to say. What an absolutely perfect Christmas present!

    • Kristen

      Thank you!

  • Kim

    So exciting! I am sure everything will be great! I had a scheduled c-section with my first because she was breech, attempted a VBAC with my second (my son) but after going 9 days overdue and being in labor for 19 hours ended up having an emergency c-section. Kind of made me wish I had just scheduled it! Scheduled c-sections go so smoothly and recovery really is much easier the second time. I will be praying for you over the next couple months!

    • Kristen

      That’s part of the reason why I decided to do a scheduled c-section too. And I’ve also heard the recovery is easier the second time around, which is great since my first was easy!

  • momslrb

    You are so cute! I can’t wait to see Baby Runner!

  • Brenda

    Just curious, if you go into labor before the 22 will you attempt a vbac since you’d still have all the time off over Christmas break?

    • Good question… I honestly don’t know if she’d let me since I already elected to have a C-section. But, it’s not something I’m too concerned about since I went a week late with MacKenna.