baby bump #2: 33 weeks

I seriously cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone so far.  Of course, being busy from 19 to 30 weeks probably helped with that a little bit, but man, I just can’t believe how soon Moose is going to be here!  And how much I still have to do before he gets here!


baby bump 2- 33 weeks

I know it’s pretty tough to see with a black shirt, but does anyone else think I look like I dropped?  I have had a few people tell me that I look like I have, and with the amount of kicks/pressure I am getting down in the cervix region, I might have to agree.  Comparison of the last 3 weeks…

Pregnancy 2 - dropped

Eh.  Maybe a little.  But, I can definitely say I’ve been more uncomfortable this week than I have throughout my entire pregnancy.  I’m still fairly comfortable, but pressure and kicking has not been my favorite… and it HURTS.


Besides tons of pressure and kicks to the cervix, I’m still exhausted.  I’m extremely thankful that I’ve actually been able to “go to bed” early (a.k.a. fall asleep on the couch at 8 PM) since I haven’t really had work to do at home.  I mean, I’ve had homework, but I’ve been trying to get some of it done during my plan time so that I can fall asleep early.  But, I did end up with some insomnia this week, thanks to all those kicks in a not so fun place.  As much as I enjoy feeling him kick as much as he does (as compared to MacKenna), keeping me from sleeping does not make me a happy mama.

I’ve had a few more contractions as well.  I don’t go back to the doctor until Friday, but I doubt she will check me.  I don’t think she checked until 36 weeks, but I might be wrong with that.  I wouldn’t be surprised if something was going on down there though.  I swear I feel his foot come out sometimes…


I’m pretty happy with how my workouts went this past week.  But, I will admit that running has been much more uncomfortable because of the pressure I’m feeling down there.  I’m also still trying to get used to running in the afternoon, which I’m sure hasn’t helped.  But, I have absolutely LOVED doing PiYo in the morning!  I’m hoping to stick with it the next 6-7 weeks so that I have some strength going in to birth and the time off after.  It will definitely be my go to after pregnancy until I can finally jump in to T25 to get my rear back in shape!

Monday:  PiYo Lower Body + 3 mile run (10:50/mile)
Tuesday:  PiYo Upper Body + 2 mile run (9:41/mile)
Wednesday:  PiYo Sweat + 3 mile run (9:44/mile)
Thursday:  PiYo Strength Intervals + 2 mile run (9:42/mile)
Friday:  5K race (recap coming Wednesday!)
Saturday:  rest day
Sunday:  rest day
Total:  13.1 miles


Baby Stuff

One of the best things about Moose’s nickname is that there are a TON of moose clothes out right now!  I went a little moose-obsessed this weekend down in Branson shopping with my mother in-law.  He will be decked out in moose clothes for the first 3 months of his life!


Shopping for clothes for him recently (I looked in his closet and realized I have NOTHING for him) got me really excited for him to get here!  Matt and I spent some much needed time talking this weekend on our way down to Branson about godparents (which we amazingly both had the same idea) and middle names (which we are still working on).  We both agreed that as we get closer to Christmas, we are getting more and more excited!  I am by far more nervous that I am excited, but I am looking forward to actually meeting this little active guy and seeing what he looks like!  Is he going to look like Kenna at all, or is he going to come out with a full head of dark hair?

We are planning for MacKenna meeting him as well.  We are going to have the 2 exchange gifts in the hospital when they meet to sort of ease the transition a little.  I don’t think we can actually really prepare her for another baby in the house, but I am hoping with how much she likes to help me around the house and change her babies’ diapers that she might do OK.  Except when I have to divide my attention between her and Moose.  We shall see though…

  • Kristen

    You are due around the same time as my sister !

  • Sarah

    my 3 y.o. is obsessed with her new sister! It’s at a point where I am afraid she might hurt her and I cant leave the room with the two of them . So much hugging and cheek pinching and kissing. I was not expecting that. Should have practiced with her. Good luck!

  • Sarah

    I love the moose stuff! When my son was littler, he had a moose outfit with a moose face on the butt, so we called him “moose butt” for a while, ha ha. Sorry you are uncomfortable! I hope it eases up a bit soon.