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We’re having a baby next month!  When the heck did that happen?!  All of a sudden, I looked at my calendar for open weekends and realized that Moose will be here much sooner than we think!  Seriously, I think we have something going on every single weekend until his arrival.  We are going to be trying to jam pack a bunch of stuff in these next 7 weeks just to prepare for him to get here!

But, I will say that Moose and I enjoyed celebrating Halloween with MacKenna this past week.  I took advantage of being pregnant on Halloween to dress up the bump…

Halloween 2014

We had a great time trick-or-treating with Kenna’s BFF Molly in our new neighborhood, even though it was freezing!  We lasted almost an hour before we called it quits and just let the girls eat candy and play at home.  But, we had so much fun and enjoyed getting to sit around the fire pit with the neighbors after the kids went to bed.


Baby Bump 2 - 32 weeks

This has been one of the first weeks where I generally feel huge!  I put on clothes to work out one afternoon and looked down and felt giant.  I am starting to feel the shift in gravity a little more and have fallen forward a few times when I’ve bent down to do something.  But, for the most part, I am still pretty comfortable.


Despite getting more sleep this past week, I have found myself falling asleep on the couch around 9 every night.  I think I just need to start going to bed earlier now that I won’t have nearly as much work to do at home.

I’ve also been having a lot more cravings this week too.  Pasta con broccoli/Alfredo being one of them, but the other lately has been eating ice!  I know that supposedly that is a sign of iron deficiency, but I think it’s just because I’m thirsty all of the time.  I’m hoping that means milk production is gearing up to go.  I never felt thirsty when I was breastfeeding MacKenna and had very low supply with her, so hopefully this is a good thing!  But, it’s also keeping me extremely hydrated, which is also a good thing.


Not my best week of workouts and I paid for it on Saturday.  Not that I didn’t already know this before, but I’m not a fan of running in the afternoon, and pregnancy is making it much harder.  I’m starting PiYo again this week and plan on doing that in the morning (which means I really need to start going to be earlier) and then running when I get home in the afternoon.  But, I definitely am starting to feel each run more and more.  I ran 5 miles Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day limping around, as if I had just run a half or full marathon.  Ugh.  It was not good.

I have my second pregnant race this weekend and I cannot wait!  I actually won this race last year and wish I was going back to defend my title, but it’ll still be fun to run with the bump in tow!

Monday:  3 mile easy run (10:38/mile)
Tuesday:  2 mile easy run (10:19/mile)
Wednesday:  rest day
Thursday:  2 mile easy run (10:45/mile) + 4 rounds of Back Squats 15x (45#) + 400m Run (3 miles total)
Friday:  2 mile easy run (10:00/mile) + 5 rounds of Deadlifts 11x (65#) + 200m Run (2.5 miles total)
Saturday:  5 mile easy run (10:13/mile)
Sunday:  rest day
Total miles:  15.5 miles

Baby Stuff

So, I’ve tried to limit my baby-talk to these weekly posts, but instead of making this post extra long, I will have a separate post later this week about why I’ve decided to have a scheduled C-section instead of a VBAC, as I had originally intended.