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It’s still so weird to think that we’re actually having a boy!  Especially after the first ultrasound (which I realized I totally didn’t post last week, whoops)…


Matt and I are still a little cautious with everything because of that ultrasound.  I’m ready to plan a nursery, but I’m still nervous if it turns out to be a girl.  Ha!  I still trust it and have felt that it was a boy for awhile, but it’s so weird to see baby boy stuff and think that that’s what we’re having.  I’m just so used to my girly girl with princesses and bows and everything pink!  It’ll definitely be a change!

The Bump

Pregnancy - 22 weeks

It feels like I’m growing every day!  But, at this point in the school year (crazy to think we’re only one week in), I’m so busy that there are times I totally forget I’m pregnant.  Until someone asks me about the baby (which is literally all day long) or I remember that I have to pee (which I sometimes forget about too).  I’m thankful that I can still wear pretty much all my clothes still, except my coaching polos, which are just too short to cover up the bump, even with a tank top.  Once we get into colder weather (please come back soon – I’m not liking the 100 degree temps we’ve had this past week) I’m going to have to go out and find some jeans and dress pants, as well as some tops.  But, I think I have a little bit longer…


I’m hoping my exhaustion has reached it’s peak.  I’m pretty sure it really has nothing to do with pregnancy and more with the lack of sleep I’m getting, but being pregnant on top of that is just making it worse.  And having to drive to school in the morning has been miserable.  I’ve started drinking water on my way to work (I can only drink coffee from a restaurant or gas station now because it just tastes better) because it is helping keep me awake a little better.  And I’m doing my best to be strict about my bedtime.  Some of my work/volleyball things can wait, but sometimes it can’t.  I won’t lie that I’m ready for the season to be over already just so that I can have some of my time back and get a little more sleep!

I’m still thankful that I’m not really having any aversions and that my meals have been mostly healthy.  My PiYo challenge group with Madeline has been extremely helpful with keeping my eating on track.  I’m still eating plenty of food (3 meals a day plus 2 to 3 snacks) but I’m making much healthier choices for the most part.  I don’t think I ever would have chosen to eat a salad with MacKenna but they are just tasting so good right now!  Hopefully this means Moose will be a much better eater than his sister!


Because of being so exhausted, my workouts haven’t been great.  I got a mile into my run on Friday and just plain felt uncomfortable.  So, I decided to stop and skip my PiYo workout and sleep for an extra 30 minutes on the couch instead.  I’m starting to realize more and more that I need to be getting more rest.  The extra active rest day off of running has helped, but I think I will soon be adding in another one and giving myself a little more sleep.  I’ve got about 8 weeks left of volleyball (our first game is tomorrow) and then workouts will be only in the afternoon and I will be getting an extra hour of sleep – in our NEW HOUSE, I might add!

Monday:  3 mile treadmill run + PiYo Lower Body
Tuesday:  4 mile run
Wednesday:  PiYo Sweat
Thursday:  4 mile run
Friday:  1 mile treadmill run
Saturday:  5 mile run
Sunday:  rest day


Baby Stuff

Now that I’m back in school, I’ve had to start thinking about maternity leave.  With MacKenna, I took 12 weeks unpaid through FMLA and had to pay for my insurance.  At the time, I was a full-time employee paid hourly.  Now, I have a salary paying job in an actual school district, so I was hoping that my maternity benefits would be a little bit better.

Unfortunately, it looks like I will be taking FMLA again, unpaid (they will actually pull from my paychecks since it’s already divided up by 12 months) but they will pay for my insurance and I have about 3 weeks worth of sick days saved up to use.  I still really want to take 12 weeks off, but we aren’t sure it’s worth losing so much money after just buying a new house.  I still need to talk to my HR department to find out what exactly I can get out of this, but right now, I’m just hoping that I can still take short term disability through my insurance so we at least have something.  It’s sort of depressing to think that I might only get 6-8 weeks off (on the higher end if I have another C-section) with him, but I know it’s better than what some other people get.

We will still need to look at our finances after closing on the house and making a few house payments to see if we can make it work, but at this point, it’s just not looking very good for taking all 12 weeks I get from FMLA.  Someone please tell me that it’ll all be OK…